Apollo Infoways: Modernizing the Traditional Education Process Globally through e-Learning

Apollo Infoways

Innovation and technology have been predominant in every sector in India with each undergoing vast change in the past few years. Technology has made everything much more comfortable and faster, leaving no option for various sectors of the economy but to adapt to change or fear to become obsolete. It is necessary for the education sector to adopt challenging exchanges & to maintain a healthy pace with competitive superiorities.
By understanding such consequence, an innovator, Ravi Prakash, Founder, Director and CEO established Apollo Infoways Pvt. Ltd. in 2014 as a promising System Integrator and education solutions provider. They enable academic institutions and corporates to improve performance by facilitating network security solutionn, knowledge enrichment and skills enhancement.
An Ingenious Mind of the Organization
Ravi has a vast experience in the area of New Business Development and Key Account Management in Govt. and Corporate sector. Ravi has handled sophisticated software solutions selling, Network Infrastructure, Network Security Solution, Business continuity solution and Next Gen. E-learning Solutions.
He has achieved outstanding success in building and maintaining relationships with key decision-makers, establishing large volume, the high-profit account with excellent levels of retention and loyalty. He is well experienced in C-level interfacing and conceptualizing scope of busniess for large scale organizations. He is highly networked with critical contacts in Government sector as well as PSU.
Advanced Educational Services that Improve the Quality of Student Learning
Apollo Infoways provides end-to-end services for customers seeking to implement technology-enabled learning solutions as per PMI and PRINCE2 industry standards. Their experience has translated into on-time, on-budget implementations for their clients with satisfactory results. They carry a strong reputation in the marketplace for implementing projects in academic and corporate institutions that facilitate productivity and enhance performance. The organization believes that test content and assessment management is core to the success of an organization’s assessment strategy.
Any organization with a recurring test delivery schedule should have more significant control and ownership of the assessment delivery process. Their Professional Services Team (PSG) conducts pre-consulting services to support institution vision in pedagogical and technological changes. Apollo Infoways delivers both application and infrastructure level scoping exercises to offer the right technology solution. They design and recommend solution architecture to support higher demands of concurrency such as High Availability (HA) environment. They maintained few areas where they have been doing custom development such as Themes and UI Branding, Application Development, Building Blocks, and Mobile Apps Development.
The total customer satisfaction is their prime importance along with the support that is aligned as per ITIL industry standards. Their support staff is inspired to outperform, deliver more than expectations and think outside the box. The support services team also provides preventative maintenance, customized support, remote and online support.
Technology Development Introducing Next Generation E-lab Method
Last few decades have witnessed an unprecedented revolution in the field of technological applications specifically in the teaching and learning process. Technology has become an essential component of this process in a way that it does not affect the teacher, student or course materials but it connects all these elements and makes the output of the educational process high quality. In particular, science education was significantly affected by technology regarding the nature of the laboratories’ work, lab equipment, and media.
Many methods and tools used in the traditional lab are no longer in need of learners for many reasons. There is a necessity to activate and utilize the latest technological techniques to achieve ongoing science teaching/learning process. By using innovations facilitated by the possibilities of information and communication technologies in science education and practices, one can utilize the advantages of supervised interactive learning that simulates real laboratory work.
In E-lab, students get a chance to learn practical methods with the help of various advanced software. In India, Apollo Infoways is one of the first company which introduced Next Generation E-Labs. The company wants to replace tradition method of the lab because the institutions believe that new technics help students get new knowledge about technology.
Laboratory developers are focused on taking advantage of computer applications to create safe/active interactive learning environment that simulates life-like e-laboratory. This lab is “one where the student interacts with an experiment or activity which is intrinsically remote from the student or which has no immediate physical reality.” It can be defined as a tool which consists of interactive computerized software linked with sensitive connector endings called sensors. The components of practical sciences experiments are integrated with computers as a measurement instrument to collect and analyze data.
Accessing, Designing, and Implementing Network Security Solutions  
Their network security solution views explicitly align security strategies with organizational strategies with an aim to achieve, improve, and sustain the organization’s resiliency. There is a focus on not only critical assets but also the essential business processes of the organization.  Additionally, the system of internal controls ensures that these assets and operations remain productive as intended. Their core philosophy is to be a preferred partner in network security journeys. They assess, design, implement and manage end to end, cost-effective and robust security solutions in various areas.
Apollo Infoways also provides Security Consulting Practice to Telecommunication and Fortune 500 companies worldwide. Their security consultants are abundant in industry and security domain experience, with an excellent track record in partnering with their clients in their security journeys. They follow three key objectives; increased assurance, enhanced operational efficiency, and reduced costs. The security practice was bestowed with the Frost & Sullivan “Market Leadership Award for Security Consulting in Next Generation Applications and Networks.
Apollo Infoways proffering Network Solutions and Services for the end-to-end infrastructure employed in the realization of communication services for end-users. This implies those parts of the support that are actively involved in the communication path – namely, the devices and customer premises equipment, home network components, broadband and optical access networks, the core network infrastructure and associated gateways, application servers, and application hosting platforms, etc. Apollo Infoways enables this communications infrastructure to interact with the external IT systems to achieve Service Management and Business Processes Management solutions for Communication Service Providers (CSPs) and provides for foreign Value Added Service (VAS) Platforms. Their solutions for CSPs define and enhance the end-user experience.
Instructive and Inspiring Advice for the Budding Entrepreneurs
“In our initial days we went to many engineering colleges, and we realized students are looking for some advance tech education system that inspired me. Engineering colleges need advanced labs which helps to give practical works appropriately. We also connect development with rural areas; keeping this in mind we take the initiative to connect people with digitalization. Not only India but also every country needs advancement in the educational domain because it helps a country’s people educated and futuristic.
Awards & Achievements
Apollo Infoways has been selected by some prestigious awards such One among the ‘Twenty most promising LMS service providers in 2016, ‘Ten most valuable Learning & Development solution providers companies of 2017 and “The 10 Pathbreaking Learning And Development Solution Providers in 2018”.
Future Panorama
Under Ravi’s expert guidance, the company has achieved few significant milestones that majorly include essential client acquisition adding worth to its credibility. The company has been striding actively towards realizing what it envisioned. The core team has worked out several powerful strategies focused on the overall growth of the company.
Ravi explaining the futuristic plans says, “At present, we are engaged in many diversified projects. One of them is offshore technical training and technical implementation partnership for some of the renowned OEMs. We have been successfully expanding our network tying up with a Spanish company, which works on ‘Technical Education Turn Key Projects (TKP) with public and private institutions using soft financing.’ They work on establishing high-end labs for technical colleges around the world. They also provide soft loan to customers to avoid financial limitations of the customers. Besides, we keep taking initiatives for achieving excellence in our services and delivering the best value to our clients; this lies at the heart of our every strategy.”
Ravi also aims to provide rural areas with Wi-Fi support to help the remote regions progress their life with the help of advanced technology. Striving for the betterment of the organization, he is educating people about digital technologies because only new technologies can upgrade people’s lives drastically. He firmly believes that providing Wi-Fi and internet access to rural areas will help the people develop and progress towards making India digital.

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