Amines & Plasticizers Ltd.: Established Suppliers of Amines & Specialty Chemicals

Amines & Plasticizers Ltd. was incorporated in the year 1973 at the time when the chemical industry was in its nascent stage. The Company initially undertook a project to manufacture plasticizers and then put up a plant under the collaboration of NAPTHA-CHEMIE (now BP) to develop ethanolamines. As the economy advanced certain industries (which are now major clients of the Company) required certain chemicals as one of their most important components in their processes. APL through its R&D developed these chemicals for the local and international markets. The Company is currently engaged in manufacturing organic and inorganic chemical compounds like ethanolamines, alkyl alkanol-amines, morpholine, alkyl morpholines, gas treating solvents and morpholine oxide.
The expertise required in this niche sector has always kept APL committed in its research and development for more innovations in the chemical industry. Over a period of time, the Company has through its Research and Development (R&D) team evolved its own line of Specialty Chemicals catering to various industries including oil refineries, natural gas plants, ammonia plants, petrochemical plants, pharmaceutical, and agrochemicals. Since its inception, APL brand name has been synonymous with superior quality and service. It has been in the chemical industry sector for more than 4 decades and is a renowned name for Specialty Chemicals in the Domestic as well as International markets.
Presented some unique products to Chemical Industry
APL manufactures over 50 different varieties of organic/inorganic chemicals. One of the main product manufactured by the Company is Methyl Diethanolamine (MDEA), which is extensively used in large quantities in Refineries and Gas Plants as a gas treating agent. The Company received the highest award in the year 1991 from the Government of India for the development of MDEA which was required by ONGC in substantial quantities and there were only 4 manufacturers in the World then. The Company developed this chemical in its own R&D Centre. Even today, ONGC uses this in their process.
Another chemical which the Company is one of the largest producers in the World is, N-Methyl Morpholine Oxide (NMMO), which is used in textiles and certain pharmaceutical intermediaries.
Towering to International Level
Mr. Hemant Kumar Ruia, Chairman and Managing Director of Amies and Plasticizers is a Graduate in Commerce and Law from Bombay University, having a rich and varied experience. He has been associated with the Company for the past 35 years and is looking after all major policy decisions as well as day-to-day affairs of the Company. He was appointed as Chairman and Managing Director in the year 2002 when the company was in a severe crisis due to liberalization. He has taken many initiatives to diversify company’s operations into various areas including technology and engineering. He can be credited for turning around a company under BIFR into profits within two years. Under his leadership, APL has grown from a domestic level Chemical Company to a Company of International repute having numerous overseas renowned customers.
Turned to a Brand
APL has over a period of time, grown not only financially but has established its own Brand name in the Chemical Industry. The rich experience of its leadership, coupled with the exuberance of its young workforce has proved to be an optimal combination of the growth of the Company. The Company has achieved success over the years through its perseverance and commitment to research and development of different products for its varied clientele.
Challenged the limits
APL is in the Chemical Industry for more than 4 decades and has now established itself as a renowned name locally as well as internationally, although initially in the year 1973 the chemical industry was neither developed nor the raw materials were easily available. In those circumstances establishing a Specialty Chemicals company was amongst a rare sector to venture into. The Specialty Chemicals are sensitive while storing as well as while using. The Company needed chemical engineers and other work force which is well versed with the nature and handling of the products which was a difficult challenge in the initial years.
Industry Scenario
Since the chemicals are not used by the end customers but by the intermediaries like gas treating, pharmaceuticals, natural gas, cosmetics etc., chemicals mostly have a stable demand supply pattern and are not much disturbed by temporary factors in the market.
Treating Effluents in a Better Way
With the growing awareness of turning waste into wealth, APL has also contributed with its own effluent treatment plant and can boast of a ‘zero’ effluent plant. The water generated through its effluent plant is used back for gardening and other purposes.
Exploring Unexplored Market
Amines & Plasticizers has developed and further developing certain value added chemicals to be used in the manufacturing of electronic compounds thereby giving an opportunity to an unexplored market. The initial trials of the product have found great success worldwide.

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