Analysing an extraordinary leader

Rajkumar S T

Everyone around us is a leader. We assume everyone to be a leader, if he performs better than others, if he visualises better than others and if he achieves better than others. However some of these leaders are analysed and credited to be an extraordinary leaders (ED). How do such leaders become extraordinary in comparison to others? What extra qualities do they possess? What motivates them to be that extra? How do they function? How do the work? How they perform? What energy in them makes them standout? Let’s analyse.
An extraordinary leader among many leaders is categorised based on the observations over a long period of his progress and achievements. A leader is called as extraordinary for all the stretched goals that he has achieved and for the high standards that he has set. These goals and high standards are such, that for many leaders they are not achievable, for all others they are only imaginable and for the critics these achieved goals and high standards are beyond their books or don’t exist in their literature.
A leader will be known as extra ordinary if he has collaborative understanding and if he poses collaborative solutions. He will encourage everyone around him to speak their mind out. He will analyse and listen to everyone’s suggestions, considering them as his close friend and family member. He will shower respect to all your thoughts and politely correct ones mistakes by convincing him for the right solutions. And when awarded for his achievements, this extraordinary leader will credit his achievements to and for the group.
Under normal circumstances many leaders like to lead a group and take its credit. However only an extraordinary leader volunteer’s in a group or leads a group under adverse circumstances to achieve something which could be risky for self but beneficial for the group. Believe me, potential in such leader is so high that all these achievement to him appear normal and props other to feel such achievements. He calls the achievement as easily achievable by everyone and with great motivation.
Pessimism and optimism thoughts are qualities of every leader and individual. However, most leaders become apprehensive and they back out to new changes. They feel constrained and let go small opportunities, which could have become path breakers. They in a way limit themselves and their goals. However, an extraordinary leader in such scenarios finds opportunities in these changes or difficulties. He not only takes them as opportunities but embraces the changes with fullest of responsibility. He makes everyone feel such changes as normal and natural. He encourages everyone to embrace the change for better benefits and gains.
As we all know, one needs to take initiative to achieve goals. however, with initiative towards a goal the path becomes unsighted and/or  a non-starter. Most leaders, among us walk the path which they know or which is guided. But, an extraordinary leader takes the initiative toward a path which till such time has never be imagined, or has never been explored and was never thought to be discovered. Moreover, during these initiatives, the extraordinary leader is never afraid to seek help and advice from everyone around. Thereby, constantly pushing himself to learn new ways and undergoes extreme tests. He ensures that he walks the initiative, feels the initiative and fulfils the initiative to its optimum level. That is “The commitment promised is fulfilled to everyone’s satisfaction”
The leaders among us have many followers. These followers may be due to many factors that the leader possesses. But, how many of these followers trust their leaders for good judgement or justice. Thus, in an organisation or in a political field a leader becomes extraordinary only if everyone trust their leader for good judgement, great attitude and positive approach. This good, great and positive factor in a leader’s judgement, attitude and approach makes him that extraordinary.
There is a saying, “when the going gets tough, the tough gets going”. What does this mean? Whom does this apply? And whom does it highlight? This means that when an initiative taken by a leader becomes difficult and the path taken seems difficult, only then that the extraordinary leader shows will, wish and courage to accomplish and achieve. This extraordinary leader shows the resilience or capacity to recover quickly from every difficulty, shows mental toughness to overcome mistakes and has abilities to make personal changes towards achievements.
For all of the above. A leader will always be known as a great and extraordinary leader, provided he is honest towards everyone, provides honest feedback towards every help that receives, provides honest motivation to others upliftment, provides constructive feedback for organisational growth and showers honest appreciation towards everyone’s achievements.
Finally, a leader is always under pressure to perform better and better, achievements after achievements scaling many hurdles. Many leaders back out in the beginning, many fall out midway but only the extraordinary leader lasts the achievements. This extra ordinary leader raises the “achievement Bar”, lifts the standards to generate heights and always sets newer goals. He is always a competitor to himself. To be of a great admiration all this happens with a SMILE.

About the Author
Rajkumar S T is the CEO and Managing Director of S.P Enterprises & Smart Card Solutions. With his business acumen and expertize in this domain, Rajkumar has successfully managed to execute the business policies in the best possible manner and attain new business heights. Catering to Government and Private organizations, educational institutes, business establishments, the company is a leader in manufacturing smart card printers, RFID with Access and physical control to name a few.

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