20 Microns: Paving the way forward From Mining to Micronizing to Sub Micronizing to Nano Chemicals

The demand and supply are very particular in chemicals and mineral industries. As there are no straight linear equations to it, let us take an example of Paints and Plastics sectors whose CAGR’s will escalate in excess of around 10% to 15% per annum in the coming years. Based on this if we study the expansion plans of the leading customers for these two segments, the demand for a range of products will grow in linear progression according to their growth. So, 20 Microns Limited’s growth has to be expanded in every two or three years to keep up with their consistent pace.
Since past four years, constant research and product development drive have led the company to a platform to overdrive the investments. The source of fuel for such focused product development and research has esteemed the group of customers whose future price is to cost expectation to the management which has been met by their common endeavor.
The initial mission of 20 Microns was to serve the Paints and Plastic to the manufacturing companies with a very niche micronized inorganic chemicals by the name of Micronized functional fillers and extenders. In the late 80’s, such Micronized functional fillers were not being manufactured in India whereas the demand for such products was also very less because it had to be imported from European countries. Considering the high prices of importing, the end users preferred not to use them on a big scale and limit them in certain niche products. 20 Microns sensed this gap in the customer’s need for Micronized chemicals with an affordable price range. That’s where the founder of 20 Microns, Mr. Chandresh Parikh, carved out a strategy and mission to serve such end industries with Micronized Chemicals and Minerals.
Meteoric Expansion of 20 Microns
Initially, 20 Microns’ Powder base was used in the products of the Paint & Plastic Industries and gradually their company started serving to Paper, Ceramics, Printing Inks, Rubber, Cosmetics, Agriculture, Construction and much more. Eventually today 20 Microns is one of the Leading Companies in Micronized Minerals Industry manufacturing in excess of 4,00,000 Metric tons.
The Master behind 20 Microns
Mr. Chandresh Parikh, Founder of 20 Microns started his career as the Top Management Member with a Paint company in Africa. One of the key ingredients of paints was of Mineral Powder which was procured from Europe-India. Why Indian quality is not at par with European quality was the question he wanted to find an answer for. Getting imbibed with some splendid experiences, strong knowledge, and the question mentioned above, he decided to return to India in 1987. In no time, he immediately started making the business plans to start a project for Micronized minerals and chemicals. After importing a technology and the maiden machine, Mr. Chandresh Parikh coined the name of the company as 20 Microns Limited and placed a foundation stone of activities in Micronized Minerals at Waghodia-Vadodara in Gujarat.
Research and Development behind Success
After 1987, the company is marching ahead for new technological advancements. The R&D has been percolated down to the product development team and subsequently the project development team to upscale it to volumetric levels. The company has set up around 20,000 square feet research and development center in Waghodia in Gujarat which has been accredited and approved by DSIR (Department of Scientific and Industrial Research) Government of India, Technology Bhavan, and New Delhi. Team 20 Microns has strength across all the departments which have also contributed to a substantial role in the company’s success till now.
Flat Roads are not for the Skillful People
The company has overcome with a huge establishment in Bhuj, where the processing plant was placed right next to the quarry. The company has a Superconducting Cryogenic Magnetic Separator, which had been installed in 1998. During the Earthquake in 2001, many machines were badly destructed when the epicenter of the quake was few kilometers away from their massive plant at Bhuj. Cryogenic Magnetic Separator and few other machines were then sent back to Europe for repairs. As a result, the manufacturing department from the plant got hampered for months. That was a major challenge, 20 Microns faced at that time.
Future Line of 20 Microns
The customer’s future product expectation boosts the company’s Research and Development along with the product development as well. Nano sizing and chemistry is the road ahead for 20 Microns Limited. Also from the last two years, their company is now targeting the Consumer business by launching its products for Waterproofing of any type of constructions. Company’s products were launched into the consumer domain starting with Vadodara and their products got a good response and well accepted. Now the company is planning to market these construction chemicals to all Gujarat and then to PAN India level by creating Distribution networks.
20 Microns also does commendable CSR activities by conducting a free check up camps every week into several small towns and villages on a continuous basis to make people aware about DIABETES. The company also started venturing into Micronized Ayurvedic Supplements since last 3 years. The supplements are also getting a good response and well accepted in the markets where it is launched. Here also, the company wants to expand its network of distribution to PAN India level in the coming years.
20 Microns is currently in an advanced stage for a potential joint venture in Vietnam. Though, they have offices in Malaysia and UAE, this Joint venture in a manufacturing plant of Micronized calcium carbonate will add more value to their company in terms of expanding their reach to more market share in growing economies.

Source :- The 10 Best Chemical Manufacturer Companies

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