Anshul Bansal: Resolute and Substantial Leadership Charisma

Anshul Bansal

To be genuinely effective—in good times and in the times of challenges—leaders utterly master the ability to influence others. As the definition goes by the statement, it is an ability to shape people’s behavior in a particular direction by leveraging tactics that involve, connect, and inspire them in one way or another!

However, building trust and maintaining it is essential to being an influential personality. Without trust, leaders may be able to influence people to comply, but they will never tap the total commitment, capabilities, and creativity the group can offer. Leveraging these assets is invaluable when tackling tough challenges or making strategic change, so trust is vital.

People look for leaders who can appreciate their vulnerability, inspire them, understand them, support them, and guide them through looming chaos. This requires the leader to demonstrate a broad range of expertise and behaviors, some of which might seem contradictory—but when used in an appropriate and timely manner—create conditions that foster trust.

Trust involves a careful balance between pushing people into areas where they are uncomfortable while also listening carefully to their concerns and feedback. With an exuberance of such qualities and abilities, Anshul Bansal excels in the spotlight as one of the topmost real estate and home décor influencers in India. Also known as Technocrat Anshul, his social media platforms are visited by an average number of three lakh audiences in a day.

In an interview with Insights Success, Anshul shared valuable information that signifies his journey towards becoming one of India’s topmost real estate and home décor influencers.

Anshul, please enlighten our audience about yourself and shed light on your professional tenure as one of India’s topmost real estate and home décor influencers.

I, Anshul Bansal, am adequately known as Technocrat Anshul in the online world. Currently, I am the topmost real estate and home décor influencer in India. Every day three Lakhs audience watch me on different social media platforms like YouTube, Facebook, and Instagram, accounting for a watch time of more than 6000 hours per day.

I started my YouTube Channel in June 2019, and after that, I entered into other social media platforms. The audience loves to watch my content and share it on their wall. One of the videos, “100 Gaj Home Design,” is watched by more than 78 Lakhs people. Currently, my subscriber base is 565K.

What inspired you to venture into the industry as a real estate and home décor influencer, and what are your significant achievements so far?

After COVID, there was a huge demand for Real estate, but people were afraid to get out of their houses and see their dream properties. I ventured into this Gap to help people to give a virtual experience/tour of the property. There was a huge gap in terms of professionalism in this industry. I ventured into it and helped more than 200 families to get their dream homes.

What were the initial challenges you had to overcome after venturing into the industry and establishing your social media channel?

As I was new to this Industry, property owners did not allow me to do videography of their property. Also, there was little knowledge in terms of anchoring/showcasing the property. It was challenging for me to face the camera and talk about the various property features. But I continued to work on my knowledge and skills about interiors and construction. Moreover, I continued to practice on camera to improve my speech and enhance my vocabulary related to the interior.

What professional values and qualities do you think your clients value in you the most?

Social media is all about giving some value to others. If you add some value to the audience in terms of their knowledge, people tend to follow/subscribe to you. I tried to give a unique experience about some of the luxury properties online. It’s everyone’s dream to make a Dream Home for them, and I help them by providing them with the best and latest knowledge to fulfil their dream.

What are the USPs that highlight your social media’s uniqueness in the real estate and home décor industry?

I try to give the latest technology used for Home Automation, the latest interior design trends, latest furniture trends to give the best knowledge free online with the best design ideas for their dream home. If you follow the latest trends in any field, people will love to work along with you.

As an experienced professional, what would you like to advice the budding aspirants willing to enter the business world?

I will tell young budding aspirants that if you are passionate about some work, then only you should enter the business world. It would be best if you started working in the Business world to create some uniqueness and address the gap in the current market. Again, I am saying you should be passionate about your work and don’t go after money. Money is a by-product of your business.

How do you envision your social media channel’s operation with the emerging technologies and automated tools that are revolutionizing the business world by enabling innovations?

I try to research and learn about the latest technologies and trends in home designing and use technology to update by making high-quality videos and sharing it online. I use the latest trend of technology like when Facebook reels started, I started working on Facebook reels, and after that, one of my reels got six million views. So, I follow the latest technology trends to give the best knowledge to my audience.

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