Radhika Nihalani: Empowering PR Industry with Innovative and High Impact Solutions

The English dictionary defines Public Relations as the business of inducing the public, to have understanding for, and goodwill towards a person, firm, or an institution. The experts of the industry say that it is a practice to boost an organization’s credibility because it’ll operate through numerous trusted intermediaries. The intellectuals of the society also define PR as the professional maintenance of a favorable public image by a company or other organization or by a famous person. The industry reports apparently say that it is one such critical practice which can take one’s picture to the sky-high levels and at the same time, it can also create an enormous negative impact on the image of the same person or the organization.
The successful woman entrepreneur and the face behind the nation’s young and promising PR agency, which is redefining every term in the PR industry with innovative and high impact PR solutions, is Radhika Nihalani, Founder & CEO at Think Ink Communications. With a motive to establish excellent media communications, and deliver innovative solutions to create a significant impact on the media industry, Radhika is designing milestones in the business world. During her extensive professional career of almost a decade, she has earned a tremendous amount of recognition in the industry and has been endorsed by experts for her extraordinary skills like Public Relations and Marketing among many others.
Radhika’s Definition of An Empowered Woman
Instead of beginning with what empowerment is, Radhika initiated the conversation with what empowerment doesn’t mean to her and said that it is not about wearing fancy business suits to work, or being the torchbearer of the overly contextualized usage of “feminism” or degrading women who choose to become a homemaker for the sake of their family. She explicitly pointed it out that empowerment is giving oneself the freedom to make their own choices and it applies to all, irrespective of any gender biases or distinction.
She concluded the discussion of women empowerment by saying, “An empowered woman is one who embraces this freedom and is not intimidated by it. One who lives in this world believing that she is an equal that she can do everything she wants to and there is nothing that can hold her back.” While observing her, it apparently seems that with this definition, Radhika hasn’t just described an empowered woman but also herself. Support from friends and family plays a crucial role in everyone’s life, and Radhika expressed that the support from her parents, friends, and husband has helped her to be what she is today.
We are the choice and compromise that we make and an empowered person doesn’t shy away from making choices and compromises as they know that they have what it takes to achieve what they have set out to do. Being in the PR industry, every decision is critical, and one choice is enough to make one’s fate and destiny. A known face in the industry, Radhika says that a successful person is someone who is always learning and unlearning himself or herself on the basis of the situation while keeping in mind about the circumstances. In this industry, every interaction with a client, every feedback received, winning or losing a client is essential and Radhika stated further and said, “There lies an opportunity to learn in almost everything we do on a daily basis.
About the Young yet Focused PR Agency Delivering Extraordinary Solutions
Think Ink Communications is a young, yet focused PR Agency with domain expertise in entertainment and lifestyle sections. In a short span of only four years, Think Ink Communications has carved a niche for itself, and currently, the company manages and oversees the PR for well-reputed brands of media conglomerates including Star India, Zee Entertainment Limited, Sony, and PVR among many others. Amongst a host of numerous other well-known personalities, Think Ink has managed the PR for famous figures like Ronnie Screwvala, Dia Mirza, Neha Dhupia and Terence Lewis.
Think Ink is the youngest PR Agency in the nation to have managed PR for a national Television channel, reinforcing their depth in ideation and pan India media strength. The company is also known for its exceptional services including media relations, content writing, image management and crisis communication. Though most PR Agencies provide all these services, what keeps them apart from others and ahead of the race is their ability to ideate and execute the ideas and their deep understanding of the media and their immensely passionate teams.
While talking about the work culture of the company, Radhika said, “We are a people’s company, so the key decisions always revolve around attracting the best talent and ensuring there is a culture in the company that keeps people together, inspires them to give their best and encourages them not to be afraid of failure.
Winning isn’t easy, but definitely not as hard as it sounds, says Radhika
The CEO of Think Ink Communications attributes her success to her ability to think on her feet and not giving up, no matter what the circumstance is. Radhika shares her vision for women in business and says that women must stop overthinking about the outcomes  and just go out there on the field, and do what they want to do. She further advised the budding women entrepreneurs by saying, “It’s not easy for sure, but it’s definitely not as hard as it is made to sound. Get on the path for doing it, and you’ll figure everything out along the way. Be confident in your abilities!
Living the life of an entrepreneur is not at all easy, so to keep herself balanced and focused on her career, Radhika spends at least 30 minutes of outdoor exercise, and she says, “I never miss it!
Paving a Path to the Future and Leading the Industry
Radhika defined her future road-map and mentioned her plans to get more clients within the domain expertise and staying true to their promise, i.e., giving them the most passionate team and providing the most innovative PR solutions to their needs. While concluding the plans, Radhika said, “The future ahead is bright and brimming with opportunities, and we are looking forward to our next phase of growth.
Source :- Inspiring Stories of Indian Women Leaders in Business

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