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Altius Hospital

Nowadays, Healthcare Industry is highly demanding and competitive. The patients expect 100% perfection from the doctors. Altius Hospital is one such dedicated leading hospital for Laparoscopic Surgery in Gynaec, and Infertility & Urogynaecology treatments, fulfilling patients’ complete expectations with the International Standards of Healthcare at Indian Cost; which looks impossible, but Altius Hospital has made it possible.
About A Visionary Leader with Many Talents
Dr. B Ramesh, Director and Chief Endoscopic Surgeon of Altius Hospital, have 21 years of excellent medical experience in India. He is well-known amongst the leading in Gynaec, and Laparoscopic Surgeons in India with a significant presence in clinical and academic circles; being regularly invited as chairperson, speaker, and faculty for major conferences relating to gynecological laparoscopy and infertility. Also, he has completed various degrees in MBBS, MD – Obstetrics & Gynaecology, DGO, FCPS, Diploma in Gynecological Endoscopic Surgery, FICOG, and Ph.D. in Urogynecology, etc.
Dr. B. Ramesh also conducts live surgical workshops and possesses expertise in the treatment of severe endometriosis, laparoscopic vesico vaginal fistula repair, laparoscopic tubal recanalization, and removal of a sub-mucous fibroid, septum resection, TCRE, and hysteroscopic adhesiolysis. His presentations are frequent, occurring 2-3 times per month across major academic centers all over India.
Dr. Ramesh is the first gynecologist to perform 3D laparoscopic surgeries in India. He has specialized in various laparoscopic sling procedures for nulliparous prolapse, Hysteroscopic surgeries for the uterine septum, Tubal Annulations, Adhesiolysis and all methods of endometrial ablation including TCRE and LASER ablation, as an alternative to hysterectomy. Dr. B. Ramesh also deals with cases of urinary stress incontinence, and laparoscopic pelvic floor repair referred by Gynecologists and other colleagues.
Dr. B. Ramesh has performed over 50000 major Gynaec Laparoscopic Surgeries, a major feat in India and more than 5000 Laparoscopic Hysterectomies. His special interest is in Infertility treatment and IVF and has been successfully running two IVF centers in India.
Altius Hospital: ‘The Complete Suite for Women’s Healthcare Platform’
Altius Hospital is providing the complete suite of Women’s Healthcare platform in the form of Laparoscopy, Hysteroscopy, Colposcopy, Ultrasound, Colour Doppler, Laparoscopy Advanced Cancer Surgeries, 3D surgeries, Infertility Treatment including IVF & ICSI Blastocyst and Laser Assisting and Pre Genetic screening before the Embryo Transfer, Pregnancy care, and Urogynaecology section. Regularly they perform more than 150 major Laparoscopic Surgeries per month. In addition to this, they have carried Infertility & IVF treatment of large no’s of patients successfully. The hospital treats a large number of Urogynaecology patients with pelvic floor repair and TOT Tape for stress urinary incontinence.
Altius Hospital is the first Hospital in South India with a Sophisticated Operation Theatre called OR1. The hospital has Urodynamics, Pelvic floor surgeries, TOT Tape for Urinary Incontinence, which  are all the advanced technologies needing lots of investments, but they are providing  services at an affordable prices to all the sections of the society with good results at par with the International Standards.
A Complete Healer for Patients – ‘Keeping Pace with the World’s Best’
For Altius Hospital, their patients’ are the priority. The patients’ who come to Altius Hospital, they come anytime, without an appointment and consult with the doctor as early as possible. The patient can get the ultra-modern sophisticated surgeries with 3D Laparoscopy in short span of time at an affordable cost, and they can go back home within 2-3 days of their arrival to the Hospital.
We have excellent paramedical staff and HR system that take cares of the patient needs like accommodation and look after their relatives, food & communication with their families. All these things are done in an uncomplicated way. We have all the time 8-10 Gynecologists, 2 Physicians, 2 Surgeons, 5 Anesthetists, 2 Pediatricians, 1 Cardiologists working round the clock with us to give good care to the patients,” assures Dr. B. Ramesh.
