Placewell HRD Consultants: Benchmarking Overseas Talent Recruitment

In today’s competitive world where everyone is vying to have an upper edge over the others, quality human resource is the key to the success and growth of an organization. Recruitment of people is like sowing the seeds for the success, growth and image of the organization.  Recruitment Consultants are business partners critically connected with meaningful recruitment.
The Genesis
Consumed by the passion to ensure the placement of appropriate talent at the right place the nucleus of Placewell HRD Consultants was born in 2004, which commenced its operations from the following year. Since then it has enabled innumerable institutions to write their success stories. Known for its high ethical standards, dedication, focus and consummate services Placewell was founded by DS Reddy to provide unparalleled enterprise solutions.
DS Reddy a Visionary Leader
The Founder, DS Reddy is an FCA (Fellow Chartered Accountant) with distinguished career overseas as chief executive for groups of companies. While being an NRI working in East Africa he had helped over a 100 NRIs to open up their career in African countries. He finds tremendous joy helping people with career that gives them comfortable life and handsome amounts as savings.
“Get closer than ever to your customers. So close that you tell them what they need well before they realize it themselves.”
-Steve Jobs
Conceptualizing this experience of Steve Jobs, DS Reddy derived his inspiration while building Placewell HRD Consultants to command loyalty and trust in client relations. The recruitment process with Placewell HRD Consultants is not just recruiting or giving the recruitment responsibilities away to someone else.  It is under the guidance of DS Reddy that, recruitment process is much more of a relationship and is committed to boost the employment brand and to find the best talent possible, instead of filling positions and merely finding people who are qualified.
DS Reddy says, “I realized the tremendous potential and demand for the Indian Professionals in Africa. There was however a great deal of study, research and interaction with various employers in Africa and Middle East where hundreds of Indian expatriates were already placed well before Placewell came into existence.”
Emergence as a Formidable Service Provider
“Over the years Placewell has emerged as a formidable option for both employers and job seekers.  The Skilled, motivated and committed staff of Placewell together with a large data bank of pre-screened human capital resource have enabled Placewell to satisfactorily serve its clientele with talented manpower in the prescribed time,” says Shekar Reddy, Director of Placewell.
The team here keeps a close liaison with the Clients and understands their needs. It helps to find befitting manpower conforming to job descriptions, specifications and skills required. Placewell is also supported through a strategic network of associates and representatives globally. It is licensed by the Ministry of External Affairs, Government of India as an authorized international recruitment consultant.
Satisfaction of Stakeholders the Ultimate Motto
The recruitment services are offered to employers only after verifying their credentials, working conditions and how they treat their employees. For Placewell reputation of employers is their own reputation. It is the same for candidates too. Only when satisfied with their worthiness in every sense that they are referred to the employers. Satisfaction of the stakeholders is Placewell’s prime motto.
Placement with Perfection
Placewell works closely with the clients and ensure that the right candidates are placed at the right place. The hiring decision balances between the needs of the employers and the priority of employees to fit into the successful execution of the company’s business plan. Talent search and pooling them is another great tool that they resort to.  This makes it easier for Placewell to locate the best suited candidates for the job profiles in question.
Core Sectors of Staffing
Recruitment for the education sector has evolved as an area of prominence for Placewell HRD Consultants over the past few years. It has thus been serving hundreds of Universities and Educational Institutions across several African Countries as a very reliable partner for sourcing, screening, recruiting and placing professors and lecturers and other teaching faculty. The other areas of it’s focus has been Oil & Gas, Engineering, Petrochemical, Construction and Manufacturing Industries.
Africa and Gulf, the Two Eyes of Placewell
Placewell Team is well abreast with African and Gulf regions and the clientele therein; the places from where it learnt its lessons and grew up working closely.  It knows the pulse of the clientele and what they are looking for. The team also knows how to source the best for the said clientele. Today Placewell is the partner of success for several employers in Africa and Gulf. Ethiopia stands out in Africa for Placewell with more active participation.
Ethiopia & Universities
Ethiopia is one of two countries in Africa that has never been colonised and maintains its cultural values in tact to date.  Government of Ethiopia is highly committed and focused on promoting education as the part of its national development.  Policy is mainly aimed at expanding the education sector, improving quality and ensuring that educational content is harmonized with the country’s economic needs.
Ethiopia,  Placewell’s African Gateway
For Placewell Ethiopia has a special place and is like a gateway to the African Universities. Placewell provides platform to most of the Universities in Ethiopia to find the right faculty from its pool of Talent. Every year a large number of Professors and Lecturers are placed by Placewell with the Ethiopian Universities.
Ethiopia and India share several cultural similarities and have mutual respect.  Indian Teaching Faculty is highly respected in Ethiopia.  There are a good number of Ethiopian students in India who love the education system here.  Majority of Scholarships provided by the Indian Government to the African continent goes to Ethiopians.  Placewell takes pleasure to contribute their part in promoting the education through recruitment of teaching faculty.
Constantly Evolving to Serve a Varied clientele
Earning total confidence and trust of the clients wherever they are, Placewell HRD Consultants brings in ease in manpower sourcing. Their team is always placed at those centers overseas to be constantly meeting and discussing with clients. Apart from the international clients company’s varied and well-experienced team of subject and stream specialists provide services towards their domestic clients too. In the education sector, Placewell  provides recruitment services to the employers from the universities and educational institutions across several African Countries – Ethiopia, Eritrea, Somalia, Rwanda, Nigeria, Ghana, Zambia, Malawi to name a few. In India too there are few such employers whom the consultancy has served. All the Manufacturing and Processing Industries, Business Houses, Banking and other Commercial organizations fall under the other sectors.
Providing Easier, Smoother and Faster Recruitment Solutions
Placewell HRD Consultants provides reliable recruitment solutions that help employers with successful manpower placements.  The consultancy contributes to major part of the process of recruitment making the employers’ job much effective. Of late majority of the companies outsource their manpower requirements to placement agencies that are more focused and resourceful than struggling with in-house facilities. As a result there has been a substantial increase in the number of job consultants and agencies. Placewell finds the key to their success in providing easier, smoother and faster recruitment solutions.
Providing Proven Online Services and Placement
Placewell HRD Consultants provides lucid, flexible, high class job portal making the recruitment process simple and speedy and also plays a major part in finding the suitable job for the job seekers in today’s world. India being one of the rapidly growing economies in the world huge demand is being created for qualitative manpower to take it further.  Placewell has the best access to those resources to serve the demand on their part, through different media with state of the art technology like social networking, LinkedIn, website and job portals. Placewell HRD Consultant is considered as the thought-leaders in providing industry-rich online employer services to cater to their specific recruitment and placement needs. It has an extensive expertise in recruiting executives, professionals, technicians, support staff, draftsmen, etc. in diverse industry verticals.
In the Pursuit of Excellence, Striving for a Better Tomorrow
Every year the Team handles profiles of tens of thousands of job seekers and in the process of screening and evaluation come up with special data bank of 1000s of Candidates who are so smart that any employer would dream of such.  The process and the methodology are again continuously evolving far reaching the expectations of the Clients.  The outcome is very much satisfying which is expressed in terms of clientele appreciation.
Placewell has a fair understanding of the future of the Corporate Recruitment. However, it is too volatile and nothing can perfectly be predicted in which direction the technology would emerge tomorrow. Automation is taking the place of manpower and that requires much more advanced manpower to handle the automation. Placewell HRD aims to evolve with the changing times, offer customized, cost-competitive, value-driven recruitment services to the clients while understanding candidates’ comfort levels and aptitude, so as to ensure their higher productivity and longevity.

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