Chandan Mishra – Head of Product and Technology,, and
Chandan Mishra

A passionate and tech-savvy professional. Teamed with companies like Greendeck (Techstar’s Berlin 2019 – Startup of the Year), Leena AI (Y-Combinator S’18), InsuranceGIG, and many more.

Initiated engineering efforts in retail and cataloging automation at Text Mercato and shared technical expertise to co-create and with industry-transforming solutions. Collaborated with the French Embassy to educate multiple institutes on sustainable fashion AI, reflecting environmental commitment. Beyond professional pursuits, an avid traveler, culture connoisseur, and Bon Viveur.

Triumph Since Inception: The Saga of Our Reputed Business

Text Mercato, a core content company, was looking forward to diversifying its portfolio. Kiran Ramakrishna, the founder, approached me to collaborate for top-notch AI-powered cataloging solutions to meet the scaling demand of the eCommerce industry. A well-built network to drive innovations, technical knowledge to turn ideas into products, and troubleshooting ability, are the foundational pillars for any venture around AI.

The story behind is the mindset that leverages continuous learning and adaptability to refine cataloging solutions for the ever-expanding digital landscape of eCommerce. With a postgraduate degree in AI, my skill sets were well-refined to venture into the AI-powered startup. I had the required expertise and caliber in designing and implementing AI/ML algorithms.

We aimed to federate learning for distributed cataloging and offer solutions through image recognition, natural language understanding, and sensor data analysis to resolve the unique challenges of digital catalogs and integrate them with existing data infrastructure.

Since our inception, we have developed numerous additional features in our products, like access controls, audit trails, compliance modules, and more, to offer customized solutions for any business model and shape its product roadmap.

Inspiring Business Ventures: Unraveling the Source of Entrepreneurial Inspiration

The primary inspiration behind venturing into was to address the scores of challenges faced by the eCommerce businesses, such as dealing with large volumes of product data, creating compelling and scalable product catalogs, reducing GTM for brands, and improving customer’s browsing experience.

The exponential growth in online shopping and customer buying behavior has evolved faster in the past few years, necessitating eCommerce businesses to deliver personalized experiences to every consumer. This was possible only through AI-powered cataloging solutions resulting in engaging product information in a shorter span without possible human errors.

We aimed at building robust retention strategies for our clients to satisfy their customer gratification, replicating physical stores-like experiences in their online stores. aims to transform the experience of both businesses and customers with structured product catalogs that festoon on perfect images and accurate data to increase conversion rates, customer loyalty, and customer satisfaction.

Conquering Challenges: Elevating Business Success!

An early startup that promotes AI faces several challenges that need to be surmounted to ensure the required success in the stipulated time. And was no exception. As cataloging revolves around large volumes of high-quality data; training the system, building effective modules, and obtaining sufficient and diverse data was the biggest challenge.

As we built the product, we realized that the scalability of AI solutions is a significant challenge to ensure system performance, speed, and efficiency. If internet companies are to tap AI cataloging, architectural design and optimization must be unparalleled.

Also, AI-powered cataloging solutions should be easy to integrate with the existing systems and database infrastructure for seamless data flow and minimal disruption to the current workflow. Only this can convince companies to adopt and integrate AI cataloging solutions.

The teams must be built to educate the end users about the AI cataloging system’s benefits and functionality. Also, these were to be well-equipped with new methodologies and evolving algorithms to stay competitive. Moreover, AI-powered catalogs dealt with sensitive and valuable data, implementing robust security measures, regulation, compliance, and user trust building formed another layer of prime concerns.

However,, along with Text Mercato, overcame these challenges, combining technical expertise, strategic planning, expert team, and continuous adaptation to advancements to present innovative and collaborative solutions to the customers and industry partners to reach greater heights overcoming initial challenges.

Key Professional Values and Qualities: Understanding the Client’s Perspective

AI is a major disruptor in current times. Our client assayed our startup and founders on various parameters before partnering with us to part with their sensitive data and information. Once we assured them to prioritize data privacy, security, and ethical practices demonstrating our track record of delivering our commitments and maintaining data integrity as well as regulation compliance, their reliability and trustworthiness hiked, which also helped us provide exceptional customer services.

