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With great risk often comes great reward. There are failures, setbacks, and even complete do-overs along the way, but nothing ventured, nothing gained.  With risks, comes the satisfaction that often arises from succeeding at bigger challenges.
“Blessed with the combination of experienced peers and a hunger to experiment, don’t hesitate to take risks or miss new opportunities. I believe in innovation and try my best to introduce something new in every endeavour, without worrying about how it would be critically received”
These words by Piyush Nyati, Executive Director of Nyati Group, emphasize that innovation is about believing in a vision to create new products or services. After pursuing a degree in Building Construction Management Technology from Purdue University, Piyush joined the family business in 2011. From conceptualization to delivery, Piyush spearheads the Real Estate vertical of Nyati Group – the most trusted name in the real estate industry. At a young age he was honoured with awards like “Young Achievers Award –By Realty Plus” and “Young Entrepreneur Award-By Builders Association of India”
Young and energetic, Piyush has an affable personality and comes with the right attitude and demeanor. He lends fresh perspective to the business with his curiosity and eagerness to learn more. Under Piyush’s leadership, the group has completed several landmark projects with great success.
Piyush’s Role Model
“Whenever you see a successful business, someone once made a courageous decision”.
Mr Nitin Nyati, Harvard Business School Alumnus – Civil Engineer by qualification is a dynamic leader with a vision to succeed and a first-generation entrepreneur with over 21 years of experience and knowledge of the Construction industry. A revered name in the industry and the driving force behind the success story of this flourishing empire – Nyati Group. He has always been his source of inspiration, support, and guide. Disciplined and spiritually inclined, Mr. Nyati believes that learning and obtaining knowledge is an everlasting process. He credits his achievements to hard work, perseverance, perpetual innovation, and values.  “There have been times when the road seemed to have come to an end, but my father was always there to steer me through every difficult path. I cannot imagine life without him”, says Piyush.
Recalling his memorable moment, Piyush says, “Nothing can be more memorable than being honoured with the responsibility of accepting the torch to carry forward the great legacy that my father has set up”
Under the leadership of Piyush, the company has successfully incorporated several innovative technologies in their recent and ongoing projects. Piyush is dedicated to make Nyati Group an innovative real estate leader keeping in mind his father’s vision of being the 1st choice
A Pioneer in the Real Estate Industry
Nyati Group is a value-driven company since its inception in 1997, with a vision to be “The First Choice”.  Passionate about the buyers, the company strives to connect dots between their dreams and offerings, and to realise this vision in their futuristic landmarks. Behind the creation of every landmark building is a vision of Mr. Nyati that has challenged conventional notions of architecture, design, materials and thinking. These structures shape more than just the environments and lifestyles of the people living in them; they have shaped the future blueprints of Pune city.
Nyati Group has been at the forefront of creating some of the finest residential spaces, IT Parks, commercial complexes, hospitals, hotels & institutional buildings that cater to diverse segments of society and provide value-for -money offerings. Till date, Nyati Group has constructed and delivered over 20 million sq. ft. area all across Pune and various contracting projects across the country.
The iconic buildings of Nyati group that stand out amongst the country’s skyline are IT Buildings of Kanbay Software, Aztec Software, Sofotel Software, Capegimini, and Mahindra British Telecom. Nyati group’s prominent award-winning Industrial Project – Ecorea & Kuroda Electric Pvt. Ltd., Dongkwang Precision India Pvt. Ltd., Q/E/N India Ltd., and Bridgestone India Pvt. Ltd. It has built several contemporary commercial projects namely as Nyati Tiara, Nyati Tech Park, Nyati Emporius, Nyati Unitree, SLK-Amin Properties at Bangalore and Kolhapur, Patanjali Ayurved Ltd. at Tezpur, Guwahati- Assam.
The group’s contracting division has built several landmark buildings of reputed educational institutions like IIMM, Pune Law College, Kolhapur Medical College, Delhi Public School, Bishop’s School, Symbiosis University at Kiwale, Lavale (Symbiosis Hospital Project), and Noida along with an ongoing project at Nagpur.
Established in the year 2009, the architectural grandeur of the Greco-Moroccan styled resort-The Corinthians Resort and Club is a bastion of luxury and elegance. Located in South Pune, the resort blazes like a jewel amidst 25 acres of lush green, tastefully manicured gardens. Widely popular as the 1st choice for the discerning leisure and business enthusiast, the Corinthians boasts of 146 state-of-the-art luxurious rooms, a world class spa, a modern gymnasium, swimming pool, power cricket, cricket ground, futsal ground, tennis courts, rifle shooting & archery, gaming zone and multiple indoor and outdoor facilities providing the ideal relaxation for body and soul .
Nyati Group has diversified into businesses like Real Estate, EPC, Hospitality, Healthcare and IT-ITES and has carved a niche in respective sectors. Continuously innovative in our offerings combined with an emphasis on contemporary architecture, strong project execution and quality construction have helped us transform into a brand to reckon with.
Leading a change
Inspired by innovation, Piyush is forging the business with great zeal and vigour. Since his foray into the business, he has expanded operations and also brought in a string of technical advancements into the field of work.
Key initiatives

