Aerovoyce to enter telecom industry; to finance Rs 300 Crore


An NRI sponsored Adpay Mobile Payment Pvt. Ltd. has planned to launch new telecom service “Aerovoyce” by next month, aiming five lakh customers in first year of operations, a top official said.

The company as part of initiation the mobile service would invest about Rs 300 crore besides generating services to 1,000 people, Adpay Mobile Payment India Pvt Ltd., Founder-CEO, Sivakumar Kuppusamy added.

Telecom Ministry said it had conventional nearly 70 applications for if telecom services soon after guidelines related to simulated network operator was launched.

The virtual network operator (VNO) will be an object providing telecom facilities like mobile landline and Internet, but only as a retailer for complete telecom operators such as BSNL, MTNL and the like.

“We are development to launch the service in Chennai, Tamil Naduand Puducherry circles on April 14. Our capex will be about Rs 300 crore”, Kuppusamy told.

“Aerovoyce is new exclusive telecom. We will pay for the infrastructure for them (existing mobile operators) since we do not individual a spectrum. We will be operating through VNO service. Our board is to get five lakh subscribers in the first year of operations”, Kuppusamy added.

He said he had previously invested in couple of telecom businesses in Switzerland, Germany, Spain, Austria. “Though I have funds, there (in foreign telcos), here I will be landing full control (of Aerovoyce)”, he told.