Tudip Technologies: Redefining Industry Standards by Providing High-Value Software Services

Tudip Technologies: Redefining Industry Standards by Providing High-Value Software Services
In today’s market scenario, service providers and product developers know the need of a frictionless, positive user experience, yet another thing to determine is precise time, place and way to reveal the experience for them to engage in real and lasting adoption, which will prove to be the game changer. Also, organizational culture is an effective and strategic tool in building a successful commercial enterprise nowadays. By understanding and accepting those cultures proactively, organizations can be the major differentiator by contributing to the industry consistently.
And indefatigably, Tudip Technologies, a value-driven software service company, is contributing  in Web Applications Development, Mobile Applications both native & cross platforms, Quality Assurance (Testing-manual & automated), Customized ERP & CRM Implementation and maintenance, Development Operations, Consulting across domains, Cloud Computing, and Big Data.
The company follows the agile methodology and has its own project management system named SteerSimple, that helps track task’s priority and real-time progress anytime. It also follows “Near Shore” methodology, where the team constantly interacts with a client. The team at Tudip works as an extension to the client’s crew. They are a client focused company, where “Client is the King.” Tudip has client base ranging from East to West Coast of US, Canada, and Europe.
The Prudent Leadership at Tudip
Dipti Agrawal, CEO and Co-Founder, Tudip Technologies, is a visionary entrepreneur with a belief that it’s all about providing value to its clients and money is just a derivative of that process. She has a remarkable domain expertise along with right kind of exposure to international markets. Dipti has worked with diverse multinational billion dollars + club companies.
Tushar Apshankar, CTO and Co-Founder, brings over 15 years of technical experience. He continues to be a kickass hands on coder. He holds an MS degree from the prestigious Louisiana State University, USA. Tushar Apshankar has been a part of quite few successful product startups in his career.
Under the tutelage of Dipti and Tushar, and with a mission to build a distinctive software services business enterprise, while focusing on high integrity and stringent quality implementation, Tudip took its first step.
Workplace as Comfortable as Home
According to a famous saying by Peter Drucker, “culture eats strategy for lunch”. Indeed, the awareness for the importance of company culture is augmented in recent years; still, it’s often taken for granted. But the wise ones predict that a company’s strategy may never actualize if the work culture that attracts motivated people who put everything into their work, is not there.
With No Door Policy, Tudip is demonstrating that more the work feels familiar and enjoyable; happier the employees are, and are able to perform optimally. Adaptability and flexibility are fundamental components of a successful and modern workspace. Sagaciously, Tudip has integrated the feeling of “home” and a comfortable environment in the workplace. The freedom to contribute regardless of location and timing offers them with the comfort so that they can be at their creative best and it works hugely to Tudip’s advantage as well.
Often, the people in the crew end up contributing significant innovations on their own initiative.  The Tudip crew can work at time and location comfortable for them. And the policy being followed, anyone who has a question or concern, or just wants to stop by and chat even with the ivory dome of the company, is welcome to do so at any time.
Redefining Organizational Culture
Sharing about the key values of Tudip, Dipti adds, “We believe in Integrity – Clients of Tudip freely share their ideas and business strategies. This commitment goes way beyond formal NDAs and paper work. Innovation – Clients vouch for our technological and process innovations. And Serenity – Our clients go to bed with a hassle and awake with a solution because we guarantee serenity.”
Tudip has some of the splendid insights to share about how they made the company stand out of the crowd. Dipti acknowledged, “Client is the king, this should be the foremost priority, indeed. Next comes innovation at Tudip – We keep on innovating and inventing ways to getting things done. One of our top priorities is constantly creating an inspiring workplace.”
Tudip keeps on promoting talent and growth. It has successfully conducted “TudipTechStar 2016”, which was a National Level Tech Hunt. They believe in transparent and accessible communications, as it plays a key role in the company’s development.
“At Tudip, people are respected and performance is nurtured. To encourage trade and effective growth, we maintain a tradition of openness, transparency, camaraderie and trust. And ultimately, rewards & recognitions, as it is something which usually brings us pleasure and strength to continue on the promising ways,” desists Dipti.
Future with Relentless Efficiency
Tudip is building Next Gen Technologies, covering Web & Mobile Applications. This includes, Machine Learning/Artificial Intelligence, Geo-location as context like GeoManage”, The On-Demand Economy like “MobileTec”, Social & Collaborative Apps like “Postmistr”, Information Intelligence Apps, Simulation Apps, and 3D Modeling/ Real Time Experience Apps, Game Development etc.
Tudip is also planning an expansion in Core Industries like Social, eCommerce, Financial, Manufacturing, Information Technology, Healthcare and so on. Diversification in New Industries, as well as High Growth Countries is also on the watch. They have adopted cutting edge technologies, like Meteor JS, Angular JS, React JS, etc.
They believe strong fundamentals and focusing on the core competencies are the keys to success. Habitually delivering the high-value to the industry, they are ready to be relentlessly efficient for the day coming ahead.

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