AgiVetta Consulting: Guiding Lanterns for the Ever-changing Business Demands

AgiVetta Consulting

The definition of “consulting” is changing along with client expectations and business preferences. In this ever changing world, consulting organizations must adapt quickly in terms of services, structure, and people management.
Rising to this challenge, AgiVetta Consulting is providing a gamut of Business Consulting Solutions required in today’s fast-paced and evolving business arrangement. Incorporated in 2015 with a motto to promote and value enlightenment, AgiVetta Consulting is a pioneer in providing Business Consulting Solutions in India, South East Asia, Middle East, and Europe. They work with the world’s leading organizations to provide collaborative solutions to business and IT challenges with innovative ideas that are readily embraced by their customers.
Their core philosophy roots in rigorous critical and analytical thinking, with a swift and continuous feed-forward process, which enhances delivery value validating quality to all probable products and processes. The Business Consulting Team at AgiVetta Consulting brings new ideas and solutions, inspiration, and passion to help their customers to apply these approaches in the continuous changing business environment.
With vast involvement in serving organizations and business units to transmute into successful entities, the company is providing transforming and customized business consulting solutions in the fields of Leadership Consulting, Business Consulting, Strategy Consulting, Process Consulting, New Age Leadership Consulting, Organizational Change Management and Technical Excellence to help businesses in developing new and effective corporate strategies, modernize organizational culture and align with exceptional effective performance.
At AgiVetta Consulting, they do not believe in providing fit-for-fit solutions for their organizations. They trust in finding a solution that works best for you and your organization rather than imitating notions and forcefully implementing them. Their solutions envisage in Risk Management, Operations Strategy, Design and Business Engineering, Product Management and Sales Process Restructuring and Support. For AgiVetta Consulting, an organization is not just a group of individuals working together; it is a family with common values and principles, which celebrates success and shares joy; helping and building foundation hand in hand.
An Exceptional Leader
Madhur Kathuria, CEO of AgiVetta Consulting, started his career as a Technologist. He traversed through various roles in his journey including that of Programmer, Test Engineer, Business Analyst, Scrum Master, Process Consultant, CMMI Appraiser and Lead Consultant.
As India’s First CEC (Certified Enterprise Coach) and one of the only 30 experts in the world, with the triple certification of CEC, CST (Certified Scrum Trainer) and CAL1 (Certified Agile Leader) from Scrum Alliance, Madhur has been training and coaching Scrum teams across India, Europe and USA for past 14 years. Madhur is one of the top 12 Certified OpenSpace Agility Trainers & Coaches in the world and the one in India.
Having worked with 300+ teams across 60+ organizations as a transformation consultant, he has trained and coached approximately 12000+ associates. Madhur brings these experiences as a transformation consultant, trainer, and a coach to ensure that learning is not just theory based but has a pragmatic insight into the real world. He is also the founder of “Battlefield Agility” framework that has been successfully adopted across multiple areas of Product Development and IT Services in India.
He looks forward to life as a vault full of opportunities and strongly believes that every person has the right key to unlock his potential. His firm belief in Agile Philosophy and Principles brought him to the world of Agile Coaching and transformation. His endeavor is to spread the benefits of Agile by helping others adopt the essence of Agile methods outside Information Technology.
Unique Solutions and Services
AgiVetta Consulting’s principles revolve around the elementary and the most important guidelines for success, i.e. nurturing people for improved outcome. “Our motto is to combine the strategy like that of human intelligence with artificial intelligence for all our clients and partners,” says Madhur. Understanding the importance of efficient individuals in making a business successful, AgiVetta Consulting ensures that they cover not just the process aspect of customer engagement, but also keep the human values intact for the long-lasting and self-sustaining organization.
At AgiVetta consulting, they serve their clients with an interactive, practical experience in the concerned industry with the right mix of spices for the transformation of their organization. They are experienced and involved in serving organizations and business units to transmute into a successful self-sustained people-centric entity. They don’t just preach about a standard model of working, but focus on devising methods, tools, and practices which suit the customers in business environment analysis of organizational values and guiding principles.
As a focused professional with creative and innovative ideas in providing training and coaching in the field of Business consulting, AgiVetta Consulting has placed itself as an experienced group of passionate consultants. Their experienced trainers focus on devising methods, tools, and practices which are best suited to guide the patrons to prosper their growth. “Irrespective of the challenges, our coaches have accomplished change in precision and transformed into the most complex business environment,” says Madhur.
Upcoming Endeavors
Future to everything is unpredictable and full of challenges,” says Madhur. Today’s business demands and nuances are rapidly changing and require faster deliveries for continuous improvement and success. Adhering to these rapid changes, AgiVetta Consulting values the newer ways of working such as Agile philosophy, and people centric dynamics for success. They believe in creating a difference in business consulting by not only providing customized solutions, but also respecting human values. Unlike other business consulting standards, they deeply imbibe in the newer philosophies of people’s ability to transmute businesses all around the world.
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