No doubt, clients look for founders and companies that can effectively communicate technical aspects, listen to their feedback and requirements, and collaborate closely with top-notch solutions that align with their goals and expectations. delivered tangible results through its result-oriented approach and measurable outcomes, positively impacting our clients.

Additionally, has always strived to improvise, incorporate, and innovate its deliverables. We exhibit thought leadership, pioneering AI cataloging solutions, and contribute to research communities which is much appreciated by our clients, empowering them with knowledge and technological advancements.

Our proactiveness in proposing pragmatic solutions to the evolving cataloging needs of Internet businesses has helped us tackle complex problems and deliver an effective solution that clients highly value, instilling confidence in them.

Unveiling Our Industry-Catering Brand’s Distinctive USPs!

AI/ML can assist businesses and marketplaces in upgrading, creating, and showcasing high-quality product images and videos at a scale in lesser time and at a considerably low cost.’s USP has been its proprietary algorithm and modules with higher accuracy, efficiency, and exceptional result in analyzing our clients’ data. This offers a competitive edge and helps us customize cataloging solutions for our clients individually, adapting to diverse data forms and industries-specific requirements.

With our deep domain expertise, we understand the nuances, challenges, and requirements of the eCommerce industry and cataloging better. Thus, we provide specifically designed solutions that could seamlessly integrate with our client’s data management systems, databases, and infrastructure. We strive to minimize workflow disruption and add to operational efficiency by creating visual catalogs with studio finish images 500X faster and can drive approximately 40% better conversions for any retail vertical.

Collaboration of Text Mercato and help us revolutionize the eCommerce industry by solving the content creation and distribution channel even for clients who don’t have deep pockets.

We are undoubtedly passionate about people and organization, which helps us enact responsibly with our clients and team while executing leadership in AI cataloging.

We aim to automate the entire cataloging process eliminating traditional shooting, editing, and publishing by incorporating cutting-edge technological advancements and helping businesses scale infinitely with accurate results.

Words of Wisdom: Stepping into the Business World

Delivering solutions that can resolve pain points and exceed clients’ expectations is the mantra to success. If you aspire to enter into business world-building, you should have a strong understanding of AI/ML, data management, and principles through various resources. Have a deep insight into the core requirements of your chosen industry. Ensure you are updated with the latest research and advancements in your domain.

Refrain from undervaluing the importance of data quality, privacy, and business ethics, as it will help you build trust with clients and stakeholders. Also, keep enhancing your networking to open up doors to new opportunities. Enhance your creativity and critical thinking for devising effective solutions. Upgrade your abilities to articulate complex ideas concisely and clearly, as communication is always key to conveying ideas.

Be proactive and take calculated risks while fostering an entrepreneurial mindset to adapt to the dynamic landscape of any business.

Embracing Innovation: Envisioning Operations with Emerging Technologies

AI will have a major impact on the eCommerce sector. We envision AI cataloging to enhance customers’ experience more seamlessly, making it convenient and tailored for faster shopping. Integrating AI cataloging solutions will allow stakeholders to track progress in real-time. With more progressive AI cataloging, eCommerce businesses can understand customers’ intent more precisely, and search shifts can be done from decent to excellent.

We have already identified that adopting AI trends is a smart thing to do as it makes our existing processes much more efficient. For the last 4 years, we have been working on cutting-edge tech like Transformer models, Generative AI, Multi-modal AI, Multiview CNN, Infusion models, and more. We have built some exceptional products around it, and these solutions are being adopted and used by some of the largest and most renowned marketplaces on a global front. In the near future, we will be rolling out our proprietary large language model for Product Information intelligence.

With voice search in the backlog, the search box can incorporate autocomplete features. Following personalized user experience and evaluating statistics, AI cataloging would forecast future demands more precisely to predict customers and their behaviors accurately. This qualitative and quantitative forecasting will avoid overstocking or understocking, which are super costly for eCommerce enterprises.

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