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With the rise in revenue and employment, healthcare has become one of India’s largest sectors comprising hospitals, medical devices, clinical trials, outsourcing, telemedicine, medical tourism, health insurance and medical equipment. The beginning of the year 2018 has witnessed a lot of trends emerging in the healthcare industry. Technology has been a major player in contributing to the upliftment of this industry.
Many corporates as well as the startups are being at the forefront of innovation by combining technologies like AI and machine learning with traditional practices in the healthcare. Acknowledging the current market position, they are climbing the stairways of digitization and transparency, thereby providing innovative solutions in order to revolutionize the healthcare ecosystem. It is witnessing rapid changes with the strengthening coverage, services and increasing expenditure by public as well as the private players.
Accuracy, Precision and Perfection are the words which make the foundation of the healthcare industry. These are the words on which our lives depend on. It is one such sector where only a minute mistake can cost hundreds of human lives. Whether doing the diagnosis of a disease, a critical surgery, prescription of medicines, usage of pharmaceutical devices, medical tools or operating other complex systems, there has to be accuracy, a conscious, careful and responsible mind which cannot afford to make any mistake. One such company which is transforming the lives of human beings every day with its innovative, yet accurate, precise and perfect healthcare solutions to alleviate pain among the patients globally is GESCO Healthcare, a trailblazer of quality surgical instruments and implants.
With a mission to become one of the Top Healthcare Brands globally, GESCO Healthcare, more than half a decade old company, is making enormous efforts to alleviate pain for patients across the globe. The company primarily focuses on the Manufacturing of high-quality Neuro, Orthopedic and Spinal implants along with a wide array of high standard surgical instruments. For its extraordinary services the company has won numerous accreditations including the ones from Indian FDA, ISO 13485, 9001, CE marketing, US FDA, and WHO-GMP among many others.
Currently, the company has over 350 employees and its marketing offices in 15 cities all over India and an exhaustive dealer network in the country. It also has a global presence in over 30 countries.
Instilling Core Values for Improved Efficiency
To enhance the performance of the company and increase the efficiency of its services, GESCO Healthcare fosters certain core values among its specialists in the entire team and they are:

  • Innovation through Collaboration

The company constantly tries to outdo itself in creating healthcare products that help people live active lives. It leverages the collective genius minds of the medical community to develop innovative solutions for quality healthcare possible every day.

  • Delivering Quality

The company claims to have an obsession with quality and that is what makes the GESCO Healthcare stand tall and win countless international accreditations. This dedication towards quality does not get restricted to its products, but goes beyond that – ingrained in all their ethos, infrastructure and teams.

  • Nurturing Relationships

“We believe we are better together,” claims GESCO Healthcare and that is why the company deeply invests in its relationships with the medical community, its employees and partners, so as to proper their journey towards re-imagining and re-defining healthcare.

  • Implanting Trust

Trust being the foundation of any relationship, the company dedicatedly instills that among each of its employees and every relationship that is anchored with honesty and integrity for delivering effective medical solutions that persistently raise the bar of ethical healthcare.
About the Extraordinary Solutions Offered by the Company
With its vision, enormous effort, and extraordinary offerings in an unbelievable price, GESCO Healthcare has become one of the most advanced medical device manufacturing facility in the country. Even after manufacturing the products, the company ensures rigorous quality checks at several stages and sterilizes with the help of an exhaustive microbiology laboratory. The company has several patented products and collaborates with numerous major companies of the world in the sector of Neurosurgical and Orthopedic specialties. Some of its products like GAAS and Halifax Nail are highly acclaimed and used all over the world.
The company makes every effort to deliver the best quality products and to achieve that the company compromises nothing. To produce the highest standard of medical equipment in the world, the company invests huge amount resources in highly advanced capital machineries from Switzerland, Germany, Japan and the USA.
About the Inception of this Spectacular Company
Like all other industry, even healthcare sector suffered a lot after the Indian independence. It was then when the Indian industry of surgical instruments was in its primitive stage, hence, most of the instruments used then were imported, making it was unaffordable. Seeing the potential of the market and demand of the surgical instruments at a reasonable price, Mr Theodore George entered into the scenario and founded GESCO Healthcare in the year 1962.
Later in the year 1985, the eldest son of Mr Theodore George, Mr Samuel Williams George, the current CEO at GESCO Healthcare, joined hands with his father as a young engineer to take the company to the level-next. Observing the gap in the market and demand for standard quality Spinal Implants at affordable prices in the early ‘90s, Samuel used the company’s rich experience in Research and Development, cutting-edge machinery, inherent focus on quality and innovation to enter the industry in a new form and create a mark within the minds of medical practitioners.
A Strong Team makes a Strong Company and Eventually the Success Point
In whichever field it is, a growing team with the continuous hunger for learning and understanding the market trends and the ability to contribute to a team is the most crucial thing for a company’s success. This is what defines GESCO Healthcare and helps them to deliver the highest value to its customers. It has a strong involvement in the field of research in medical science to develop new techniques in diagnosis, treatment and surgical procedures. Innovation being one of the major objectives, the research and development team works constantly on designing new products. With a vision towards diversifying sections, adding more value to its stakeholders, the company has added new divisions in the niche market including Natural Remedies and Biologics. GESCO also takes initiatives to provide workshops and training programs to surgeons and paramedical teams.
Fast-tracking with Time
Healthcare sector will always have opportunities coming by and GESCO Healthcare is planning to hold its ethics and deliver the same quality in the near future. The organization aims to reach newer heights of success and establish itself as a one-of-its-kind brand. It is embracing the cutting-edge technology and focusing to quench every single healthcare need with its motto never follow always lead pushing the boundaries to challenge the limits.
Footsteps towards Future
The company is striving to emerge as a leader in the medical world by innovative enhancement of products, constant evolution of processes and providing value added services. Like any other successful company, GESCO Healthcare too constantly updates itself about the latest happenings in the industry. To take this process a step further, the company provides Continuous Medical Education (CME) about its existing and new products in a regular frequency enabling them to update their existing customer base and build new clientele. To conclude with the USP of the company, Mr Samuel says, “We always keep the value of our customers. Each customer is unique to us and we make strong bonds with each of them. Hence we manufacture unique products for specific customers.

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