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Orchidea Research
Orchidea Research

Effective marketing begins with a dignified, well-read marketing strategy. A good marketing approach helps you to define your vision, mission and business objectives, and shapes the steps you need to take to accomplish these goals. The journey of Orchidea Research started over 2 decades ago as a pen and paper research enterprise. Since their rudimentary stage, they have been progressing diligently and thus have driven successful miles to be capable enough to help its clients in making wise decisions. For over a decade, the company has been exploring the realm of research as a key witness and have keenly witnessed the paradigm shift that it has undergone. It was in 2009 that their elemental and industrious group decided to expand its research online.
As an ardent data collection company, Orchidea has had immense exposure to both sides of the aisle understanding client’s business needs, challenges, helping them future proof their assumption, trial & knowledge with confident strides of quality information. The panellist’s engagement is very crucial part for them to increase the level of in-depth insights that their clients are after.
In late 2009, the company initiated its online transformation, wherein a dedicated team of experts were involved in building platforms and converting the paper panel base to online, which led to the launch of Orchidea Research Group under young, dynamic and enthusiastic management, to pair the traditional experience with modern expertise. The company has been strategically located in two continents to cater to the clients worldwide and providing 24/7 coverage. They are increasing its panel base in over 40+ countries simultaneously to cater to the market necessities of the clients. They offer over 20+ portfolio services to its clients to meet all their research needs.
Orchidea has faith in professionalism and they have set ethical standards to enhance its business. They are motivated by the acclaims that their clients receive when their insights are put to action and appreciated. With the challenges of each industry increasing exponentially each year, a better, smarter and efficient working engagement is sorted by all its clients.
There were many multi-layer processes-driven initiates that Orchidea had executed in the recent years which have helped to create an easy flow cycle that their client’s find engaging and relaxed to engage with.
The products and services that Orchidea offer are by far the most innovative, exploring and meticulous, thus ensuring gratified and pleased clients. Also, they bring about the best client practices, keeping the clients’ data and requirements secured and confidential. Moreover, the polished and prolific teams which work with them also share the common goal of providing utmost satisfaction to its clients and respondents.
Superior Market Study with Unique Solutions
Collaborative Project Managers – Their team at Orchidea has inculcated an idea of working as an addition of the client’s team and not as an external service provider to the clients. Its Collaborative Efforts in the workplace leads to advance methodologies for projects, novel processes to accomplish key tasks and shared ideas on mixed responsibilities.
Healthy Client Relationship – Comprehensive Development than consumerist Relations is the company’s key to wholesome Business development. With the more consultative approach, Orchidea has helped clients in making regular survey’s more interesting.
Cloud Based Solutions – With cloud computing emerging as a substitute to physical computing, Orchidea have honed and established its tools to safeguard and ensure that the data is secured and more accessible manner- as and when needed.
Advance Project Management Portal – With their in-house established survey and project management tool, Orchidea has the capability to offer optimum security and flexibility not only to the clients but also to their respondents.
Digital Fingerprinting – In today’s world, data is an influential tool. However, redundancy of data is also a challenge that all researchers face. At Orchidea, they use digital fingerprinting in their project management portal to ensure that duplication is avoided in all projects.
Geo-IP Checks – Digital World is reaching the minutes of towns and to ensure that clients should have access to even smaller countries and cities, Orchidea has developed Geo-IP checks in its portal.
Dynamic Leaders of Orchidea Research Group
Nitin Sharma, AVP of Global Research Solutions at Orchidea Research Group, was born and brought up in Chandigarh, did his Graduation in Commerce from Panjab University, Chandigarh. Then he moved to Bangalore to pursue MBA in marketing and IB, from Indus Business Academy, Bangalore. He saw the research industry transform from physical data collection to online data collection and initiated his career at the bottom of the ladder at work as a sampling executive.
As a keen observer and learner, Nitin learned all operational aspects of sampling and project management in a short period and then sought more challenging part of approaching and handling clients. Now with 10+ years of experience under his belt and serving as AVP of Global Research Solutions at Orchidea Research, Nitin manages client side of the operation. In his spare time, he loves to travel and being a foodie adds to his traveling adventures.
Vaibhav Kushwaha is an AVP-Technology and Global Acquisitions at Orchidea Research Group. His proficiency and adeptness to understand the Research industry well can be attributed to his experience in the industry and his quest to strive for his passions! He thus did his Bachelors in Business Administration (BBA), specializing in Business Administration and Management. He further pursued his Master’s in Business Administration (MBA), specializing in Marketing from University of Mysore.
Vaibhav has worked as a Project Manager at Toluna wherein he understood the client’s requirement to deliver the necessary data. He has also honed his skills at Paradigm Sample wherein he worked as a Project Manager.
With his perseverance, adroitness and diligence, Vaibhav has developed Orchidea since its rudimentary stage. He is working in the development and running of the company’s complete IT infrastructure along with recruiting new panellists for its sample tool. Vaibhav ensures that the systems are continuously running thus providing optimal panel experience to online panellists who have joined the panel portal.
Innovative Strategies to Satisfy the Client’s Needs  
Orchidea knows that Market Research Industry is immensely dynamic in nature. One small error can lead to months of arduous work being totally redundant. When the client gets approached by a company with difficulties, Orchidea took up the task, assembled its technology team to come up with a permanent solution that can help its client in the long run.
Tactics that enriches the company performance:

