Ascend Telecom: Empowering Rural India through Telecom Infrastructure

The telecom industry appears to be moving rapidly into its next phase as a not-so-telecom industry. That is, telecom as one component, along with content and internet, in an ecosystem that provides all communications and content in one bundle. A healthy telecom infrastructure ecosystem will simultaneously enable its stakeholders to create economic value and deliver well-being to society. It provides access to resources and supports collaboration, knowledge-sharing, and development of open and adaptive technologies and evolutionary business models in an open environment which can span across different domains, enterprise boundaries and parties. It transforms the traditional value chain into an interwoven network or ecosystem of service capabilities.
Ascend Telecom Infrastructure Pvt. Ltd. is established as one of the foremost independent provider of world-class passive telecom infrastructure on shared, multi tenancy capabilities for the mobile services and wireless sector Pan India. Incorporated in the year 2002, Ascend is a Category-I Infrastructure Provider (IP-I) registered with the Department of Telecommunications, Government of India. Widely applauded for offering ‘Industry Best Infrastructure’ with ‘Energy Supply to Telecom Operators’ in the country, Ascend has grown leaps and bounds organically and with inorganic synergized M&A. Clients that are associated with Ascend Telecom have achieved impeccable operations excellence through highest availability.
An Intensive Enabler of Rural India
Ascend is a key player in Telecom infrastructure development in the country. With Pan India presence across all geographies, utilizing clean and green energy model of energy management, Ascend has built a robust support system to focus as an enabler for rural India transformation.  Ascend is present in both prospering and not so prospering states, rural and unreachable terrains providing the most needed infra such as 100% green Power back up , Network for mobility and data transfer.
Ascend is poised to develop telecom infrastructure ecosystem in Rural India by not just providing infrastructure for BTS installation to increase mobility but participating in the nation building.
A Diligent Awardee and Visionary, Mr. Sushil Kumar Chaturvedi
An accomplished Telecom Professional, Sushil Kumar Chaturvedi, CEO & Director, took over reins of Ascend in 2012. A visionary, Sushil brings to Ascend his 34+ years of Industry experience in Key Management and Leadership positions, Managing Telecom PSU and Private Telecom Enterprise from across the globe.
Numismatics by passion, Sushil has earned many accolades and awards. He was awarded with the Medal for distinguished Telecom services in 2001. In 2008, he was recognized as “CEO of the Year” for fastest growing company in Asia Pacific, by Deloitte & Touché. Also, he was facilitated with ‘CEO of the Year’ award recently by world leadership federation and “National Achievement Award for Industry Development (Telecom)” by Global Achievers Foundation.
The Urban – Rural digital divide
India is one of largest telecom market in the world with total subscriber base of 1,151.28 million users. Urban tele-density is 170.15% while rural tele-density is 53.27% which point towards the fact that a majority of Indian population still do not have access to telecom services. Rural India consists of 700 million people, living in 638000 villages. There are about 55,700 villages in India are remained untouched by the telecom revolution witnessed in the last few years. Lack of Telecom infrastructure in semi-rural and rural areas could be the main reason behind such unsatisfactory penetration.
Improved communication could bring remote villages into the mainstream world economy. Information access could speed rural productivity and the faster communication between producers and suppliers would fuel greater demand for Indian products. There is a huge untapped business potential out there in rural India. Ascend aims to leverage that by increasing Teledensity in rural India and providing Internet access, which would help potential entrepreneurs to mine various business opportunities which are untapped. The company plans an accelerated and disruptive approach has to be adopted to bridge the urban – rural connectivity gap.
Ascend Distribution of Their Infra Portfolio
Ascend supports the idea of eGovernance by monitoring and controlling crime, law & order situation and traffic in Rural areas and providing security to common man by CCTV  and LED lights at Telecom towers. Their unique weather forecasting system supports agriculture as a whole business staring from cultivating to whole sale or retail marketing. Ascend increases mobility, data or knowledge transfer, digital transaction, support health care ecosystem, mitigate costs on travel, increase potential to earn and develop a culture of confidence in rural masses.
Supporting governance: Block development officials also use feed from CCTV to monitor garbage collection and cleanliness of towns apart from use Internet access for delivery of rural administration, online monitoring and payment distribution related to MGNREGA project. This will also create jobs for rural community by way of installing shelters/KIOSK near to telecom tower, since 24×7 power available, they can start any small time business /shops, such as value additions.

  • Internet Cafe, Book store and photo copy shop
  • Medical store with freezer to store medicine
  • Agricultural seeds shop and freezer for seed storage
  • Tuition and teaching Center with computers and Internet
  • Skills development center aided by GOI
  • ATMs in rural towns

Ascend’s initiative and innovative deployments have been appreciated by the state Governments. They have shown keen interest to support our vision and promised to extend State’s cooperation to develop telecom infra in their part of Rural India. Bridging the rural-urban divide will require the industry to address issues affecting the economic viability of rural operations and high maintenance cost. These issues can be addressed by futuristic approach and value added services.
Aim for Amazing Rural Connectivity
With aggressive deployments of 4G and its coverage in rural areas, affordable prices of smart phones, Government’s Digital India program implementation, and expansion of fibre backhaul through NOFN program, rural connectivity would exponentially increase.
Rural Empowerment will be the key guiding factor of their rural innovations, and exploiting it to enhance rural productivity is the focus area and will continue to receive the priority at Ascend.

Source :- The 10 Most Valuable Telecom Solution Providers

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