Aiswarya Sivanesh: Exemplifying Positive Knowledge through TANGO Academy of India

Aiswarya Sivanesh | TANGO Academy
Aiswarya Sivanesh

The ever-changing times demand dynamic leadership that can convince believers to adapt to the change by acquiring knowledge through continuous learning. Energy cannot remain stationary. It compels every phenomenon to remain in constant motion, thus, evolving. Children are the best example of this restless energy – an eternal force in abundance. To shape this pure power of life in their future to become the best version of themselves, educators, teachers, and leaders must be full of exceptional dynamism.

Aiswarya Sivanesh, the Co-founder of TANGO Academy of India, too, defines Dynamism as Continuous Learning. She says, “Learning makes us legendI have seen my grandparents, the dynamic personalities in my life, always power-packed with lots of positivity.

She further believes that dynamic leadership is very crucial today. “I trust and accept the dynamic leadership is very interesting when the positivity and the knowledge are being shared, and it gets multiplied,” she adds.

Dynamically Legendary Learning

Reflecting on her dynamism and looking back in 2017, with lots of dreams, she started her educational endeavour just by the name TANGO. She says, “We started a summer camp for kids in May. We slowly added small feathers to our Organization. Especially for kids. As I was in the early stages of my motherhood.”

Later, she and her team TANGO regularly taught kids about Arts, Crafts, Yoga, and Languages. Aiswarya always believes that she has a powerful crew with her where she can empower the world with young minds. “We shape the skills of kids of age group 3+ yrs. Now, we train kids with courses including Abacus, Phonetics, Brain gyms, Tamil, Hindi, English Language classes, and Arts – Drawing and Painting, etc.”

They also Homeschool kids with their mentorship internationally. Various training Programs are conducted for Kids and adults passionate about sharpening their skills in this competitive world.

Being an Ethical Human 

Sharing how as an organization, they are currently positioned as one of the best service providers, Aiswarya says they focus more on the results of their students where they not only excel in the academic/artistic parts but also incorporate the values of being a good human than being an expert in the current world competencies. Once they focus on building morality and righteousness, they are identified as the best service provider in education.

Further highlighting the professional qualities and values her clients and employees admire in her the most, Aiswarya says she always works on the quality of the mentorship with the clients and the employees. When the expectations are met, and the quality excels beyond the circles, they become admirable.

Also, they motivate their students and faculties with quarterly events to showcase their talents through The TALENT EXPO called “TANGO FEST,” both physically and virtually.

The Glory of Accepting Challenges  

Being an experienced leader, sharing her opinion on how the adoption of modern Technologies impacts the educational industry and how her firm, TANGO Academy of India, is adapting to the change, Aiswarya reiterates that they have a worldwide global network of students who are being trained from TANGO Academy in different courses from US, UK, Singapore, South Korea, Poland, UAE etc. As they work in different time zones and with qualified faculties, they use virtual technologies where they easily bridge with their students.

When probed that in the current industry scenario, what kind of challenges she faces, and how she drives TANGO Academy to overcome them, Aiswarya says, “The key to life is to accept the challenges. The Challenges give Glory to us.”

As an Educational organization developing an app with various accessibility points is the challenge, they all face as an education forum. They overcome those challenges by accepting the reviews and making those issues no longer exist. She has built a team which makes any challenge into a good change.

Delightful Wisdom

In her advice to budding entrepreneurs, especially women who aspire to venture into business, Aiswarya says, “I recommend every budding woman entrepreneur should work on her passion and what she loves to do rather than following someone’s success path. Choosing the genre that makes you happy will lead to delighted success. I have experienced this ‘Happiness is Directly Proportional to Success and Achievement.”

On envisioning scaling TANGO Academy’s operations and offerings in the future, she reveals that they have a Chapter they run for Green Revolution in their Country from TANGO Academy named ‘TANGO Greenage.’

Through this, they did ‘n number of CSR activities to save Mother Nature, increase the underground water table and so on by planting 10000+ palm seeds in 2021. TANGO’s Managing Director and CEO, Mr Sivanesh Kumar, led this mass plantation drive in the Mettukundu Village of Virudhunagar district in Tamil Nadu.

Recently in 2022, Aiswarya and the team TANGO doubled the number in their mission and planted 24000+ palm seeds with the help of students’ power to develop their underground water table. They also have donated and planted 500+ abundantly oxygen-producing trees in and around Tamil Nadu and Karnataka.

Nurturing a Green Learning Environment 

Their vision is to grow one tree in the educational premises when every child enters their institution. While the tree grows along with the child serving nature, they can make India a Super powerful and Super Green nation.

Sharing praises, accolades, and awards for their exemplary work, Aiswarya informs that they have received enormous testimonials from the parents of the children who were/are learning from TANGO Academy. Sharing some of those here.

My son Ben benefitted through Abacus, and he is easily focusing on math these days without any arithmetic errors” – Nancy Solomon.

My Daughter Lakshi got Double promotion in the school as her math solving ability is very good in Korea.” – Sumitha.

“My Daughter Rithvika has improved a lot in her English reading and writing skills, which she lagged during this Lockdown.” – Anusha Bondada.

“Our Children always wanted to attend your classes without fail as you start with a few brain-sharpening exercises.” – Priya S.

TANGO Academy Hall of Fame:

  • Asian Education Awards AEA for “Best Online Tutoring” for the academic year 2021-2022.
  • The organization supports and recognizes with the “Agricultural Awards” for farmers and Organic Terrace Gardeners.
  • The Organization planted 25000 palm seeds in contribution to the Water table in dry areas and documented them on famous TV channels like Jaya News, Raj TV, News7 and various local channels.
  • The Managing Director was awarded the “Best Environmentalist 2022” by the Rotary Club of Virudhunagar.

Achievements of Aiswarya Sivanesh:

  • Featured in an article Published by an Educational Magazine, “The Knowledge Review.” And Awarded as the “Inspiring Women in India” in April 2022.
  • Nominated twice for the “KWA Karnataka Women Achievers Award” in 2021 and 2022.
  • Won the Award on Top 50 Indian Aspiring authors and Researchersfrom “Fox Story India 2022”.
  • Nominated and the finalist of India Prime Awardsand Global Icons Awards.

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