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Companies and businesses are built around ideas. What separates a great company from others is a unique idea that strikes all the right chords with the customers. And to flourish an idea or invention as a unique and exclusive model, businesses need to patent them.
IPRAM aims to throw light upon the crucial and practical aspects of patents in a simplified and transparent manner. It caters to IP needs of everyone from a corporate to an individual.
A Committed Founder
The firm was founded in 2012 by Pallavi Kharkar, who holds over 20 years of experience in Pharma and Global IPR. She has a Master’s Degree in both – Pharmaceutical Chemistry and Law (IP and International Business) and is a registered patent agent in India. Her core expertise lies in developing comprehensive protection strategies, designing patent challenges and providing clearances on various strategies related to product, process and technology. She has assisted her clients in Litigation, Hatch Waxman Proceedings, Inter Parte Review proceeding, opposition proceeding and Intellectual Property (IP) due diligence.
Pallavi is named as IAM 300 leading IP Strategist in 2013 and 2014 and chosen in the 30 influential business leaders 2017.
Solutions for All
IPRAM’s values are its pillars of success and even find its way into the company name as it stands for Integrity, Perseverance, Reaching Out, Adding Value and Mentoring.
It houses a techno-legal team of experts who are patent attorneys and analysts. IPRAM’s clients range from individuals and Startups to big corporates.  It works jointly with the clients to file patents, ensuring that the products do not infringe upon someone else’s patent so as to avoid legal hassles and if required, challenge third-party patents.
Pallavi says, “With Government initiatives such as Startup India and Stand-up India, businesses need solid research foundation and breakthrough innovations coming from such research to benefit businesses as well as members of society. It is essential to understand an existing patent scenario to know whether an innovation can reach market place and whether you can protect it. Each business involved in new products and services thus needs a research team supported by a competent IP team. The businesses may outsource such support to competent IP firms like us and it is essential that we do complete justice to the work.”
The key services offered by IPRAM are:

  • Patent and non-patent literature searches.
  • Preparation of Patent Landscape, evaluation and clearances of product, process, machines, recipe and concepts and providing freedom to operate opinions.
  • Filing and prosecution of patents and design patents in India and assistance in filing and prosecution of foreign patents and other form of IP.
  • Non-infringement, patent validity and patentability opinions.
  • Filing and assisting in Patent challenges including oppositions, revocation and assistance in litigations, inter partes review proceeding, Hatch Waxman proceeding and similar proceedings in other countries.
  • IP due diligence, IP audits and IP training.

Being the Best in Business
IPRAM believe in offering most innovative solutions and does not stop its employees in experimenting for the same. It emphasizes not only on resources but also on resourcefulness.
Integrity, Perseverance, Competency and Adding value
The company continuously strives to become a better, capable and efficient version of its prior self. It tries to learn today what the client will need tomorrow. IPRAM is passionate about doing the best job it can for its clients by demonstrating these values.
At IPRAM, they believe in giving enough time to each invention to create solid foundation. This may require several untiring discussions with client. Multiple aspects of invention are unfolded over the time which can be captured in much better fashion for the benefit of the client.
Designing search strategy is a skill and not a job of novice. The same is the case with patent drafting. Drafting and revisiting draft, correcting and modifying the same and clarifying all doubts while doing this is extremely important. They recommend a thorough patent and literature search before, during and even after completing development as well as just before and after launch. New patents and new literature already filed in various jurisdictions and submitted to various publication authorities can be traced through this continuous monitoring. They have databases that can fetch patents from more than 100 countries and one can set alerts for any new patent which may crop up in future.
Transparency, clarity and consistency of work
It believes in maintaining complete transparent systems and is candid in its communication with the client. To support the process, it has developed several systems including a project management system to record and track each process step and an IP management system to maintain IP documentation, monitor deadlines and to set reminders of various key events.  The project management system provides web pages for discussions amongst the members, file sharing and sharing of important notes on the project. New team members can refer these details for guidance which adds to the consistency in handling projects.
Reaching out and Mentoring
IPRAM is actively involved in supporting IP education and is associated with several institutes including the University of Mumbai for offering various kinds of IP training programs. It encourages internships and has had students from IIT Kharagpur, GIIP, ILS, GLC.
Accolades – A Fuel to Fire the Future
For its achievements, IPRAM has been selected as one of the“25 Most Promising IP, Copyright, Patent & Trademark Consultants 2016” by a leading magazine and as one of the “The 30 Most Valuable Consulting Companies 2017” by another.
IPRAM is all set with a good infrastructure, great systems, outstanding people and a great client following. With everything in place, it looks forward to the future to do more challenging projects.

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