  • Never stop learning and integrating new technologies to keep updated with new trends in the research industry. This keeps them doing well to become the world leaders as technology based research providers.
  • Keep updating and evolving project managers in technology and Research methodologies. To make them more effective brigade in combating daily and long term goals of Orchidea.
  • Developing a holistic approach in operations of the company for both internal and external stakeholders.
  • To develop an environment to pair employee’s expertise with a technological advantage.

Determinative Solutions:

  • Collaborative working with the clients
  • Developing clients by ensuring that their requirements are fulfilled within stipulated time frame and budget
  • Digital fingerprinting
  • High incentives pay-out to respondents
  • Rigorous checking of the surveys before field the survey
  • Promptly updating the client at all stages of the project.
  • Always ready to take up challenges and delivering on commitment.
  • Strict rules for survey respondents to take surveys seriously
  • Technology adaptability and Innovation

Bringing in new concepts, Orchidea has not just supported its client with the present capabilities but also they had moved out of the box and provided solutions with more robust and upgraded technological automation. Orchidea’s brain storming conversations with proactive team members always helps to upgrade their workings.
Involving with Clients by creating a Strong Connection
To nurture their renowned clients, the main strategy the company follows is to nurture its staff. Orchidea believes that if they take diligent care of employees they will, in turn, take safe care of its clients and business. They ensure data quality as per client specified standards and measures. Orchidea has a unique approach called N.E.A.T Approach which stands for Nurturing, Enthusiastic, Attentive and Trained employees so that company can heighten its work manner seamlessly.
Future Enrichments
Market Research is an art which emanates from the simplest quest! Thus, Orchidea is eager to quench their never-ending quest to predict the market while analysing the current dynamics. The classic trait of Orchidea is the risk-taking ability that withstands against the fear of uncertainty and potential failure.
Orchidea’s ‘Never Give Up’ outlook possess the ability to keep going against the odds and it persistently work towards it goals, despite delay in success. They develop short-term and long-term plans to meet goals in a variety of areas, including finance, marketing, production, sales and personnel (hiring and maintaining productive and satisfied employees). Planning is the key to remain organized and thus smoothens the way towards success!
Working as Creative Leaders, Nitin and Vaibhav thinks that, Creative, Enlightened and Organic Leadership are the most important leadership skills which have an ability to develop your visions for the company and it inspire the company employees to pursue that vision as a team. The expression “people would rather be led than managed” applies especially to an entrepreneurial venture. One of the defining traits of entrepreneurship is the ability to spot an opportunity and imagine something where others haven’t. Entrepreneurs have a curiosity that identifies overlooked niches and puts them at the forefront of innovation and emerging fields. They imagine another world and can communicate that vision effectively to investors, customers and staffs. It all boils down to being able to successfully manage fear”
With technological expansions changing every 6 months, no one can be 100% equipped to face all the changes. Conversely, at Orchidea, they strive to learn and cultivate themselves with time and that is what they believe will help them become more equipped to face these changes and advancements. This will also ensure that its major game changers i.e. the company’s people, the bloodline of their business are up to date with clients requirements.

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