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Nabh Design & Associates

Everyone dreams of a space that one can profoundly claim to be they own. Space reflects personality and speaks volumes about them. Designing a space requires a lot of love, passion, and experience. While there’s no dearth of love and passion in an individual designing their own space, experience is something that might or might not be present. As such, it’s better to call in an experienced person of the field to bring they vision to life. A designer shall embrace their vision, creating an elegant, yet original design of they dreams to reality.
Nabh Design & Associates is one such design firm which embraces the same. Founded in the year 2006 in Hyderabad, India. The distinguished Interior Design practice firm has developed over 300+ projects nationally to its credit. Every project has an unique opportunity to represent the clients personality at its very best. The process of collaborating with the client to arrive at a unique and tailored solution, elevates the project beyond any individual conception and is considered the most enjoyable way to conceptualize any dream project.
Nabh Design & Associates offers services “Interior Design Consultation & Turnkey Contracts”. It believes in creating spaces which are timeless, transformative, trendy. Designing the space  which reflects the personality of the clients, is what keeps the design team moving ahead always. The company takes great pride in going a step ahead in detailing the work at large. Materials and Craftsmanship being pillars of any project sets standards for the quality of work at – Nabh Design & Associates.
Leading the Way
Nabh Design & Associates is the brainchild vision of Nitin Kothaari Jain – Founder and Principal Interior Designer is the inspiring force behind the brand. With a smile on his face and an eye for quirky details, he is always passionate for work – design solutions. His sparkling personality with an attitude of never stop learning have helped him to collaborate with some of the most prestigious clients and scale new heights in the field.
Nitin’s personality and persistence got him through the tough time during the initial years, when connecting to prospective clients and getting practical experience was a major challenge. He reminisces, “Everything takes time, nothing happens overnight.” Gaining practical knowledge, meeting vendors, connecting to prospective clients, knowing the workflow of projects, handling work contractors all these will take an investment of time. Being at the right place at the right time when the opportunity knocks is what has built the platform for Nabh’s success.
Tapping Technology and Staying Ahead
Apart from individual experiences and committed team members. Technological advancements have made the whole process of design experience to the next level in the world today. 3D presentation has evolved as a powerful tool in providing a realistic view of any proposed project well in advance.Use of technology provides time managament n financial structure planning for any project.The newest technology being the VR Technology.
Being in the field always motivates the team to learn more every day and implement them back with more thoughtfulness. Adapting new techniques and working on it helps them grow as a team.
Being a member of IIID-Hyderabad Chapter, the firm keeps up with the latest technical know-how of the various disciplines in the field.
Being in a competitive field also keeps the company on its toes. To keep it at an advantage the firm takes due diligence in the financial aspect of any project as it is a major part. It maintains a cost analysis sheet for every aspect of the project.
Providing the best options avaliable in the market for a product, is the material knowledge the team shares with its clients at every stage of the project.
Being Social
Nabh Design & Associates firmly believe in the social structure for the society. The firm takes under its wings young design students and guides them with practicial knowledge of site visits, materials and other industry requirements during the Internship Program it provides.We try to create the bridge between the student and the field at large. It creating opportunity for young for the future.
The firm also gives due importance to “Vaastu”, the ancient scientific methodology of building practiced in India. The scientific value of making the living space as per Vaastu has proven Life Satisfaction in every aspect.
Designing Future
Nabh Design & Associates currents projects include restoration the house of a Padma Bhushan awardee from the 1970’s. Other projects include the Luxury Residence Bungalows and Flats for other clients in Hyderabad, Kakinada, and Vijayawada.
Future of any field is always prospective provided we adapt the changes as and when they happen in the market. Being at par with the business peers and always thinking a step ahead in the field makes a business secure for a better future ahead.As part of its future endeavors, the firm has developed and progressed ahead with design specialization in Bathroom Design Consultation and E-Design Consultation.
The firm is also working on a “International Student Internship Exchange” program with Design Firms in Europe with an aim to further enhance the students ability to develop and work on par with International Work Standards.
Nitin advises the young designers to “Start early and Never Stop Learning”. Being open to learning, thoughtful ear for a piece of advice from peers, lots of patience and calmness within oneself is what will see the young designer earn up the tag of becoming an International Designer ahead.
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