Avyaan: Way to Protect Your Data

Web sites are woefully prone to security risks, ultimately, for any network to which web servers are connected. Laying aside risks created by misuse of network resources or employee use or your web server and the site it hosts present your most critical sources of security risk. Therefore, web application security testing has become very important.

With a team of adept professionals, well-versed with information and cyber security Ayvaan emerged in 2014. Avyaan’s security experts make sure that your business is provided with the updated information cyber security. They work on various aspects that range from information security risk analysis to countermeasure assessment. Besides, they provide key assistance in the overall risk assessment. They check your web and mobile applications for vulnerabilities from an attacker’s perceptive in accordance with OWASP standards. Their professionals lay stress on checking vulnerabilities like cross site scripting, SQL injection, invalidated inputs, etc.

Growth Enabler of Avyaan

Tashish Rai Singhani, Business Head of Avyaan Labs, has pursued his education from reputed institutions such as Kirori Mall College, University of Delhi and ICFAI, and is plentifully knowledgeable about several fields; particularly open source development and consulting. Intending to come up with innovative digital security solutions, he was one of the co-founders of Avyaan in the year 2014.

Avyaan’s Top Notch Services

Working on every aspect related to digital information security, Avyaan offers a multitude of services such as External Penetration Testing, Web Application Audit, and Mobile Application Security Audit. Apart from that, the company also conducts annual security routine for Mobile Applications and Web Applications. While penetration testing procedures are aimed at finding the vulnerabilities in Web Apps and Mobile Apps, Security Audits are done in order to evaluate the performance of testing procedures.

At Avyaan, they understand the critical need of reliable cyber security solutions and thus aim at providing advanced security options to safeguard your digital assets. Avyaan’s mobile and web application penetration testing process can help in the following:

  • Proactive identification of the vulnerabilities which are critical and the ones which are not so significant. This allows you to prioritize your counter measures.
  • Get rid of financial perils like customer retention programs, discouraged business partners, legal activities, decline in employee productivity and reduced revenue for the company.
  • Maintain customer loyalties and save the corporate image. Customer retention costs can prove to be really expensive for an organization and regular testing can avoid such financial losses for the company.

Avyaan’s web application security audit services include training on secure coding, secure code review, security assessments, web services audit and implementation of application security strategy for your company.

Team Avyaan has a deep expertise in the practice of assessing and securing mobile applications and environments. Their comprehensive mobile application security audit service offerings include Mobile Software Security Testing, Mobile Source Code Review, Mobile Architecture Risk Analysis, Mobile Application Threat Modeling, Mobile Application Security Standards Development, and Mobile Application Vulnerability Remediation.

Avyaan has garnered a broad client-base for efficiently performing web application security audits and penetration testing. They help you determine the vulnerabilities that can be exploited by a remote unauthorized attacker. Due to their well-trained and efficient technocrats, they can stop the intrusions at an early stage. Their external penetration testing service helps you figure out the vulnerabilities, weaknesses and other technical flaws due to which you can lose your company’s vital information. In case of web application security testing, they do a rigorous analysis on configuration errors and application loopholes in server code or scripts. In order to reduce the risk of malicious attack, they offer annual security services to their clients.

Clients at Avyaan are able to secure their Apps and Websites. By cutting the chances of these Apps and Websites getting hacked, Avyaan prevent any unauthorized access to the information manipulated by these Apps and Websites. Additionally, their audits are helpful in analysing and evaluating digital security in the client’s organization.

Future Ahead

Today, cyber security threats have become steadily sophisticated and complex. However, organisations have not been able to evolve at the same pace. As organisations move ahead and embrace new technologies without fully comprehending the implications these have on the entire firm, they are evincing themselves vulnerable to an array of cyber security threats. The need for securing the IT infrastructure has been a very significant factor for many organisations.

Avyaan is on its way to become one of the best digital security companies in the world. The most exciting part is the constant evolution of the company’s strategies and methodologies, which is attracting more potential clients.