Akhil Systems: Delivering Solutions by the Amalgamation of IT & Healthcare

The Healthcare industry is growing at a tremendous rate owing to its strengthening of services and increasing expenditure by the eminent players in the industry. In India the healthcare ecosystem is undergoing an era of inflection. Though the outlook for the healthcare industry is optimistic, there is an immediate need for leveraging technology for providing fully integrated healthcare delivery system in the near future. To solve this dilemma Akhil Systems Pvt. Ltd. (ASPL) has come-up with innovative health information systems and services to transform the administrative and clinical operations of healthcare organisations of all sizes.
Catering the Industry Needs with Innovation
With more than 200 projects running across India and around the globe, Akhil Systems has created benchmarks by providing innovative solutions with its Hospital Information System (HIS) platform. Being an eminent player in the Healthcare industry for more than 22 years, Akhil Systems has flawlessly worked on the single domain of Healthcare by providing specialised management information systems for Hospitals, Medical Colleges, Clinics, Diagnostic Centers and Pharmacy Chains. Akhil Systems is an organisation of a unique kind, aimed at implementing the latest and industry proven e-healthcare technologies and advanced models of patient care in the healthcare arena. With an aim of being a successful player in the long run, Akhil Systems has created a digital platform with high industry standards in Connected Care for patients as well as providers, thus equipping themselves to be future-ready for the up-coming generation of digital-savvy patients and doctors.
Innovators Innovation
With a vision of catering to the needs of IT in healthcare, Mr. H.N.N. Murthy founded Akhil Systems Pvt. Ltd.  Later Mr. Sanjay Kumar Jain and Mrs. Rekha Jain joined Mr. Murthy.They decided to enter the Healthcare-IT field which is one of the most deprived sections of any hospital. So,it moved forward to improve the healthcare from the patient point of view as well as to maximize the hospital operational efficiency.Amidst the idea of innovation, invention and ingenuity, Today Mr. Sanjay Kumar Jain runs the company and dedicated himself towards adding new dimensions to Healthcare IT-solutions. Following the path of  sheer allegiance and commitment, Akhil Systems has successfully added many feathers to its cap with their award winning solutions in the field of simplifying the decision making process, streamlining process flow and adding value for profit maximization.
Appreciating the Transformations in the Industry
The Healthcare sector is developing rapidly, and in India, eminent healthcare barons have embarked a journey to completely transform the Healthcare segment, especially the medical technology. Akhil Systems is also on a mission of facilitating the transformation by digitizing hospitals through its comprehensive Miracle Hospital Information System. As the Healthcare IT industry has grown a lot in the last two decades and many new entrants have placed their foot in this industry, the healthcare sector needs an innovative Healthcare IT solutions in order to provide the best quality care to the patients. The technology is advancing at a remarkable pace and in order to sustain in this industry Akhil Systems has come up with the “Miracle Hospital Information System(HIS),” in order to serve their customers with the latest technological developments and powerful new features that would facilitate them in providing better care to the patients.
Converting Hurdles into Opportunities
As the healthcare industry is booming globally, Akhil Systems is aiming high to prosper by showcasing expertise through their solutions. At Akhil Systems they believe, it’s not worth of delivering any solution which wouldn’t go on par with the customer satisfaction. So, working on matching the customer satisfaction levels, Akhil Systems is enthusiastically developing their Miracle HIS solution which would be equipped with unique features and the latest developments, in order to help their clients to mine maximum benefits from it. India being a country with diverse care practices and unskilled technological resources, implementing a HIS solution across the nation is not an easy task. So, for overcoming the hurdle Akhil Systems has come-up with a standard HIS solution for all the hospitals, whether it is situated in a metro, tier II or tier III cities. For adding more value to the solution Akhil Systems is focused towards providing a 6 month trial period, thus minimizing the hypothetical customization points and sorting out the problem of resourced training during the tenure.
The Mantra of Successful Business
Akhil Systems takes pride in the fact that most of their business comes as a result of referrals from their clients. As good deeds never go in vain, Akhil Systems has a consistent track record of continuous sales growth, which is a testament to their zealous focus on building the finest hospital information and management system and offering it at a very reasonable price. Believing in expertise and teamwork they have always leveraged their team and have heavily invested in research and development to ensure that their customers get the most powerful HIS solution. At Akhil Systems, Mr. Murthy gives credit to his team’s flexibility and adaptability which has helped the company to grow and become successful.

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