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Nowadays! In this modern time, to find success, hospitals need an advisory and consulting firm with effective strategic planning, proper infrastructure, best medical professional consultants, human resource allocation, clinical planning, sufficient knowledge & exposure towards statutory compliances and particular attention to the hospital’s marketing and sales. Healthcare Consulting Services (HCS) is providing the excellent services which are specially designed to consider these multitudinous obstacles and services that contrive to overcome present challenges that clients are facing today.
Healthcare Consulting Services (HCS) is a Healthcare Advisory & Consulting firm in the field of Healthcare & Hospital Management, based out of Mumbai. Since its inception in 2013, their core motive behind establishing the companyis to reform and serve the hospitals better. The company has emerged as an expert, rendering end-to-end solutions to hospitals and healthcare institutions with their marketing strategies to espouse and leverage brand positioning as a growth strategy and also assisting hospitals with operations management. HCS target all the single doctor or doctor couple run hospital set-up which lacks management expertise to manage professionally.Also target all Non-doctor Owner hospitals, which are not able to attract clinical expertise. Their all sick units who need the turnaround, they’re especially missionary and charitable or trust based and strives for standardization in the hospital and healthcare system.
The HCS’s idea is to help stalk the building blocks of the mid-size hospitals, less than 150-200 beds hospital. Over the years, every institution has its system and work culture which doesn’t require any change but needs streamlining as per the market demands. HCS help the hospitals streamline and assist them to sustain within the available resources.
Amit Sontakke ‘An Exuberant Leader behind the Force’
Eminent professional Amit Sontakke, Managing Partner- Founder & CEO of Healthcare Consulting Services, founded the bellwether of transformation. Amit is having very productive and fruitful experience in the field of Hospital Operational Management and proficiency for optimization of resource deployment in existing facilities and superfluous business generation in the unit/hospital/project. His core skill lies in achieve faster market response and decision making, increase performance, reducing cost and strengthening competitive advantage for Healthcare projects. He is a Master of Business Administration (MBA) in hospital administration from Institute of Management Studies, Indore in 2001 and has completed an advanced course in Senior Management Program from IIM Calcutta in 2013-14 & Certification Course in “Sustaining & Managing Hospital Growth” from IIM Bangalore in 2013. Amit is having 16 years of experience in the major Multi-specialty hospitals & Multinational Companies.
Revolutionary Spectrum of Services
Healthcare Consulting Services provide various services in the Establishment of Clinical Departments, Establishment of Non-Clinical Departments, Creating a Pool of Talent, Effective & Competent Manpower Planning, Medical Equipment Planning, Quality Benchmarking, Operations GAP Management, Marketing & Branding Strategies, Media Planning, Designing Policies & Protocols, HIS, IT (Hardware & Software), helping hospitals with adequate and competent manpower, media &equipment planning, and last but not the least managing and integrating Information Technology to the processes. HCS’s upcoming services would be – catering to the needs and wants of the hospitals located overseas. Also, the complete makeovers of hospitals are in the pipeline.
Paving the way by Overcoming Obstacles
Being a small industry, it has many competitors which they come across. But HCS’s vision and goals remain the same which help them differentiate themselves from others. The key differentiator is “we evaluate & measure standards of the Hospital by setting Key Performance Indicator (KPI) dashboard for individual hospitals,” says Amit.
While discussing most daunting tasks the company has faced, Amit has revealed that the biggest challenge was to help them recognize and expose them to the macro ecosystem of the industry and letting them out of their protective shells & coverings.
TEAM- ‘Together Everyone Achieves More’
Healthcare Consulting Services has the team of Consultants/Managers to work without disturbing any day-to-day activities of the institution. They are deputing their functional authorities to guide and train the workforce of that institution the way forward. Their team helps to get the right things done at the right time and the right place. To be precise, it acts as a catalyst to generate a positive product through this chemical reaction without getting affected – either of the compounds.
The team that works is much determined towards their goals while serving the project. Their deputed managers ensure the productivity as well as the profitability while designing the strategies.
Expanding Geographical Footprints
Healthcare Consulting Services has its presence and name in the healthcare sector, despite being a startup company, the credit of which should have completely been accounted in the founder’s account. The company started serving the hospitals located in the Metro-cities like Mumbai and has always been a part of healthcare forums organized locally as well as globally.
The company has a broad vision of taking the business to a global level by collaborating with the reputed schools of business. “With the vision, by 2020 our company shall have the presence on different continents with the Head Office located in India,” assures Amit.

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