Amazech: Seasoned Software Solutions and Sagacious Consulting Services

Today, global markets and increasing service complexity put higher pressure on IT industry in terms of efficiency, cost reduction, and productivity. Competent and seasoned consulting has become crucial to achieve this.
Founded in 2007, Amazech Solutions strives to deliver results that leverage the latest technologies. This IT consulting and services company develops specialized products, offers comprehensive solutions for web and mobile space and provides functional consultants to their clients on a turnkey basis. Additionally, Amazech also delivers “Cloud”-based and “Software as a Service”-based services to clients on a subscription model.
Headquartered in Frisco, Texas, Amazech provides offshore services through their Bangalore office – Amazech Systems Pvt. Ltd.
The Leadership that Believes in Giving
Shanthi Rajaram, President & CEO, with around 25 years under her belt, Shanthi comes with extensive experience in product development and has played a variety of roles including Subject Matter Expert (SME), Project Management Specialist, Release Management Professional, Tech Lead, and Programmer Analyst. She is also a part of Women President’s Organization, National Association of Women Business Owners, DFW – Alliance of Technology and Women, Enterprise Working Professional Women Organization, Tech Titan’s Innovation Tri-Chair, and National Association of Professional Women.
Shanthi has been awarded Dallas Business Journal in 2015 as Women in Technology honorees, she was also featured in WCEO Magazine in their 2015 Annual edition. Furthermore, she is featured in Enterprising Women – Class of 2016.
Shanthi was humbly raised in a middle class family in India. After graduating from the University of Kerala, Shanthi worked as a civil engineer in the construction field for a few years. She later moved on to computer science in 1996. After graduation, she post graduated in Marketing Management, which was followed by Executive MBA, from Cox School of business, Southern Methodist University, Dallas, TX. After being hands on technology person, she decided to start her own company 2007. As a result, Amazech Solutions was founded in Frisco, TX in 2007.
Shanthi is happily married to Prasad Thottekatil and is appreciative of the partnership they share. While the duo is both from a technology background, their professional areas are vastly different. Despite the dissimilarity, however, they are well matched because the couple acts as the ideal foil to one another. When discussing the dynamics in their marriage Shanthi said, “I enjoy an equal partnership with Prasad in every way – be it discussing business or raising our family. He is unconditionally supportive and highly encouraging.”
The couple has two children. Maansi, daughter, who is 10 years old and Nikhil, son, who just turned 7 years old.
Solutions/Products from Amazech:
Onsked – An easy to use online scheduling tool that enables small to mid-sized businesses to function smoothly and efficiently with an organized schedule in place.
WebDiSC – Cloud or Software-as-a-Service based solution. WebDiSC, a distribution channel management software provides an online platform for the manufacturers to connect with their channel partners. The software allows paperless management of supply chain and securely shares sales, stock, and market intelligence information.
Rightraq – A cloud based software with web and mobile front (iOS and Android) built using Microsoft platform (.NET and SQL). The software is customizable depending on the client’s needs, regardless of the industry. It integrates with third party systems like Skype, Google maps, YouTube, drop box, and other third party systems to automatically create projects on need basis and recurring basis for verticals such as construction, health care, pharmaceutical, retail and others.
OptiHR – An integrated resource tracking solution to track and maintain all details of the requirements, candidates, vendors, clients, and payables. OptiHR integrates directly with various job boards and with Twitter, LinkedIn and other social media to promote and attract talent.
Solutions that are Efficient and Affordable
As a consulting company, Amazech develops specialized products, offers comprehensive solutions for web and mobile space and provides functional consultants to their clients on a turn-key basis. It also provides services to businesses of various sizes and industry verticals needing solutions that automate and optimize their operations while enabling them to shift to fast changing newer technology and paradigms.
For their relentless efforts, Amazech has been nominated as best in the Web and Mobile application development in North Texas region by Corporate America – Boardroom Elite, and is also named one of the top 20 Fastest growing firms in US by an Indian by Silicon India – 2016.
Trailblazing to a Radiant Future
At Amazech, they have established a strategy that addressed growth and innovation simultaneously while keeping the cash flow healthy. The company’s success can also be attributed to their approach and ability to quickly analyze the data and develop a solution that is efficient and affordable. As the velocity of change in business and technology continues to increase, Amazech will transition away from market pressures and focus on innovating efficient solutions and services that will open new frontiers in the advancement of business.

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