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Digital transformation is taking over the world like a storm. It is aimed at connecting the world digitally and will be incomplete if it can’t reach the remotest person possible. Novel apps, wearable tech, AI/Machine Learning, AR/VR, cloud computing and Blockchain are helping people embrace and benefit from the digital revolution at a much deeper level.
Assisting Companies in Going Digital
Bridging the gap between the digital technologies and its end-users is Mobisoft Infotech Pvt Ltd, a global digital product development company. It partners with businesses of all sizes to build, improve and scale digital products across platforms leveraging disruptive technologies and combining design, engineering and innovation to make its clients successful.
Co-founded by current COO Ravindra Waghmare, Mobisoft Infotech started as a completely bootstrapped company in 2010 with a mobile-first development approach and emerged as an end-to-end digital product engineering company. Ravindra currently leads the talent recruitment team to ensure that Mobisoft always has a pool of skilled and motivated personnel, from design to development to marketing and management, who can align with the company’s mission and efficiently contribute to meeting its client goals. Keeping the work environment healthy and fostering open collaboration across teams is a top priority for him.
Delivering Robust Solutions
With time, Mobisoft has built a robust set of services and solutions portfolio to cater to a diversified client base and maintains flexibility as it adds services according to the rapidly changing technological landscape. The company lays a major focus on three industry domains – Transporation & Logistics, Digital Healthcare, and On-demand, at the same time catering to cross-industry services as well.
Transportation & Logistics being its forte, its Taxi Pulse product alone, has successfully shipped 20+ white-label taxi app booking solutions for taxi companies and startups globally. For the logistics industry, it offers custom mobility solutions for businesses to reap the many benefits that mobile technology can offer.
It is a leading digital health technology partner with hands-on experience in building mobility solutions for the healthcare industry. These include HIPAA compliant app development, patient engagement solutions, mobile-based EHR systems, health and fitness app development powered by Apple’s HealthKit, ResearchKit, CareKit and much more.
In the on-demand segment, it has deep domain expertise in custom app development (food delivery apps, grocery delivery apps, home services apps and likewise) for the rapidly growing on-demand economy, making use of its in-house on-demand technology development platform called “Demand Pulse”.
Its cross-industry services portfolio includes, but is not limited to Product Discovery/Blueprint, Prototyping, Solution and Architecture Advisory, UX/UI Design, Automated Testing and more.
Winning Esteemed Clients
It has been over nine years since Mobisoft started serving unique and challenging mobility needs of both enterprises and startups. It is now a 200+ strong in-house team and has delivered over 350 custom mobility solutions. Its USP has been its diversified client base of over 150 clients comprising of startups and enterprises that have helped it gain competency across domains and its end-to-end product development process – from product ideation to lifecycle management. Its enterprise clientele includes names like TATA, NTTData, Samsung, Deloitte, QNAP, Kohler, Volkswagen. It has also assisted startups like KhushiBaby, PhotoGurus, Digipare, Canvera in bringing their novel ideas to the market.
More Than a Workplace
Mobisoft believes in developing a work culture that is coherent for its employees so that they can give their best. A healthy work environment is one of the most important elements in motivating and engaging employees and the company organizes various activities to keep its employees in top mental and physical health. It maintains an effective communication with the team using chat groups and monthly newsletters. It promotes task ownership, offers flexible working hours, rewards good work, conducts quizzes and organizes periodic health checkups.
The company’s policies echo its values and zeal to stay at the top. It practices a “non-discrimination policy” by giving an opportunity to all and “workplace safety policy” by carrying out regular drills and sessions. Its “cybersecurity policies” call for use of proper tools to keep a balance between remote productivity and security. It maintains transparency while practicing client confidentiality.
Digital Future
Digitization is creating opportunities for entrepreneurs across industries. As an industry insider, Ravindra advises the young to understand the behavior of the focus customer segment when developing a product/service. “It’s easy to assume wrong and just as easy to fail. “, he says. He counsels them to build a team of people who understand and share the company’s vision, see the wider global market opportunity, and take feedback from customers, mentors, advisors, and VCs.
As for Mobisoft’s future, it is focusing on SaaS products for transportation & logistics industry, on-demand, office automation tools like visitor management software and to be the ideal technology partner for digital health startups. It also aims at bringing benefits of emerging technologies and solutions like – Applied AI, IoT, conversational bots and digital assistants, connected devices, Blockchain, AR & VR to its clients and partners.
Mobisoft for sure is leaving no stone unturned as it works towards enabling digital transformation across horizontals and verticals as part of its core mission to “Drive Digital Transformation Globally.”
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