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Chrome Data Analytics & Media

Like most businesses, consulting too is in the throes of churning and change. In an increasingly knowledge-driven economy where automation, artificial intelligence, and big data have already made their presence felt, data consulting as a business is becoming more and more challenging and open-ended by the day. With digitization of television distribution and the shift from analog to digital and DTH, Chrome Data Analytics & Media with its advanced tracking technologies has managed to map the complete on-the-ground audience migration.
A data consulting company, Chrome DM is unique and one-of-its-kind corporation that not only is the sole provider of possibly the most granular and precise broadcasting and associated data in the country, but also a leading technology driven market research and brand consultation firm that has worked with some of the biggest brands in business today.
An Astute and Fascinating Leader
Knowing that technology completely redefines businesses and disrupts business models; change has been underway in data consulting space too. Chrome DM has promptly kept pace with the advancement in data collection as well as television tracking technologies. The Founder and CEO, Mr. Pankaj Krishna, an alumnus of Harvard University, is an industry veteran who has been in media and analytics space for around 20 years now. Running Chrome DM for about a decade now, with his tireless efforts and razor-sharp and intuitive business acumen, he has transformed Chrome DM from a 5-member team to a company with over 1200 staff with offices in Delhi-NCR, Mumbai and Bangalore.
Mr. Krishna’s innate ability to spot the right talent for the right job has made Chrome DM, an organization where the team (of professionals) has proved to be as good as the captain. Leading from the front, Mr. Krishna is a hands-on CEO who likes to be directly involved in most projects. Wherever relevant, he also keeps himself informed of the minutest details of a project before a discussion with a colleague or a client. With an eye on the long-term prospects of the company in mind, he also assiduously nurtures and grooms the younger promising leaders for a lot bigger roles and responsibilities. Fostering a work culture where process is given the same due as product and where the end not quite justifies the means, Chrome DM under Mr. Krishna’s expert guidance observes the best standards of corporate governance.
Building a Camaraderie with the Client
Recognizing that it is the human element that essentially operates even in the context of a vendor-client relationship, Chrome DM professionals have been adequately trained to deal with their clients always taking a long-term view. While the end-goal of any business must be business at the end of the day, extending the vendor-client dynamics into a somewhat more informal and personalized zone of comfort makes the process more easy, trustful and long-lasting for both sides. Also by keeping the client up to speed on the latest product and service trends especially the newer products and services that the client may require and that Chrome DM could offer competitively, Chrome DM effectively becomes the custodian of its clients’ interests. Placing great emphasis on client servicing, Chrome DM ensures that the company has repeat clients, a feat difficult to achieve in an intensely competitive market space nowadays.
Development of Innovative Tools and Products
Chrome DM has promptly kept pace with the advancement in data collection as well as television tracking technologies. Chrome DM’s marquee product by the name of Chrome Connect has made it possible for auditing of channel distribution without any human intervention whatsoever. Since the technology is time and platform-agnostic, the client can access the relevant information literally ‘anytime anywhere’. Chrome DM’s primary survey tool named Chrome Real Time Insights takes the customary quantitative analysis to the next level by introducing a qualitative component. This qualitative component is made possible through a content analysis that informs the channel not only whether a programme or content is popular, but also why a particular content is popular on a channel vis-à-vis any other content on a competitor channel or channels. For the advertisers, the company’s product named Chrome Optimal turns out to be a great monitoring tool as to whether a particular campaign that was supposed to be played on contracted channels was played, and for the full duration that it was supposed to.
Futuristic Approach and Market Expansion
Known for employing advanced data collection methodologies as well as unconventional scientific tools for the television industry, Chrome DM has redefined the science of measurement for analyzing television distribution and ratings data in India. By making an expansion into market research and brand space, Chrome DM has emphatically gone ahead of the curve. Chrome DM addresses the perpetual need for ‘speed to market’ for brands through its flagship 10k that covers 10,000 respondents in flat 4 days and has been a real blockbuster among brands.
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