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Great employees make for a great organization. Employees are an integral part of an organization and taking care of their happiness – at work level and otherwise, are of prime importance. Happy employees are more productive and loyal towards their organization. This puts a great onus on the Companies and specially start-ups in getting the best people and making them stay and calls for technologies that assist HR Management and Operations. 
Streamlining HR Solutions  
To assist the industry with its Human Resource and Workforce Analytics Solutions, Anlight Consulting Services started its operations in January 2014. The key objective of the company is to share its vast expertise and to partner with its customers to create immense business value by leveraging Technology and Human Capital resources. The company enriches its customers with strategic IT consulting / vCIO (pay per use virtual CIO model), HR Technology Implementation Services, mid-senior level Talent Acquisition Services and HR Analytics services. 
Anoop Handa, Founder / Managing Director, Anlight Consulting, is an industry stalwart with over 25 years of extensive, multi-disciplinary global experience in Technology Leadership, coupled with deep domain knowledge of the Financial Services industry. A DCE alumnus, he has worked internationally and has delivered immense business value through strategic and effective use of technology and outsourcing/off-shoring.  
He emphasizes on “core values” and strongly believes that Values build up the character and the culture of an organization. Positive Attitude, Passion and Drive are key characteristics that are key focus for him to identify the right talent for the company.  
The Growth Chart 
Initially, Anlight focused on putting the right team in place that had a positive attitude, keen passion, drive and high energy to come together & work towards the realization of the vision of the company. With time, the move to providing better services with the latest technology was obvious.  
On the services front, The Virtual CIO(vCIO) engagement by Anlight delivers the required Technology leadership to its customers against the service fees in ‘pay as you use’ service delivery model making it a cost-effective way of achieving CIO competencies to meet business goals. vCIO Services deliver the benefits of top-tier professional expertise with genuine commercial experience, time-tested best practices, domain knowledge and access to the best IT vendors without having the need to have a full-time CIO.  
Anlight’s CloudHub, through its multiple strategic alliances, delivers a portfolio of Cloud-based business solutions and applications to help businesses overcome complex challenges. The company has a strategic partnership with Ramco Systems since 2014, to provide marketing & sales support, enablement, configuration and implementation and support services of award-winning innovative Ramco HCM (Human Capital Management Solution) – a hire to retire HR Automation solution.  
Another strategic partnership with US-based ThoughtAnalytik LLC, helps it to provide services to data-driven enterprises, to take cost, time, coding, and demand for technical skills out of their data initiatives and offer Workforce Analytics solutions.  
The Industry Standards Today 
Use of HR Technologies and Analytics is shaping the future of organizations. Talent Acquisition & Management has acquired a whole new meaning with focus on the future-ready workforce to create an employee experience that brings a delightful customer experience to the millennial workforce. Newer technological concepts like AI, Machine Learning, Chatbots, and much more are indispensable in creating Next-Gen HR Systems for the Next-Gen workforce. India and Asian countries are and will continue to contribute significantly towards an ever-growing HCM market. 
With development, the market is open for budding entrepreneurs those who have the  drive, passion and conviction to realize their dreams.  
Anoop suggests “Never Give Up” as the key motto for young entrants as entrepreneurship is not for the faint-hearted! “They have to enjoy the journey, face hardships, celebrate the wins on the way towards their vision”, he adds. It requires playing the multiple roles of a visionary, innovator, mentor, marketer, team builder, motivator, taskmaster and a performer and asks for the great ability to recognize, acquire, develop and retain the right team/partnerships. 
Life @Anlight 
Life@Anlight is defined by its core values of customer delight, passion to excel, integrity, transparency, mutual respect and fun. These values are the guidelines and the basis for all actions of each employee. Anlight’s employees are its key assets. Anoop states, “Our employees are our brand ambassadors. We call each of our employees an ACE (Anlight Consulting Employee). And strongly believe that each one of our staff is an ACE and brings immense value to the organization”.  
Empowerment, Appreciation and Continuous Learning encourages its staff to innovate, share, exchange ideas and helps the company to continuously enhance delivery capabilities and make steady growth. The company celebrates its success and all festivals as a close-knit family. 
Greeting the Future 
Anlight is focused to expand its global footprint and add more cloud solutions to its portfolio. It aims to create partnerships with proven, global product companies in order to offer more solutions to its esteemed customers. The hybrid expertise in ‘strategy’ as well as ‘hands-on execution’ and a ‘customer-centric’ approach provides an edge to Anlight’s clientele and helps them generate immense business value through company’s rich experience, unmatchable industry expertise, knowledge and consulting services.  
Anoop sums up the future goal, “We aim to be the preferred choice of our customers and partners globally and be valued for driving excellence & high performance through most optimal Technology and Human Capital resources.” 
Source :-The 10 Most Admired Companies To Watch in 2019

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