ACPL: Your Information Security Partner

Nowadays, cybercriminals are continuously taking advantage of vulnerabilities and are compromising your critical IT Infrastructure. In-spite of measures taken by administrators these attacks are on the rise. This is because most of the IT team looks to solve this problem only by using technology and not through a holistic view of Information Security. This is where the players like ACPL come into play. ACPL is One of the top Cyber security services firms, ACPL offers leading-edge technology solutions, expert professional & managed services, and proven methodologies to ensure your business risks are reduced, data is protected and the business objectives are achieved. The company has earned trust by exceeding customer expectations consistently since its establishment.
With more than two decades of experience in successfully handling the complexities of IT security for renowned enterprises, ACPL has established the large capability to address Information Security & Availability needs for enterprises. The company has more than 100+ highly educated and self-motivated Security professionals. Its team members have industry leading certifications like CISSP, CISA, and ISO 27001 LA, CCIE, beside loads of products specific technical certifications and most of all 10+ years of experience. With 25 years of experience, the company has the capability to handle complex multi-vendor and heterogeneous client environments.
Headquartered in New Delhi, the company has its presence in Gurgaon, Bangalore,Mumbai and Singapore. With the diversified technological partnerships with security and availability solution vendors, ACPL is providing a dedicated support portal with 24×7 tech support, and Incident Management
ACPL has earned numerous awards and accolades such as PaloAlto  Aprtner Award,McAfee Top Growth Partner Award, Websense Most Strategic Partner Award, Checkpoint Star Performer Award, Fortinet Best Upcoming Partner Award, Channel World Premier 100 for 2010 & 2011, 2012, 2013,2014,2015,2016 Award, and Channel World Security Special Award 2011.
ACPL’s Security Expert
Vishal Bindra, Founder & CEO of ACPL Systems Pvt. Ltd. is a graduate from Delhi University and started his career by founding ACPL Systems in 1990 and co-developed Smartdog (India’s first Antivirus) along with his two partners. Moving from there, Vishal he led the company and made it the most respected Cyber Security Company in INDIA. He has also founded 2 more startups and these companies are focused on developing the products in the space of Information Security and Secured communications.
ACPL’s Top Notch Solutions
ACPL understands that security goes deeper than software and applications. It touches every layer of your network infrastructure and requires a holistic defense strategy that aligns people, processes, and technology. Far from deploying a product that you can build and forget, true security needs to be fortified with continuous testing, monitoring, and review. ACPL Team works with you to identify weak spots in your network and design a custom security solution to aptly fit the needs of your organization.
ACPL offers Information Security Solutions such as NG Network Security, System Security, Data Security, Mobile Security, Email Security, Web Security, Database Security, Application Security, Cloud & Data Center Security, SIEM, Single Sign On, Adaptive Strong Authentication, Privileged Identity Management, Identity & Access Management, and Audit & Compliance.
The company offers Information Availability Solutions which include Data Availability, System Availability, Application Availability & Performance, Data Availability, WAN Availability, WAN Optimization, App & Desktop Virtualization, and Enterprise Mobility Management.
ACPL’s Services
Anticipating, preventing, detecting and responding to threats require focus and dedication. ACPL team works to identify, understand and defeat threats as they emerge. They use the depth and breadth of experience to ensure that their clients remain secure. The company believes that implementing policies that make sense is the first step to ensuring compliance, reducing risk and enabling the business. They work closely to develop a practical and efficient framework which helps to achieve the right balance between risk and efficiency for their clients’ business.
ACPL’s services include Design & Architecture Consulting, Technology Implementation Services, 24X7 Security Support Services, DLP – Incident Monitoring, DLP – Management & Support, Data Classification Consulting Services, Security Audits, Risk Assessment, Vulnerability Assessment, Penetration Testing, Managed Security Services, and Education Services.
A Step Ahead with the Core Values
Customer Focused, they believe to be someone who places customers and their needs at the forefront while developing and managing their information security & availability solutions. By spending valuable time with their customers, mapping their business objectives as per the security need. Mutual Respect, they are building mutual respect by being an equal partner, who knows and willingly shares, helping customers go further rather than walking ahead and leading them. Worthy of Trust, they are building a trust by choosing the right path rather than the easy path and tell the truth the way it is. Finally, Winning, ACPL believes it is of paramount need to be positive and confident; seize every moment, every day, with a winning perspective, fearlessly facing the uncertainties of life.
Today, data security is becoming an exigency for every growing organization. ACPL is fully equipped with leading-edge technology solutions. With in-depth knowledge of new emerging threats the company feels confident because of rich experience of 25 years.

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