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Operon Biotech & HealthCare is a Bangalore based professionally managed company, established in the year August-2008. Operon was founded on a motto to provide stable, sustainable, and scalable diagnostic tools and solutions. They are intending to bring a portfolio of products to the Indian Market. Operon Biotech & HealthCare is certified by SMERA-NSIC and DuN rating agency as a “Moderate Performing Company” during FY 12-13, and now they are ISO 9001:2015 compliant.
Operon is already acknowledgedas a competent company in the field of coagulation testing and solutions. They have collaborated with the best companies globally, and work closely with their clients, providing unparalleled service & technical support.
Industry that they serve:
In-Vitro Diagnostic (IVD): Clinical Laboratories involved in Blood Investigations under Biochemical/Hematological/Microbiology departments and the Clients.
POCT: The POC device is designed for Physicians use and on certain conditions they are advised to be used by patients self-testing under supervision of Physician. Also used in Emergency and Casualty Departments of hospitals as it greatly reduces the TAT and can be Lifesaving at times. New age POC devices have become quiet reliable.
Healthcare (Preventive Healthcare)
These devices are self-testing by design. It’s for non-professional use and hence sold OTC and across E-Commerce platforms.
Meet the Visionary behind Operon
Afser Shariff, Director and Founder of Operon Biotech, has strong belief of providing Stable, Sustainable, and Scalable diagnostic tools & Solutions. Afser reveals that after joining the IVD medical device industry not by choice but it was an accident, it was a beautiful stroke of serendipity. Having entered this industry in the year 1998, one of the first product lines he was exposed to was of coagulation from the most reputed and famous company worldwide, i.e., Diagnostica Stago, France. Since then he has developed a keen interest in this product segment.
Already Marching on the Success Path
“Our strength lies in the fields of coagulation testing and solutions and has been our core since inception. Our expansion across regions of India was limited all these years as our business partnership was mostly with Indian companies with regional restrictions. And I am glad that we are done with all such restricted partnerships and now a free bird out of cage. We are elated and excited with this positive change and ready to transform the way coagulation testing is done in smaller and mid-sized labs across India,” assures Afser.
Operon’s Revolutionary Services and Products in Coagulation
State of the art Operon XL 1000i Fully Automated Blood Coagulation Analyzer is a compact benchtop model, designed to perform routine PT, PTT, Fib and TT with ease and accommodate special investigations like Factor assays, AT3, etc. With the onboard cooling system, automatic level sensing, low working cost, Multi-Level QC Program, it has become a buzzword in Hemostasis testing.
Operon XL 3200t Fully Automated Blood Coagulation Analyzer Operon XL-3200 is a true walkway system, combining many technologies into one. Dual probe ensures high throughput, with ten independent measuring channel, continuous automatic loading and discard of cuvettes, and single test cuvettes for all measurements of clotting, chromogenic and immunologic. The 20 reagent position ensures you are not short of loading the frequently used high consumption reagents or while performing multi-analysts at the same time.
 Biomedica and Sekusui
Biomedica Diagnostics (BMD) has recently acquired the Specialty Coagulation Business and product line from Sekisui Diagnostics (SDG). The agreement includes all aspects of the business worldwide with the exception of Europe, Middle East and Africa. In conjunction with this agreement, BMD will also acquire the American Diagnostica trademark. BioMedica Diagnostics develops and manufactures the QuikCoag brand of products, a comprehensive line of reagents, kits, calibrators and controls for use in routine and specialty coagulation. QuikCoag products are represented in India by Operon Biotech. The QuikCoag line of products that are FDA 510(k) cleared, CE marked and/or Health Canada registered.
 qLabs®is a handheld poc device  enables (Fingerstick blood) rapid testing by patient-side, so that health care professionals and patients themselves can access real-time, lab-quality results for PT-INR as well as APTT within minutes, right at Point of Care or at home. qLabs® device has been cleared and certified for sale in world market from CE, TUV and LUMC authority after appropriate evaluation compared to conventional laboratory testing.
Indian Market Dynamics
The Indian market for coagulation and instruments in 2015 was valued at Rs.122 crore, with reagents dominating at Rs.107.36 crore and expected to roughly double by 2020.  Coagulation assays will continue to be one of the most commonly ordered assays in the IVD market for the foreseeable future. The most commonly asked tests include prothrombin Time (PT), Activated Partial Thromboplastin Time (APTT) followed by Fibrinogen (FIB) Thrombin Time (TT) and D-Dimer. Tertiary care hospitals and referral labs largely depend on greater automation and integration of esoteric coagulation tests like D-Dimer/Thrombotic Panel/APLA testing.
Coagulation tests are crucial for:

  • Diagnosing bleeding disorders including inhibitor screening.
  • Monitoring the effectiveness of anticoagulant therapies.
  • Diagnosing patients who could be pre-disposed to thrombo-embolic diseases like APCR (Factor V mutation) or Homocysteine levels, etc.
  • Pre-surgery screening for bleeding disorders.
  • Screening and Monitoring Hemophilia patients.
  • Monitoring Liver Functions (Vit-K dependent factors).
  • In understanding Various Coagulopathies (DIC, Liver Disease etc.).

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