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People are living longer and thus demand more and higher quality preventive and long-term care. A considerable change in the healthcare industry’s approach to providing care is underway putting the patient at the center of care. The purpose is to improve patient satisfaction scores and engagement. The healthcare industry is an aggregation and amalgamation of sectors within the economic system that provides goods and services to treat patients with curative, preventive, rehabilitative, and palliative care. The demand for health-care workers is likely to grow faster than the average rate for all occupations between 2000 and 2010. Many people are attracted to the health-care industry for its human touch and service-oriented aspects.
Sakar Healthcare is an ISO 9001 BVQI certified pharmaceutical company established in 2004, situated in western part of India, near the city of Ahmedabad, in the vibrant state of Gujarat. Sakar Healthcare manufactures a growing range of pharmaceutical formulations for both domestic and international markets. The company supplies finished formulations on contract for premier multinational corporations in India and overseas. Sakar Healthcare maintains a global network of distributors and has obtained brand registration in most major markets, commercializing the products. Sakar is currently in the process of establishing their footprints in the European markets, through overseas strategic Joint ventures and Market acquisitions.
Front Runnerof Sakar
Sanjay Shah, Founder & Managing Director established Sakar Healthcare way back in 2004-05. Being an entrepreneur with strategic foresight & excellent industry knowledge, Mr.Shah has made it possible for Sakar to be a front-runner in the race to provide finest healthcare solutions to the top companies in Indian Pharmaceutical Industry setting benchmarks. The company is committed towards the improvement of the quality of human life by providing world-class healthcare services. Sakar Healthcare has walked the path of brisk success because of this uncompromised values and impregnable entrepreneurial acumen. Sakar is ably managed by a team of professionals with an endeavor to offer Quality Pharmaceutical & Health Care Products in various countries.
Advancement in Manufacturing
With the manufacturing units approved by WHO-GMP and Ministry of Health of various overseas countries across the globe, SAKAR surges ahead with the uniqueness in the Indian Pharmaceutical industry, having a basket of products to offer viz:Oral liquids (in pet and glass bottles), Cephalosporin: tablet, capsule, dry syrup, sachet, Cephalosporin dry power injection, and Small volume parenteral-SVP (ampoules & vials).
With this inclusion of lyophilizer to manufacture and commercialize lyophilized products from the current year, SAKAR has aligned further with the industry advancements meeting the expectations of partners. The advanced technology of lyophilization has been proven to deliver better quality products, having commercially viable shelf life with stable formulations.
Expanding over Globe
SAKAR has expanded out to 35 countries with 193 registered brands, having more number of brands in the pipeline, expected to get registered in a year time. This versatile coverage including the presence in countries of South East Asia, CIS, Africa (Anglophone & Francophone), LATAM, have established SAKAR as well as built in required credibility as a reliable pharmaceutical company. With robust channel-partners extending their arms and sharing their know-how of the local markets, SAKAR records promptness in brand registration process overcoming stringent regulatory barriers, a key market requirement of recent times. An experienced team, back-end support, seasoned partners, quality product- this synergy has made the advancements quicker and easier for SAKAR.
A Step Ahead with NSE Listing
Seizing the moment, Sakar Healthcare debuted on the small and medium-sized enterprise (SME) board of India’s National Stock Exchange (NSE), Mumbai in September-2016. The IPO raised funds is intended to accommodate the lyophilization facility, bolster working capital reserves, and finance registration processes abroad, amongst others. This giant leap has given the necessary momentum to SAKAR, to diversify operations and enhance activities.
Accomplishment with Innovation
With state-of-the-art and fully automated manufacturing facilities and a comprehensive product line, Sakar Healthcare is poised for sustained organic growth. This is well supported by the enviable reputation for quality control established by Sakar Healthcare that is enabling the company to broach new markets and quickly gain regulatory approval for its products. Added to that lyophilizer is set to create the differentiating mark for SAKAR, being an enhanced quality product manufacturer. Above all SAKAR Healthcare has not kept any stones unturned; expanding globally, foraying into regulated markets, looking out for overseas Strategic Joint Ventures and Market acquisitions.

Source :- The 10 Fastest Growing Healthcare Solutions Provider Companies 2017

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