Х5 Retail Group: A Multi-format Modern Retailer Empowering Indian Craftsmanship

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Pradeep Singh Shekhawat | Founder | X5 RETAIL

The immensely unique heritage and the treasure of India- Crafts and Textiles once occupied a place of pride in the lives of royalty. But today, they seem to be lost in the annals of time, fighting the battle of survival with the trends-driven dynamics of the contemporary marketplace.

The Indian weaving traditions have existed since time immemorial and have been a representation of the many unique cultures of the country. With motifs, patterns, and techniques of woven textiles changing every few hundred km, crafts and textiles have given face and identity to the people of each region.

Today, the weaving traditions have succumbed to multiple challenges at various levels. Firstly, the younger generation does not find the craft financially viable anymore to learn and continue the legacy of the family. This notion has arisen in the young minds because, the traditional marketplace (of exports, exhibitions etc.) is very limiting in its remuneration potential.

Secondly, the hand-loom weaving industry is grappling with the burgeoning power-looms and mass production lobby. This has threatened the market potential that handcrafted textiles once enjoyed.

One of the major challenges that this community is facing is, a missing marketplace for the weavers’ products.

However, the entry of some prominent players in the handicrafts sector has raised hopes of empowering artisans across the country. The organizations are giving the freedom to both the weavers and designers to showcase their potential, and sell handcrafted collections, and most importantly preserve India’s treasure.

An organization that places innovation and opportunism at its heart to essentially diminish the difference between emerging entrepreneurs, retailers, and craftsmen across the country is, X5 Retail (India) Pvt. Ltd. It has emphasized its focus on bringing India’s authentic craftsmanship to the center-stage of today’s retail ecosystem.

A Great Place for Business Opportunities

X5 RETAIL is an enterprise which works on brilliant and innovative concepts and explores relatively untapped business opportunities. It is an Exclusive space selling business model. It creates a melange of contemporary and traditional designs with ideas and presents it in a modern exhibition style concept. The exhibition is professionally organized at premium shopping malls & other popular venues having high recognition across the country.

Since 2013, its establishment year, it is in the business of retail space selling in various Malls, Metro Stations and Airports in different cities. As large part of this organization is devoted to the exposure of Indian crafts, it provides retail space to the craftsmen from across the country and budding entrepreneurs. X5 RETAIL, through its business approach, has created happy craftsmen, and entrepreneurs.

The Inspiration

The Founder of the entrepreneurial venture X5 RETAIL is, Pradeep Singh Shekhawat. Pradeep is very passionate in whatever he does. With an eye on the bottom-line always, his knowledge and habit of getting in the details, has landed him many new projects that he has successfully delivered.

He has an extensive experience of working with some of the premium global brands in India & overseas. Also, he has successfully launched and set up businesses in India for brands such as Puma, Speedo, Wilson, Marks & Spencer, and for Nike in Vietnam, Laos & Cambodia.

He has previously worked as a Retail Director of Russia & East Europe Markets for Sports and for the Lifestyle brand ‘Sprandi’. He has also worked for INTIMODA heading Russia & CIS, setting up the retail & distribution company spanning all over Russia.

A Unique Business Model

Considering the scenario in the retail sector, an entrepreneur has to spend a huge amount of money in paying Mall Deposits, Kiosk to improve retail experience, and sign a lock-in agreement with the Mall. Due to these obligations the entrepreneur cannot come out of the agreement before six months.

X5 RETAIL bridges this gap and takes care of all these risks on behalf of the entrepreneurs/ craftsmen. Its worthy for the craftsmen to work with the company as the risks involved are negligible or nil.

The Retail Industry Scenario

According to Pradeep’s understanding, the retail industry is quite promising. Though recent Corona Virus sentiments have affected the business, he is confident that the situation would not last forever. According to his perception, domestic travel and tourism in the nearing years will see an upsurge which will be feasible even for the craftsmen from different parts of the country.

He also believes that the country will witness interstate tourism which will promote crafts of driven parts of the country in terms of sales.

Future Perspectives

X5 RETAIL, in the next few years, is planning to expand the Retail Merchandizing Units (Retail Kiosks) in the malls and airports of the Tier 2 and Tier 3 cities.

Moreover, the company is all geared to launch ‘WEDDING SECRETS’- the themed experiential wedding business. Through its Royalty Weddings the people shall experience the era of royalties with the grandeur and activities revolving around the special occasion. People could choose between real Palaces, Forts, Castles, Havelis, at both Indian & International Destinations.

Nature Wedding is yet another initiative where themes like Wild Life Sanctuary, the Sand Dunes, or the themes representing hills will be offered. To know more, visit wedding-secrets.in or facebook.com or Instagram.com.

X5 RETAIL, by inaugurating X5 AGRO wants to venture into the value-added products of fruits and vegetables for the food processing industry in India and overseas markets like Russia & CIS.

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