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Arcmax Architects
Arcmax Architects

You might have heard that hiring the top-most architects to build an apartment or a villa for you is best. And you might ask, ‘Why the best architects are necessary?

Architects are not necessary to build structures and environments. Anyone with a basic understanding of engineering can construct useful structures. However, we must admire that an additional value will be inherent in a good architectural design.

But what if the structure doesn’t work, even though the architects have designed it? Unfortunately, even though it seems implausible and unreal, it is true. That is why experienced and top-tier contemporary architects are required to create the perfect structure. It will now be difficult for you to determine which one is best for you. And here comes Arcmax Architects and Planners India, one of India’s best architectural firms.

Founders, Ar. Ashish Bhargava and Ar. Kshiti Bhargava launched Arcmax–a firm exclusively focused on architectural design–in 2001. Ashish shares, “As of 2022, we are a well-known architectural firm with skilled employees and recognized experts.” From the first day, Arcmax maintained its multi-disciplinary design to raise the building’s quality and environment. Its engineers and planners provide holistic design services reflecting a grasp of the firm’s project lifecycle, which complements various construction consultation services. Arcmax performs architectural planning so proficiently that shortly after its launch, offers began pouring in from outside India.

Kshiti adds, “We are regarded as one of the illustrious architectural firms in the US and the UK. The global clientele is interested in our services, including system design, maestro planning/land planning, topography designs, module planning, operational portfolio, and implementation. We also operate in various industries, bringing our methodology to our projects in housing projects, education, housing, urban renewal, and commercial areas. Our fields of expertise include 3D visualization and master planning, home decor, construction, and site planning or optimization.”

The following are just a few of the many Architecture Consultancy services that Arcmax provides locally and globally:

  • Resort Design and Planning
  • Hotel Design
  • Villa and Cottage Designs
  • Apartment Building, Commercial and High-rise Residential Building Designs
  • Township and Housing Design
  • Shopping Mall and Multiplex Designs
  • Hospital Designs
  • Low-Cost Housing Design
  • Landscape Design
  • Marriage Garden Designs
  • Industry Leading Architecture Interior Design
  • Lobby Designing
  • Hotel planning and decorations
  • Quarters Designing
  • Cost Management

Ashish furthers, “As one of the top architecture firms in India, we recognize the value of changing over time and keeping up with the ongoing shift in client preferences. We continuously adapt our skills, expertise, and services to face the most recent difficulties in the sector and maintain our commitment to excellence.”

While Kshiti says, “We think that to succeed in architecture and interior design today; one must use inventive, imaginative, and sustainable architectural design. To accomplish it, we combine top industry professionals with the most recent technologies.”

Their interview highlights are given herein.

Please brief our audience about Arcmax, its USPs, and how you are currently positioned as one of the best Architectural Designing Solution Providers.

We have proven ourselves as one of the best architectural firms for resorts for over two decades. We have also been included in the list of India’s best healthcare architecture firms. We are renowned for their creative and visionary ideas for designing your resort. Every project we have undertaken has always delivered the best design quality and demonstrated our architectural skills. Professional architects and designers are working hard for Arcmax Architects to make your resort appear exquisite.

Many notable projects and properties, such as the Oasis Resorts, Dream Resorts, and Ashoka Resort project, which was received with incredible success on a global scale, were designed and architected by Arcmax Architects.

Tell us more about Arcmax’s offerings and what aspects make it stand out in the cutthroat competition.

Success for your business depends on standing out from the crowd. Although most individuals know that idea, far too many companies do not use it. It also makes it tough to understand why someone would pick this business. It goes against the very nature of specialization to claim that you are an expert in everything. After all, to specialize is to concentrate on a single community of expertise. Sadly, many companies sink to this level.

We are a proven top-listed architect company that provides resort design plans. Our house plans, apartment design, and Township Architecture have impacted our clients so much that they have formed a loyal relationship with us, allowing the company to stand taller than its competitors. The professionalism and trustworthiness of the company are the key factors that set it apart from the competition.

As an experienced leader, share your opinion on how adopting modern technologies like AI and ML impacts the Architectural Designing Solution space and how your firm adapts to the change.

The discussion of technology and its capacity to promote co-creation and flawless service quality has gained a foothold in the twenty-first century. It deals with the science and engineering of creating intelligent machines. The goal is to ensure that machines can emulate cognition in human minds.

All aspects of learning, observing, conflict, and reasoning are included in these cognitive processes. The only difference is that machines can quickly, effectively, and frequently complete all these tasks for less money. At the same time, ML is a collection of methods that empower computers to learn automatically—just like people do via expertise in fields that can’t be conventionally coded. These technologies may play a crucial role in developing and delivering the appropriate solutions and in better understanding the demands of the clients. It’s critical to remember that adopting new technology shouldn’t be done in isolation.

The ecosystem must fully embrace technology for the industry to benefit appropriately. Arcmax Architect builds an enabling technological infrastructure so that all consultants, regulators, and clients can communicate with one another and collaborate on value-adding solutions. Arcmax endorses modern technology and believes that Instead of the software and automation concepts that are evolving with the industry, the Human role is an unrivalled, irreplaceable system that makes your staff an asset.

Finally, it will be necessary to harness the power of these technologies responsibly. We are always very prominent about Significant data privacy, digital security, and consumer consent standards. We make sure that those criteria will need to be met by the data that the AI uses.

Considering the current scenario, what initial challenges did you face, and what are the challenges now?

In today’s fiercely competitive business environment, entrepreneurs encounter several difficulties. Fortunately, entrepreneurs now have more tools at their disposal than ever before to address those issues. Time management, Hiring employees, Cash flow management, Delegating Tasks, Marketing strategies, Raising Capita, and Business Growth are some major problems that a company may face at the very start.

Given that they frequently wear several hats, entrepreneurs may find that time management is their hardest challenge. You could accomplish so much more if you just had more time.

What would be your advice to budding entrepreneurs who aspire to venture into the Architectural Designing Solution space?

Architecture is regarded among the proctored exams to study. It is planned that students would study approximately artistry in addition to Construction, Industrial, and Mechanics, as well as fundamental managerial abilities. It also ranks among the top costly studies in terms of costs apart from tuition.

Enlist Architecture if you possess the talent and are inclined to put in the effort. Only study architecture when you’re accepted into a reputable college. Substandard universities aren’t acceptable. Entrepreneurship isn’t a profession. You are indeed a business owner.

Entrepreneurship entails continually identifying holes throughout the marketplace and moving commodities to develop endless possibilities. As a result, even though you strive to become an entrepreneur, remember, it is not just a career; it is precisely everything you accomplish.

Start-up is costly, difficult, and often fraught with disappointment. You must be authorized whenever you wish to manage a company or work at a superior stage in the field. Avoid the sceptics. You will be confronted with this regularly since the fact seems to be that architecture can indeed be sometimes brutal. Confirm that you’re more capable of managing a company effectively than competitors ever could, and you ought to be able to make a reasonable life.

How do you envision scaling Arcmax’s operations and offerings in the future?

You must be capable of precisely identifying the activity you perform in addition to allocating it. The crucial principles of growing an architecture firm are:

  • Ways to Professionally Allocate so that the Appropriate Tasks Finished at the Correct time.
  • Ways to move beyond and expand your building practice.
  • Learn to prevent the costly error of employing the incorrect individual for your company.

And we are already doing all of this to scale our reach and scope.

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