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Since the beginning of time, architecture and interior design have been subject to perpetual change. It is inspired by culture, tradition, changing values of the society and fleeting trends that change over time. Even today, the general population is embracing the impact of technological advancement in interior design quite well. The concept of smart houses is gaining forward momentum. Homes are getting automated, eco-friendly designs are becoming pretty common and 3d software’s are revolutionizing the way we handle our designs.
A Design Studio is a team of young and vibrant design crusaders and a multi-disciplinary firm headed by some of the best & most creative interior designers in Mumbai. They are providers of planning, design and delivery solutions for the built environment. It creates exceptional environments that meet design challenges whether they are for Indian houses or any other kind of interior project. It is committed to integrating diversity and inclusion into every aspect of the working of the firm.
The firm is currently working on the design of residential premises, and the concepts of design that it is applying are contemporary and modern. It is also working on the plan of a media office with the design theme being quirky and funky. The team is also working on a retail project.
Apart from mainstream interior design the company also works on social media strategies for spreading awareness about the work. It has an active presence on social platforms such as Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Instagram, Bloggers, Tumbler and more. The work is also marketed by way of blogs and articles that are published in magazines and other mediums of the press.
‘Unique Interior’ Designing Solutions or Services
The company takes initiatives that are always towards achieving something different from every project that it carries out. It makes sure to take into consideration the latest trends when planning a new design. The primary motive in preparing designs is to satiate the tastes and preferences of the clients, which is why they do not pursue standard design patterns or ideas. At A Design Studio, people also work across verticals such as residential, commercial, retail, healthcare and more which is why the designs are incredibly versatile and one of their kind.
A Design Studio, work well in sync with the set rules of architecture and interior design, and also makes sure to leave no stone unturned in the arena of innovation.
It works with the belief that change should be the only constant. With an eye for practicality and functionality in design, it continually strives to achieve results that are seldom seen before. The diversity of work in designing spaces has become the signature style of designing over the years. With the help of the design ideas and innovation, it makes sure that people entering the industry get something to learn with each new project owned.
The Dynamic Duo
The team of ‘A Design Studio’ functions like the perfect machinery under the able guidance of ace architects Rupali Naik and Satish Naik founders of A Design Studio

Rupali has a decade of experience to back her leadership and she works with the motto of “Creativity and an eye for detail cannot be taught or learnt, they are inherent”.
Satish has extensive experience with real understanding, cost analysis, attention to detail and quality in interior work. This is something that helps in creating a strong bond with which the architect duo have founded and taken ‘A Design Studio’ to great heights.

Ensuring Versatility in Designs
The main focus in planning and delivering designs for the clients is to keep client requirements on the forefront. While the company makes sure to remain within the boundaries of the budget, it also makes sure that the design idea is not compromised because of budget constraints. The best way to get around the budget issue is to plan material finishes according to the available scope of spending.
Everyone at A Design Studio ensures that designs are planned with versatility according to the preferences and choices of the clients and not according to stringent design standards. Right from images and sketches of designs to showcasing 3D renders it leaves no stone unturned in putting across the design idea to the client. Once the designs are finalized, the company works on detailed drawings for on-site work along with nearly precise cost estimates for the project. These initiatives ensure that the clients know all about the project and their expenses even before the project begins. This is something that helps us maintain transparency in the working all through the duration of the project.

Sailing and Rising over the Challenges
The biggest challenges that the company faced in the initial phases of work was that people would not have the trust in new architects and they would want to work with big names. However, with the kind of perseverance and innovation that the company showed in the projects that they were able to win hearts as well as new projects on a continual basis.

Another challenge that it also faced in working in the early days was that contractors, as well as workers, did not take a woman leader very seriously. With passing time, Rupali made sure that her talent and conviction in her work was recognized and taken seriously by colleagues as well as the clients.

The future of interior design seems bright with the help of changing ideas and applications. The future is extremely bright for those that are open to experimenting with new ideas, materials, and designs. Practical needs of space demand designers to make sure that they are not bent upon applying the same solutions to all kinds of spaces. With an open mind to adapting with change, the future of design is limitless.

In the future, A Design Studio aspires to work on projects on a larger scale than it is currently doing. It would like to work on more bungalow projects to make sure that the talents are put to more detailed use. It is also a dream of the company to be able to work outside of India to be able to cater to a larger clientele in the future.
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