Altius Hospital has postoperative surgical ICU where in the patients are cared for after the surgery and monitored until they are shifted to the ward. Their infertility treatment is provided with the use of latest technologies like Blastocyst Culture, Laser Assisted Hatching & Pre Genetic Screening tests to get the pregnancy rate with International Standards. The cost of the whole treatment is only 15% to that of the foreign countries. Also, they offer huge concession to poor patients and conduct free camps once a year and perform almost 50 major surgeries free of cost. Altius Hospital runs charitable clinic in the villages which is totally free for the poor patients.
We receive patients from all the societies, but we give uniform service to all of them without differentiating. Also, we have multi linguistic doctors with us who can communicate with the patients in their native language. The treatment here is very transparent. We give recorded CD of the surgery and complete documents to the patients so that when they go to other doctors, the whole data is available for further treatment,” asserted Dr. B. Ramesh.
Setting new benchmark in Medical Expertise
For doctors, Altius Hospital train Gynecologists for Advanced Laparoscopic surgeries from all around the world. So far they have trained and mentored more than 5,000/- Gynaecologist for last 20 years. The hospital proctored in opening many Hitech Laparoscopy Center all over India.
Encouraging and constantly updating the Gynaecologists to become Laparoscopic surgeons and excel in this field. Ours is the first University Recognized 18 months Laparoscopy course in India. In addition to that, we have six months Fellowship and one-month Hands-on Training Programme. We have various courses for these, already doing surgeries to advance further,” says Dr. B. Ramesh.
Every alternate year, Altius Hospital conducts International Workshop & Conference exclusively on Laparoscopy & Gynaecology. This is called RAGE, and is one of the most popular conferences in India among Gynaecologists. It’s every event attended by 600 – 700 Delegates from all over India, where live surgeries are performed, at least 30-40 surgeries are performed during a two day workshop which is transmitted to the Auditorium. They were the first to conduct 3D live transmission of 3D Laparoscopy Surgeries to 800 delegates in the Auditorium in the year 2012.
Turning Hurdles into Opportunities
Initially, they found that doing surgeries all over South India with a mobile Laparoscopy unit was a high challenge. They used to travel long distance with their team and did Marathon surgeries and travelled back. They continued like this for almost 10-15 years.  And that was stressful and challenging but, it gave them an opportunity to work with so many doctors and Hospital set-ups. This gave tremendous experience because the patients and the diseases and surgeries vary from region to region and performing these kinds of High tech surgeries with limited resources with affordable cost was a big challenge to them, and that gave them a lot of confidence and trust in patients and doctors. The lessons that they learned from that experience was that the patients not only need good surgery they need good counseling preoperative and postoperative care and good communication  for the treatment to be effective, and also it gave a chance to work with different specialists in different areas.
Forthcoming Endeavors
“In our present set up we are facing certain limitations like multispecialty approach and the lack of cardiac ICU and certain investigative tools like MRI, in the next project which is going to be 100 -bedded hospital. We are going to incorporate all these facilities so that the patients get complete care under one roof. Also, we need little more space and Lab for training purpose which will be done in the new facility. Moreover, the new project is going to be useful for us in conducting mega conference and seminars,” affirms Dr. B. Ramesh.
Dr. B. Ramesh’s Advice to new Entrants in this Field
He says, “In the medical field, nobody teaches Hospital Administration, Finance & Planning which are very necessary in running the Hospital that’s why doctors do not have this knowledge. In MBBS and MD a separate subject on Hospital Administration, Finance and HR should be introduced and medical students side by side should learn these essential aspects so that when they become consultants, they know how their entire system works and contribute to the success of the Hospital. Then we can do wonders and give an excellent Healthcare at an affordable cost.”

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