Atlanta: Proven Solutions for Business Efficiency

Improving business efficiency is a perennial concern for any company that hopes to achieve “Best-in-class” operations. Businesses that successfully improve efficiency stand to reduce operating costs while improving the effectiveness and profitability of their operations. They also gain time to devote to strategic planning. While many companies employ siloed applications and manual business processes, best-in-class companies are more likely to explore ERP technology fully.
Atlanta IT Solutions, with this competency, was founded in 2002, is one of the leading software companies in Kerala, situated at the hillside town Malappuram.
Mr. Abdul Rasheed, Managing Director of Atlanta IT solutions, is a man with an extensive business experience in different areas and who follow very ethical and transparent business policy.
Methodically Effective Services
The main service Atlanta is providing is the software, viz. atACC, released 10 years ago as a simple accounting and inventory software, which has now become a full-fledged ERP package, fit for a lot of business segments like traders from small pan shops to hyper-markets, restaurants, hospitals, manufacturing units, cargo companies, etc.
Apart from accounting and inventory management, the solution that Atlanta is providing is atACC as a software which can be used by more than ten different business domains as it is having these modules, Customer Relations Management, Healthcare Management, Restaurant Management, Service Management, Production, Pay Roll Management, Logistic Management, Warehouse Management, and Pharmacy Management.
Atlanta has always tried to cope up with the latest IT trends and tried to utilize the latest programming tools available which will make the coding easy and make the software with a compelling GUI that is designed keeping ease of accessibility of the end user.
The Approach of Atlanta
Atlanta’s main focus has always been on developing a channel network globally in which Atlanta has made great success in making strong channel network in around 25 countries in Africa, Middle East, and the Far East etc. As they are mainly promoting the software through these established channel network, they ensure that all the associates who promote atACC have thorough knowledge in all areas of the software so that they can take care of their customers from the installation onwards and provide to them needed support. Even though the software is sold through the Associates, Atlanta interacts directly with the customers outside India and ensures they are happily using the software without any complaints. In case, a customer is not happy with the support provided by the Associate, they provide online support and as a result, all the customers of atACC are using it satisfactorily for a long time.
If the direct customers whom Atlanta is selling in the nearby areas of their home town Malappuram, after communicating about the pricing, warranty and the details available in the software, etc. and ensuring that it will meet the customer’s requirement; then only Atlanta sells the product to any customer. Once the customer purchases atACC, Atlanta ensures that they are happily using the software for long. Accordingly, around 500 customers in Kerala and various parts of the country are using the software for many years- some of them for a period of 10 years.
Words of Wisdom
While sharing his insight for young entrepreneurs, Mr. Abdul says, “Even though IT is having its own opportunities and scope, proper vision and planning about the investment, the products, and services, proper operational budget for at least a couple of years, marketing plan, etc. are very essential for starting. Otherwise with the high expectation of IT opportunities, one makes big start, will suffer a lot in sustaining in the market as in IT the manpower will be much expensive. Moreover, a very transparent and ethical business policy in selling should be followed. Then only there will be the proper success from the initial few customers itself.”
Atlanta- The Days Ahead
The quality of the software, proper communication, and prompt support are some of the main reasons which made them to sustain. Their future plan includes the release of the world-class, cost-effective ERP package targeting major companies and release of the world’s best accounting software.
In future, Atlanta will go for expanding their channel network internationally as it is risk-free and they will try to locate at least 50 channel partners and keep on making the product up to date with new features and adding new modules so that the package can be targeted to more business domains.

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