Aurelius Corporate Solutions: A Leading Insourcing Multiplier

In this ever-changing world, business challenges require better products, customized services, and complex solutions. As organizations strive to address their clients’ critical business issues, technical professionals play an important role in creating and implementing solutions for external and internal clients. While they are experts in their areas, many technical professionals are not equipped to handle the business side of a project. They need consultative problem-solving skills to create value for clients, and integrate their technical skills into a consultative process.
Aurelius Corporate Solutions has strived to carve a niche domain of operations termed as Insourcing Multiplier for themselves wherein they have been instrumental in providing not trainings but consultative insourcing solutions which directly solve business problems in more than 40 domains ranging from IT, Pharmaceutical industry, Automobile, BFSI, Aviation , Healthcare , Telecom ,Manufacturing , Engineering to  functional organizational development.
Focused Frontrunner of the Organization
All the consultative insourcing solutions that Aurelius offers are not vanilla-off-the-shelf and are tailor-made end-to-end for clients to exactly fit their requirements. It strives to provide learning solution which are truly suited to the needs of the client so that the end-goals of the client are met. Sumit Peer is the Founder and CEO of Aurelius Corporate Solutions. He has been instrumental in building the organization from ground up owing to his extensive domain expertise in system sales of Satellite/Telecom products, infrastructure projects and P&L handling across continents and industrial cultures. His current role entitles him with the strategic responsibility to direct & manage overall business of Aurelius. Having been in technology sales for over 19 years with almost 10 years across continents in United States, Singapore and Europe working on multi-million dollar projects, Sumit brings to the table a global business model and perspective for the organization. He holds a post graduate degree in sales, marketing & advertising management and general management from Cornell University, which makes him the driving force in the organization.
Through Aurelius, Sumit is focusing mostly on emerging technologies like Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, Robotics, Work Fusion and many more. Currently, there are more than 20 latest technologies, which are trending globally. With the expertise in designing learner-centric solutions, Aurelius truly understands how to cultivate an effective, engaging, and result-driven learning environment. It is 100 % independent and non-affiliate Insourcing multiplier and also a technology agonistic.
Diligently Focusing On Tangible Results
Aurelius has been able to gain certain accolades in the industry owing to level3 technology solutions and the impeccable track record of the services provided. It is empowering individuals and organizations to achieve their goals through intelligent, effective and enjoyable learning experiences. As a global provider of Insourcing solutions, Aurelius has been awarded by Enterprise Excellence of the Year in Training & Consulting in the year 2016 and L&T Business Excellence award for the impeccable growth in the consultation domain and for creating immense value in the industry. Aurelius has also been portrayed in large number of media platforms on a regular basis such as The Tribune, Economic Times, Orlando news, Canada news, The Hindu, Republic TV, Business World, Business Standard, The Times of India, The Huffington Post, Kenya Star and many more.
Developing Through its Service Delivery Engine
Aurelius runs its service delivery engine, through which it brings world-class skills and capabilities, develops knowledge capital, and sources, enhances and develops the key assets central to the development of any organization. Considering the pace at which technology grows and updates, Aurelius acts as the one stop shop for all the clients to gain access to all the technology updates happening across the globe. It has a number of very satisfactory experiences with a number of clients. Some of the most notable have been Tata Consultancy Services, DXC, Sun Pharma, Cadilla Pharma, World Bank, EY, KPMG, Indian Army, Renault Nissan, Daimler, Government of Canada and many more. All of these have long standing relations with the company which is extremely symbiotic in nature.
Aurelius has been able to stand out in the industry owing to the novel and hybrid model of technology application based consultative insourcing solutions that it provides. With more than 50 thousand working professionals connected with them globally, Aurelius takes pride in having a power house of knowledge resources when it comes to technology driven insourcing solutions to solve business needs and challenges and help them grow and scale up revenues and profitability by best use of technology. Aurelius believes to enable the people of organization to handle its business better as increased operations budgets are a major challenge in any business today. It provides a highly transparent business model with a direct return on the investment (ROI) of the clients with an impeccable “internal rate of return” (IRR).
Promising Future in the Consultancy Industry
The future of Business Consulting Industry is believed to be coupled with technology growth. The pace at which technology is growing and changing will witness a paradigm change in how business is done and consultation for the said business is to be provided. Aurelius Corporate Solutions has a strong background in technology and business integrated consultation services and is fortifying this base with every passing day to ensure that it has the best possible resources and knowledge power house to provide services to the clients while creating values at a global scale.
Aurelius is implementing the insourcing solutions globally solving complexities through technology across demographics, cultures and geographies.
Source :-The 10 Most Promising Business Consulting Companies

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