KLJ Group: Market Leader in Plasticizers and Polymer Compounds in South Asia

KLJ Group

If we take a look at the platform of plasticizers, it reduces interactions between segments of polymer chains, decreasing transition temperature, melt viscosity, and elastic modulus. Plasticizers are usually selected to be non volatile materials and have good compatibility with the desired polymer. If plasticizers didn’t exist, many of the everyday items we rely on – from the rubber soles of work shoes to the flexible comb you carry in your purse – simply wouldn’t be possible.
The company when thought about such minuses without PLASTICS & PLASTICIZERS they come up with an idea and formed this phenomenal company by the name of KLJ Group.
Advancement of KLJ Group
Started in 1967, KLJ Group is the Largest Manufacturer and the Market Leader in Plasticizers & Polymer Compounds in South Asia. Their ultra-modern manufacturing facilities at Silvassa & Bharuch in India and at Rayong in Thailand are equipped with state-of-the-art-technology, producing a wide range of products to meet their Customer’s requirements. KLJ Group is fostered in setting up an ultra-modern Chlor-Alkali plant in Qatar. KLJ has also diversifying into the chemistry of Benzyl Alcohol, Benzaldehyde, and its derivatives.
Making use of vast Supplier, Distribution and Customer network, the Group has also made strong in-roads into Trading of Petrochemicals, Derivatives & Polymers. Identifying infrastructure as a significant factor in the development of national economy, the Group has expanded into Real Estate Development. Besides industrial growth, the Group is committed to additional Social Objectives, improving lives and spreading happiness.
Masterly Services by KLJ Group
Be it the consumer demand or the regulatory environment, the pace of change is accelerating rapidly. The need for a dependable plasticizer supplier is of utmost significance for continual product development.
KLJ Group manufactures the widest range of Plasticizers of consistent quality and reliable performance for standard and special applications along with dedicated lines for Non-Phthalate REACh compliant Plasticizers.
The Man who stood Resolutely in Odds
The man behind this phenomenal growth, in just less than five decades, is Shri Kanhaiya Lal Jain, who started his career from scratch 50 years back in 1967 as an individual with proprietorship firm, struggled with limited means, but with determination, devotion and passion to do something. He turned KLJ Group to a global business house with the support of his three trustworthy, energetic and growth oriented sons, Mr. Hemant Jain, Mr. Kamal Jain & Mr. Pushp Jain. The Group has established a very strong reputation in the industry due to its high respect to commitments & business ethics. He has always placed Morality of the business ahead of Money. The backbone of KLJ lies in addressing the quality of its products to the minutest level, which has been possible as a result of working in close cooperation with not only the customers but also suppliers.
A Successful Team has only One Beat
The people of KLJ Group are the most valuable assets and the key to achieve the strenuous mission by taking care of quality work and customer satisfaction. Over 1300 trained personnel forming a dedicated workforce, and are well equipped to meet the challenges of the industry. Appreciating their invaluable contribution, the company ensures training and development programs to equip the team with requisite knowledge and expertise.
KLJ Group not only possesses Pilot Plants (to develop new Products, Grades and Applications), most modern specialized instruments (like FTIR, GCs, and Rheometer etc.), a rich library, latest application machinery (to test products for specific applications), State-of-the-art equipment (for end applications to study the product behaviour for different end uses like extrusion, shoe moulding, injection moulding, and film/sheet making) but also has a team comprising of Doctorates and Technical Personnel, who are always willing to develop the best products for customer satisfaction. 
Responsibility towards the Firm
“Green and Safe KLJ” is the KLJ Group’s corporate motto, which comes by integrating social responsibility with company achievements. Believing in the dictum that “Businesses cannot be successful when the society around them fails”; they also undertake an initiative to promote education, sports, human values, safety and health care for society’s welfare.
Safe Society
The company follows a policy of “Zero Discharge – Zero Accident” to ensure safety for their employees, neighbours and environment.
Education for all
Quality education is the need of today and builder of tomorrow. The company fulfils this objective through their non-profit institutions that offer education to children and make them productive citizens of tomorrow.
Health Care
KLJ Group conducts regular health camps and blood donation drives to encourage the spirit of humanity and donation for those in need.
Coming Days of KLJ Group
The Pioneering vision of its Founder Chairman Mr. K. L. Jain, who way back in 1967, identified Petrochemicals and Plastics as a thrust area for the future of the group.
The dynamic visionary has created a multi-location Rs. 2000 million modern industrial complex that boasts of world class State-of-the-Art Technology. The group is the largest manufacturer and market leader for Plasticizers and Polymer Compounds, with an annual turnover in excess of Rs. 42 Billion.
Infrastructure having occupied a very significant place in the development of national economy, the focus has been expanded recently on Real Estate Development.
Besides industrial growth, the Group also focused its attention towards Society and has made a significant contribution in the field of education, health care, sports, Anuvrat and other aspects of social and human welfare in the Society.

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