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Pineapple Consulting

We are living in a Screen-Age. While the individual’s quest of self-discovery is gaining center-stage, new ideas are creating disruptive businesses each day. In this fast changing world driven by digital technologies, brands have become a living entity, embracing, thriving and driving change.
In this connected world, from a consumer’s perspective, there are only a few things that separate a big conglomerate from a neighborhood startup. Entire business and societal ecosystem the world over has already woken up to the importance of branding, and the role that brand perception plays in making a dent in the crowded market-space.
Understanding what drives emerging India & the Indian consumers, Pineapple Consulting, a strategic branding and design consulting company, is creating designs that are not just aesthetic, but also translate into measurable business growth and offer real value to their clients.
Pineapple Consulting is an International Award winning Branding & Strategic Design Firm with a credo – Designs for Business! Their offerings include solutions that can go a long way in building up a perception. They leverage the edge that each specific media offers to create a space in the hearts of a potential consumer.
The Dynamic Duo
Pineapple’s founding duo, Tina Jain Mehta and Ameet Mehta, quit their well-paying corporate jobs to start Pineapple Consulting. One of their key beliefs was and still remain is that Branding is a means to an end- the end being better value to all stakeholders. So, both of them work closely with the clients to first understand their aspirations, and then together with their strong, closely knit team deliver value, both tangible & intangible.
Tina is the Principal Branding & Strategy Expert at Pineapple Consulting. With an inherited business acumen, Tina brings with herself an eye for immaculate detailing, and persistence to see through the difficulties. Ameet, on the other hand is the Principal Design Expert. A graduate in fashion and lifestyle accessories design from India’s premier design institute – NIFT, New Delhi. Ameet brings with him a passion for creating new ideas, and care to execute it to its final details. A designer who understands the importance of keeping things business focused is what makes him a person who delivers!
Over a period of time, both Tina and Ameet have been successfully able to create and refine processes which help merge the lines of Science & Art – to understand the business scenario, competition and needs of the consumer- both functional & psychological and then use the knowledge to create stunning designs.
Out-of-the-box Services and Strategies
Pineapple Consulting prefers staying ‘in-the-box’ and delivering results which reflect in business success. “If one is in any kind of non-monopolistic business, there is always a bigger box available,” says Tina. The key for a brand is to first find that sweet spot and then go about nurturing it, which over a period of time, reaches to consumer’s hearts and they start relating & believing in the brand promise. “We do this with our proprietary 3W+1H process, which is all about applying a combination of common + aesthetic sense together,” asserts Tina.
The core areas of expertise offered by Pineapple Consulting are split into two broad categories;

  • Strategy, which includes Brand Audit and Analytics, Articulation of Brand Positioning, Go to market strategies, Identification of target audience, Competition analysis & Creating medium to long term design strategy in line with companies vision and marketing philosophy.
  • Design, which includes Brand Naming & Logo, Brand Identity Eco-Systems, Communication – Online / Offline / Experiential, Packaging Design

At Pineapple Consulting, they have a proprietary tool for coming up with branding strategy and Brand Purpose. It may sound slightly philosophical, but just like humans, it is imperative for brands to articulate the purpose that they have for their existence. That has to be genuine. Pineapple Consulting aid their clients in arriving at answers to these deeper aspects, and almost every time, the clients become their ‘co-designers’ in creating an emotionally connecting brand communication invoking a sense of genuineness. This then, leads to mutual respect and a long term relationship with clients who are spread across industries.
What’s Next?
Apart from industry recognition, Pineapple Consulting has won diverse awards. From being the winner of Brand Logo Design of American Center, US Embassy to being felicitated as IWLF Young Innovative Entrepreneur in 2013, to Kyoorius Design Award for Marimbula Packaging.
At Pineapple Consulting, they believe in going out of the way to bring emotional well-being to all stakeholders, be it clients or employees. They have been steadily increasing their understanding of how AI will change the way humans make decisions and use that knowledge to help the clients across industries.
Source :-The 10 Most Promising Business Consulting Companies

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