KVP Business Solution Pvt Ltd: A Salesforce Platinum Partner for Business Solutions

Today technology drives business growth. Technology is helping business to be Customer centric and ensure strategies are executed as planned. But the way companies use a technology differs on various parameters. Many technologies are implemented with an objective of tracking day to day activities, reporting etc. Filling the gap between what the business needs and what technology has to offer is KVP Business Solutions Pvt Ltd., Bangalore, and a Salesforce Platinum Partner. With cloud and mobile solutions today, KVP has defined an approach to use technology to get closer to the customer and empower employees to do more and get recognised. Today, the company is into Salesforce implementation supporting its clients in enhancing customer engagement through sales, service, marketing automation for manufacturing, technology services and financial services industry.
Making it Big with Humble Roots
Dreams and hard work has no boundaries. It doesn’t matter where one comes from, whether a big city or small town, all that matters is one’s grit and determination to make it big. So when Ajay Prabhu, coming from a small town called Karkala, near Mangalore, with his degree in  BE from Manipal Institute of Technology and an MBA from T.A Pai Management Institute (TAPMI), Manipal found himself in the corporate world, he felt out of place and difficult to mingle with the crowd. But not one to be bothered by the norms of fitting in, he let his work do the talking for him. His initial days at Pentaforce and IBM saw him working on IT hardware, Marketing and Branding etc. His first big break came with his leadership role in QuEST where he led the US Sales. He gained new insights into process and coordinating and getting things done which built confidence in him to start and do things on his own. While driving processes and handling change management, he felt the gap between business needs and technological offering. This realization of the absence of Work Management Application laid the foundation of his own company KVP Business Solutions Pvt. Ltd.
The company initially started with only consulting and Ajay found a missing piece in the puzzle which was hindering him in his quest to achieve the bigger picture. Partnering with Salesforce helped fill this gap. The partnership advised, consulted and streamlined processes at the company. Focusing on a single technology and this partnership helped KVP to establish itself as a one-of-its kind brand.
Strategies that Create a Difference
KVP Business Solutions strategy is its key differentiator from its competitors. It is driven around three pillars as follows:
Consultative – The Company believes in listening to the customers in order to create solutions. It interviews the clients to know their business problems and offers customized solutions instead of just implementing technology and product.
Transparency –Being transparent and responsible creates better solutions. Customer portals are maintained wherein the customer has real-time access and visibility to the status of the project. They can also provide real-time feedback to keep things streamlined.
Agile – The company follows a solution-approach to deliver them within agreed timelines following Agile project management principles. They also implement development automation, creating accelerators which are reusable and agile. These help new customers to choose a ready-base for their custom solution.
KVP Business Solutions has served over a hundred customers across twenty countries and is now a Salesforce Platinum Consulting Partner.
It Takes a ‘Team’ to Achieve Success
Ajay believes that a happy customer is the outcome of a happy team member, as he prefers to call the employees. Being a growing company especially as a services company, its team members are its biggest asset. KVP Corp’s team engagement involves around three key factors.
By Clarity, team members need to understand that they are here for building their career. And that the company is a platform for them to experiment and understand what they want to do. There are clear indications and instruction regarding what is expected of a team member and that they must be aligned to it.
By Aspiration, team members are mapped to their exact aspirations. The company has an internal system where they can set their aspirations and competencies on both professional and personal front. Questions like what type of projects you want and where you see yourself help curate exclusive training plans to map the expectation of the company and the team member.
By Training, it ensures that expectations and aspiration are fulfilled. The uniqueness of the training plan lies in the fact that it is not just HR driven. An internal app assists Peer Training where a team member can post a competency on which they want to train. The other team members can nominate themselves to it and the training then takes place.
Innovation &Learning from the project is a special program wherein learning sessions are conducted every fortnight as a part of internal projects. The team members share the take away from a particular project they have worked on as learning for them and others. This form of training, as an individual, is more self-sustaining and self-rewarding. Freedom is another aspect which is taken care of through an internal system where Work from Home can be availed. The system streamlines the work aligned to team members to make sure both the work and the resource doesn’t suffer.
To Succeed, just Focus!
Being in a growing industry makes Ajay witness a lot of newbies who try to don many hats when launching their startups. The most important point to ponder as Ajay says is “The way of execution than the idea itself. And that an entrepreneur shouldn’t drop an idea just because it is already available in the market.” Strategy too is critical and so is the way of implementation. There must be clarity on what one wants to do and focus on it instead of trying too many things at once. And lastly, it is “All about people whether employee or customer and that having mutual respect is essential. “
With a futuristic vision, KVP Business Solutions will continue to focus on its key verticals namely Technology, Manufacturing and BFSI. It aims at expanding into new countries and going deeper in its existing verticals. It will also stay focused on creating accelerators that are agile and promise quick adaption to new methodologies. As a company, KVP Business Solutions wishes to turn ideas into solutions and to continue to add value to business across the globe
Source :-The 10 Most Admired Companies To Watch in 2019

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