  1. Setting up of ERPs – We all know the importance of having defined processes. Enterprise Resource Planning streamlines systems and adds a modicum of accountability. Piyush took the initiative not only to introduce the ERP model into the business but also successfully execute and help the team members to adapt to the changed processes. This has led to clear accountability and efficient control over the stock (built or sold).
  2. Assertive Marketing and Sales – Marketing is the crux of any business. Piyush has ensured that customer interaction in the market is done in a non-traditional yet relevant and realistic way. A special CRM team has been set up for the same. Bringing in such changes has helped the company achieve a sale of 1100 units with 5 back to back launches. In order to achieve this, the group has expanded geographically into the GCC region, making us a global real estate icon.
  3. Engineering operations have been introduced by implementing in-process checking, setting up of an in-house QAD (Quality Assurance) department, SOP, scheduling operations to manage the tasks at hand in an efficient manner.
  4. A separate planning department has been set up to envisage the blending of every project within the master plan with proper resource allocation for the same.

At Nyati Group, the transformation has begun. Young leaders like Piyush are driving the change with their fresh ideas and steering the business to newer levels of growth. The result is better processes, improved technology and faster execution to create a brand identity that makes a long-lasting impact in the minds of its customers.
Satisfied Customer, Successful Company
Talking about customer’s satisfaction, Piyush says, “Our customers have been our greatest strength. We have served them with utmost commitment, and in return, they have put in a good word for us and often gone out of the way to promote us”
Under his aegis, Nyati’s projects have won several awards like ‘Value for Money Homes’, ‘AESA President’s Award’, ‘Best Residential Project of the Year’ and ‘Asia Pacific Property Award’. Nyati Group has won India’s “Most trusted brand in Real Estate”. Piyush dedicates his success to experienced professionals for trusting him in implementing the new age ideas. “I will ensure that this award-winning practice continues in our journey ahead,” says Piyush.
Piyush’s job comes with more responsibility than authority. With a positive attitude, he faces every challenge head-on and gets the result in favour of the organization. Talking about the team, Piyush says, “Not restricted to any textbook rules have actually worked to my advantage as it encourages and empowers my team to be more creative. No idea is bad. It just needs to be channelized in the right way at the right time”
Each one of the company’s relations speaks of its integrity and long-term commitment that has set them apart from the rest.
Overcoming Challenges
Real Estate as a whole has evolved professionally over the last few years. Customers are now expecting much more than just a property. Real estate engineering is not only about engineering but also about creating experiences and giving a lifestyle. “Spaces touch life in myriad ways” – with this motto, the group overcomes all these challenges by creating structures that suits one and all. The industry faces the challenges in terms of customer’s buying behavior due to job instability, imbalance in rental yield and lack of infrastructure to support the growing population of Pune. Being the pioneers of this industry, Nyati Group has always partnered in shaping the industry at par with international standards and deliver the best to end consumers.
Every project is challenging in its own way. Along with introducing new technologies in projects, the group creates fool-proof contingency plans if things don’t work out. “Challenges are a part and parcel of the game, we accept them wholeheartedly and work on finding and providing a solution,” says Piyush.
Believe in Yourself and Take Calculated Risks
Piyush’s advice to budding entrepreneurs- “I think I have a long way to go before I can give advice to budding entrepreneurs, but I would definitely say one thing, believe in yourself, take calculated risks, but also seek advice from people who are more experienced than you. Upgrade yourself with new technology, as that is the way forward”
Creating A Future driven by Success
The group has recently ventured into the ultra-luxurious real estate segment. The company’s contracting division is also expanding across numerous infrastructure domains like railways, roadways, metros, airports, and ports. Progressing forward with a positive approach, Nyati Group will be a brand that will spread its wings across India and the Middle East.
Source :-The 30 Young and Dynamic Entrepreneurs to Watch in 2019

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