Evisipro: Vision that Fuels Innovation

Rapid changes in IT Service Management over the past decade have resulted from “globalization, digitalization, and automation of businesses.” To keep up with these changes, progressive organizations have realized the importance of two key factors – adaptability and agility. The solution, simply put, is to do more with less.
The Industry Veteran
Yogesh Arjun Ghorpade, Founder and Managing Director of Evisipro Solutions Pvt. Ltd., has vast experience of more than 21 years in the industry. He has experience in Software Architecture, Designing and in Enterprise Mobility as well. Along with this, notable domains include; ERP, CRM, PLM, CAD/CAE and Experimental Stress Analysis.
In his quiver, he has gathered the experience of many prestigious projects, including the Largest Missile Program in Defense industry. Also, he has contributed with Designing, Engineering and a huge data conversion from 2D to 3D for many projects in Defense.
Also, he has participated in some of notable engineering programs like Hydrogen Fuel Cell program, Geostationary Satellite program and stairs climbing robot. He has worked with corporate giants like Siemens, Bharat Forge and Virgo (Emerson), etc. Furthermore, during Siemen’s tenure, he worked in the core product development team of world’s leading PLM software – Teamcenter for 9.5 years. He was part of varied projects from Aerospace, Automotive and Space Research Industries.
Mr. Ghorpade has contributed with Finite element analysis and motion analysis in Nuclear Energy program. And with Mobile First Enterprise Solutions (with ESPL) where he was an architect and designer of wide range of W/M Solutions solving complex business problems evolving marketplaces in healthcare, hospitality, malls, groceries, spas & salon, nails, construction, education.
Mr. Ghorpade has been invited to guide and share his insights on numerous places, notably; as a Chief Guest in Divisional Science Congress. He is also well-known for his motivational speeches to the coming generations.
1. Application Services: Evisipro provides services in packaged and customized solutions in different domains viz. ERP, CRM, SCM, CEM, PLM, etc. in the form of SaaS based solutions, Web apps and W/M solutions.
2. Testing & Validation Services: Evisipro helps in testing at early phases by sharing their Test Lab which speeds up parallel project development & results in reducing overall cost.
3. Mobility: Evisipro develops Mobile first enterprise solutions, Phone apps to transform Enterprise into Smart Mobility Enterprise which can truly engage & convert the prospect customers- highly mobile, always connected to their customers as well as businesses.
4. Engineering Services: Engineering Services arm provides varied engineering services viz. 3D modeling, CAE, CAM, product designing, Experimental Stress Analysis (ESA), and design optimizations.
Current Industry Challenges
Today, the organizations are keen on evolving their current IT landscapes into efficient and robust than ever before. Industries are looking forward to enrich the IT solutions in terms of technology, performance, quality and ROI. Besides this, Industries are experiencing ‘ever changing business needs’ as one of the biggest challenges.
How Evisipro helps building business value?
Business applications are developed across the IT landscape of an enterprise to do its businesses more effectively and with high competitiveness than before. ‘Best in class and effective in cost’ is how Evisipro delivers the business value to their customers.
Transforming into Future Enterprises
Evisipro’s deep domain expertise in various kinds of industry verticals is always leveraged while dealing with complex business problems. They identify business complexities, analyze them and prepare clear ‘Problem Definition’ followed by preparing competitive solution strategies using cutting edge technologies.
Evisipro is coming from strong experience in engineering domains. Hundreds of people years’ domain experience forms a robust base which is fully applied in delivering Projects and Building Solutions. Evisipro has started contributing to the SMAC ride of IT since 2013. Since then, it has delivered many projects and End-to-end solutions in different industries. Continuing the same philosophy of working with latest technologies, Evisipro sees delivering quality projects in the areas like IoT, Enterprise Mobility and Big Data Analytics across the industries solving more and more complex business problems.
Envisioning the Time ahead
Future growth in IoT, Artificial Intelligence, Augmented Reality and their applications in real world, are helping tremendously in sophisticating the world around us. A lot of applications of these technologies in mainstream industries like Energy, Healthcare, Retail, Manufacturing, and Education excite them. Evisipro looks forward to do a huge technology contribution to the world.
Evisipro’s clients are happy to receive the best quality output in very low-price. Evisipro always adds value to the projects from their domain expertise. Crisp UI, fast development, and agile implementations make sure to deliver projects in time and with the best quality.
Evisipro’s wide experience of End-to-End projects, Turnkey projects, complex solutions and complex technology stacked projects always provide high customer satisfaction.

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