Arch 10 Design Consultants: Bringing Out-of-the-box and Efficient Solutions to the World of Design

Arch 10 Design Consultants

Some time back, interior design was the word used to define a good taste in décor. Today, it is more than just choosing the right colors and fabrics to be used. It is meant to make a place aesthetically pleasant while using it more efficaciously. Therefore, interior decorating and designing have become an important aspect to take care of, when building a home. As a famous designer, Mark Hampton, once said, “Real comfort, visual and physical, is vital to every room.” Some people have a natural eye for design, but most don’t. This is where professionals step-in.
Arch 10 Design Consultants is a privately-held fast-growing architectural and interior design practice company that is a proven resort for all those trying to build a home from a house. It offers multi-disciplinary services including Master Planning, Architecture, Interior Planning, Landscape Design, Signage, Project Advisory, and Construction Programming. The firm consistently works on improving the design development and quality management and is committed to giving sophisticated and value-added service to its clients. It redeems out blessings and harmony within its projects and clients.

Arch 10’s office was established in the year 2012 under the guidance of its Principal Architects, Sandeep Singh and Dilraj Kaur. Today, it has projects PAN India of various scales and disciplines. The company’s work profile includes Townships, Mass Housing, IT, Commercial, Retail, Residential, Institutions, Industrial, Interiors, Social, and Welfare. Its projects have been both architectural and interiors.

The Dynamic Duo
Sandeep Singh, the Principal Architect, has over two decades of rich experience in architecture and interiors. He has worked with leaders in design, construction, development, and specializations, not only in India but in foreign lands as well. His spiritual belief leads to humbleness and respectful connection with his clients and their projects, which also reflects in his design. He has played a major role in lifting the firm to the height it is at today.
Another Principal Architect of Arch 10, Dilraj Kaur, is a well-seasoned leader with over 18 years of experience in the field of architecture and planning. She has been instrumental in spatial planning and its effectiveness of space design and also holds a position of H.O.D. in one of the leading Interior schools of India. She has been one of the significant ingredients in Arch 10’s success.

‘Unique Word is Always a Self-Proclaimed Idea’
This is the belief of Sandeep. He says, “For a person, only a color band application could be unique, and out of the box, it’s the perception of one’s internal spiritual connect to design, he had a prelim vision off.”
What, according to the Team Arch 10, makes them stand out is that their projects are apt to the space and its functions. This organizes a harmony and balance of design intents for a particular area. This fills the minimum factor design so as the space could breath and eventually give the feel of connect. The company tries to visualize the interiors that space demands rather than the clients’ demands.
Arch 10 always tries to see every project with minimum planning approach, the ratio of open spaces with usable spaces. “We intend to use color as media to create the levels and exposure of the space definition. Color can bring harmony, vision relief, energy boost, spiritual relief, space definition, sense of direction, focal points and so on. With this tool the cost controls are enormous, and the intent is awe aspiring,” asserts Dilraj.
Prominent Clientele
The design approach of Arch 10, which starts with research and design’s various possibilities for a particular space requirement positively, is admired by its clients. The company always leads its clients through this design journey from initial sketch to the final product. It is working in several domains such as Group Housings, Residential, Commercials, Institutional, Industrials, and interiors as well.
In Green Housing, they are working on various projects including Karnam greens, Noida and Kimaya Greens, Dehradun. It is also working on several shopping malls, exhibition spaces cineplexes, showrooms, office spaces, and institution projects like South City Mall, Patna, D.P.S., Jhansi, MLS Jewellery store, Meerut, Agra Trade Center, Agra, Laaj Enterprises, Gurgaon, to name a few. Its interior portfolio includes Food Court, JP Paradise, Chhatarpur, Shallom Presidency School, Gurgaon, RL Khanna Exports, Gurgaon, Lotus Group Office, Gurgaon, Agra Trade Center, and many more.

Putting on the Game Face during Challenges
“India has been a challenging market in terms of doing any business at the same time it has the maximum opportunities to showcase one’s approach and product. We had our share of both of them. It’s important to keep on believing and sailing with all mighty blessings to move on,” says Sandeep. Initially, the company faced various difficulties, but thas gracefully overcome them. Today, Arch 10 looks towards the new India, transforming and upgrading the thought process of individual to the latest technologies and its usage in the interiors as well as architectural practices.

Advising the budding entrepreneurs for their coming future, Dilraj says, “All young entrepreneurs should do more research-oriented design. Media information should be intensively used for more insight of possibilities.”
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