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The landscape of cyber security is always changing. With the advancement of technology, and increase in popularity of cloud-based services, security threats are becoming more and more complex and are impacting businesses heavily. The year 2017 was littered with major data breaches, bank heists, account hijacking, hacktivism, website defacements, DDoS attacks and other social engineering attacks. A lot of havoc has been caused by cyber-criminals as they are more sophisticated and more effective with highly capable automation and a wide range of attack tools in their arsenal. To counter the adversaries, the enterprises should always stay one step ahead by enforcing precautionary steps and consult the specialist to fill the security gaps.
One of the most protuberant cybersecurity companies is AKS Information Technology Services. It is a part of AKS Group, which is an ISO 9001:2015 & ISO 27001:2013 complaint mid-sized Indian Company. It is the premier ‘Innovation Hub’ in Cyber Security segment in India which is spearheading the best in-class technological products for Domestic & Global markets, the company has been at the forefront of delivering excellence in the domain of Information Security products and services ever since it was established in 2006.
AKS is an all-in-one Managed Security Service which covers all the aspects of enterprise security including mobile apps and website audits, network audit, cyber forensics, setting up and managing security operations center (SoC) for providing real-time monitoring and management, emergency response and round-the-clock protection against any cyber-attack. Backed by its comprehensive cyber security training program, AKS IT educates its customers while also implementing and enforcing security and auditing IT infrastructure for its customers.
Backed by its innovation & R&D efforts, AKS is building a strong portfolio of indigenous security products such as DDoS mitigation, Application Firewall and Cyber Forensic Workstation. The company’s customers span across industry sector from IT, BFSI, Telecom, Transport, Manufacturing and the Government both in India and abroad.
Meet the Pioneer of AKS IT Services
Ashish Kumar Saxena, a veteran and an alumnus of IIT Delhi is the Founder and MD of AKS IT Services. Recipient of premier training in Sweden, France and USA, his unparalleled experience and discerning approach is reflected by the company’s remarkable success. He is a proud recipient of Vishisht Seva Medal (VSM) for the technological innovation in the Indian Air Force, resulting in saving sizeable foreign exchange for the Government exchequer.  Ashish also has the distinction of being the first Operations Manager of CERT-In (Indian Computer Emergency Response Team). The tenets of strategies incorporated by the founder are Uncompromised Quality of service, Innovation, Good Ethical values and healthy culture.
Anshul Saxena, an alumnus of Georgia Tech, USA is the CTO of AKS IT Services. Having previously worked in organizations such as Microsoft and Amazon, he is leading the technical innovation in developing innovative cyber security products such as DDoS mitigation and Application firewall solutions.
Proffering Exclusive Services & Solutions
AKS provides its Consultancy, Compliance, Network Security, Application Security, Cyber Forensic, Corporate IT Security Training and Software Development. Their two products, Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS) mitigation solution named HaltDos and AKS Forensic Workstation are some of the best solutions in industries. AKS have innovated DDoS mitigation solution with an integrated Web Application Firewall (WAF) named HaltDos. It is state of the art, patent pending DDoS mitigation solution that uses advanced machine learning model to automatically detect and mitigate DDoS attacks in real time without requiring any human intervention. HaltDos a leading solution of AKS has the recipient of DSCI, and is honored with many awards like Nasscom Excellence Awards Dec 2016, Cisco Launchpad Winner in Jan 2017 and “BEST INNOVATION” the year 2015 Minister of Communication & IT, Govt. of India. “This innovation is from our AKS Group start-up Company Haltdos.com.”
HaltDos is a high throughput, high-performance solution available as a Cloud-based solution as well as an On-premise appliance. With its multi-layered and multi-vector approach, it can defend against a wide range of DDoS attacks within seconds to ensure high uptime of websites / web services.
In addition, the organization has advanced AKS Forensic Workstation – a cyber-forensic lab in a box. It is a specially crafted machine dedicated to performing all cyber forensic activities. The solution is currently being used by various cyber forensic labs of Tamil Nadu, Orissa Police, Enforcement Directorate, etc. AKS Services has indigenously developed a high-end lab forensic workstation keeping in mind today’s forensic investigation requirements.
The workstation can be used to recover deleted/corrupted data from media drives and recover data from password protected or partially destroyed media drives. The workstation can be used to crack password from password protected files and media drives. GPU can greatly enhance the capability of analyzing data at a fast rate. The workstation can be used to analyze data from large media devices with capacity ranging in Terabytes.
Incredible Journey towards Victory
The cybersecurity demands a high degree of trust from its service providers. AKS has achieved the utmost loyalty from their clients by providing Quality Service and ensuring secrecy of client’s data. The company has successfully undertaken application security audits of more than 6000 applications and ensured closure of all the discovered vulnerabilities. Their customer-centric approach and focus on quality have helped them to beat the competition.
Key Points for the Customers
Looking at the threats of cyber-attacks, DDoS and Ransomware have become the two largest vectors of attacks. Even before these attacks became mainstream, AKS had predicted and started working on building solutions (HaltDos for DDoS and AKS Forensic Workstation for ransomware using cyber forensic) to tackle them. AKS continues to invest in research & indigenous development of Cyber Security Products for their customers. Backed by their services, the company wants to become the one-stop security partner for their customers.
Some Effectual Words for Budding Entrepreneurs
As Mr. Saxena asserts, “Cyber Security is a serious business. Knowledge in the Cybersecurity domain and quality of service/ product are paramount for the success. There are no shortcuts in ensuring cybersecurity; minor slippage may lead to a disaster. In security, no one recognizes you for the 99/100 attacks you mitigate. They only blame you for 1/100 attack you couldn’t mitigate. That is why one has to give his 200% to hit 100/100 every single time.”
Future Panorama
AKS has completed their 11 years long rock-strewn voyage through their innovative cybersecurity services & products which help people all over the India to save their significant Data. Now the company mostly focuses on their customers’ needs, which is all about safety and security. Ashish expresses, “We are to be a most trusted & innovative cyber Security Company in the world.” They will definitely invent new solutions which can make revolution towards cyber security era. On the other hand, the company’s clearly mapped strategy is the ideal starting point for a stable system. The company will build their system from the ground up exploiting technologies that can deliver benefits to their client’s business.
Source :- The 10 Most Trusted Cyber Security Companies in 2017

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