Amazon is charging into Healthcare and Transportation: Expecting around 25% Gain.


Amazon shares are increased by 50% this year. The company is willing to expand in healthcare sector by growing the pharmaceuticals at famous food places. Amazon Prime can get huge memberships through this business idea. Those who are over 55 years of age and who are always in search of discount coupons are the target customers of Amazon. The customers with Amazon Prime membership will be offered a significant discount on their medicinal bill. However, with the techno savvy generation already having started to apply for memberships could generate company sales to 2.3 billion. Giving a prime membership is considered as a clever step as it is very helpful in competing with traditional retailers. The entire medical industry involves many individuals, from the drug makers, insurers to the pharmaceuticals. Amazon’s involvement is suggesting a major effect on sector, economically.
Amazon’s interest in higher margin products is challenging almost every settled economic sector. Many of the retailers are eyeing towards expansion in pharmaceuticals in such situation Amazon’s e-commerce approach is a big thing for a market. However shares of Amazon are increasing rapidly and implementation of new idea can boost it up to 20%.
Amazon also invested over 130 crore in its core market, India. India has huge demands and hence, company decided to improve its logistic department particularly in the transportation system. This is the second investment for transportation in the same year after the 207 crore infusion in March. Amazon established its very own Amazon Transport System for India. Over 60% of county’s population lives in rural areas, and logistical woes of the company are in search better and efficient transport system in terms of targeting potential customers among rural areas as it can provide a major boost for the shares. The most effective way to achieve it is to find a comprehensive technology support. Drone is convincing option in such situation as it has its own salient features which can be utilized. E-commerce websites like Flipkart, Amazon are looking forward for e-commerce drone deliveries in India. According to the market studies Amazon is better equipped as compare to other conventional retailers to launch drone aviation ecosystem. Amazon’s evolving approach towards better delivery options can lead to drone deliveries. India will witness the e-commerce product deliveries by drones soon.

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