Uflex: India’s Largest Fully Integrated Multinational Flexible Packaging Materials and Solution Company

Over the last three decades, Uflex Limited has earned an irreproachable reputation of being India’s largest fully integrated multinational flexible packaging materials and Solution Company with its products enjoying a formidable market presence in over 140 countries.
Uflex has state-of-the-art flexible packaging material manufacturing facilities at multiple locations in India with an installed capacity of around 100,000 TPA and polymeric film manufacturing facilities in India, UAE, Mexico, Egypt, Poland and USA with cumulative installed capacity in excess of 337,000 TPA. The most recent addition in the company’s portfolio has been the Aseptic Liquid Packaging Material Manufacturing Plant at Sanand, Gujarat which reaffirms the company’s commitment towards Government of India’s Flagship Scheme ‘Make in India’.
Integrated within the Company’s core business profile are its allied businesses like Engineering, Cylinders, Holography, and Chemicals that further give it the ability to offer fully integrated flexible packaging solutions to its global clientele.
Interplay of the ‘Real Chemistry’
The Chemicals Business of Uflex that has recently made to the TOP 25 Club of International Companies on the basis of global ink sales (ref. Ink World; August 2017) holds the pride of place on the mantelpiece when it comes to manufacturing world class quality inks, adhesives, speciality coatings and polyols that are required in the converting process for packaging.
Some of the highly acclaimed and much in demand products by Uflex Chemicals are Laminating adhesives based on Polyurethane and Acrylates chemistries which could be Solvent based, Solvent less, and Water based. It is a market leader in printing Inks for packaging industry including Polyurethane, Nitro Cellulose, and Vinyl based chemistries. It also offers Polyurethane Ink Binders and various coatings including OPVs and Primers for the flexible packaging industry. They have expertise in Radiation Cure Coatings including UV, EB and LED too.
Uflex Chemicals Business with State-of-the-art manufacturing facilities in Noida and Jammu (India) is ISO 9001:2015; ISO 14001; OHSAS 18001, ISO 50001:2011 certified and enjoys the distinction of being a complete solution provider for the flexible packaging industry in terms of printing inks and binding needs of different types of laminates. Over two decades of rich industry experience and a sound performance track-record makes Uflex Chemicals a recognized and respected name offering unmatched product quality and impeccable customer service.
Uflex Chemicals’ Ink and Adhesive Labs are recognized by the Department of Science and Technology, Government Of India with continuous endeavors towards process improvements in an effort to make each transaction a truly world class experience for its clients globally.
Apart from flexible packaging the company’s adhesives also find extensive use in footwear and foam industries.
Captain of the Ship
Mr. Ashok Chaturvedi is a visionary first generation entrepreneur, Founder, Chairman & Managing Director of Uflex Limited. Under his dynamic leadership, Uflex has evolved to become a global presence and recognized player in the flexible packaging industry. What started off as a tiny manufacturing unit in 1985 is a flourishing business venture with the turnover in excess of USD 1 bn today and is already on the growth trajectory to position itself as a leading Indian multinational business conglomerate!
To Mr. Chaturvedi’s credit are the unit packs or sachets for shampoos, mouth fresheners, candies, tomato ketchup etc. that brought about a revolution in the FMCG sector back in the eighties suddenly bringing the popular brands much within the reach of the masses. This was the ‘Watershed Moment’ that revolutionized the way FMCG products were bought and sold in India. Strong and steadfast progress under the aegis of Mr. Chaturvedi ever since has made Uflex a global player.
Mr. Chaturvedi is a globally recognized exponent of flexible packaging industry and fondly revered as the ‘Father of the Flexible Packaging Industry in India’.
Keeping the ‘GREEN’ Promise
Upholding the Group’s ideology of ascribing utmost importance to Sustainability, Chemicals’ Business of Uflex has taken plethora of initiatives and adopted scientifically proven methods for significantly reducing water consumption at its manufacturing sites without hampering the production efficiency in any manner whatsoever. The zeal for contributing towards environmental sustainability also reflects in the R&D charter of the Chemicals Business as it strives to manufacture products with minimal impact on the environment. To cite a few examples the VOC Free adhesives made indigenously by the Chemicals Team are eco-friendly and can be used for direct/ indirect food contact in flexible packaging applications.
Besides being compliant with European commission regulation (EU) no- 10/2011, these adhesives do not have any ozone depleting constituents. Uflex Chemicals has also developed non-toluene, non-ketone based polyurethane resin that is noncarcinogenic and free from odor. The team has also developed energy curable ink which does not have any volatile organic compounds (VOC). These are just some of the very many interventions that the Business has undertaken towards environment and sustainability. Chemicals Business remains resolute to be more proactive and responsive towards conservation of natural resources and restoration of ecological sustainability as it surges ahead on the path of business excellence.

Source :- The 10 Best Chemical Manufacturer Companies

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