TechnoBuddy: Creating Success Stories for Competent Engineers

As we can see, most of the students are heading towards pursuing an engineering course to enhance the studies by inventing various innovative machines to facilitate the workload of the people. We all believe in easy and quick actions, so machines are prodigiously taking an initiative to spread the power of automation across the world in the various sectors.
We all have noticed how tough it is to get a job for a bright engineer student, especially in India. While filling out the assignments, students aspire to become a successful engineer, but then there is no proper guidance to suggest some good jobs or training programs. One needs to visit the consultancy while hunting for job, but this is not enough to find the deserving job. So, what can be the best platform through which a bright engineering student can really pursue the next step after graduation, minus any struggle or rejections?
TechnoBuddy is widely known as India’s No. 1 and the Largest Engineering Pre-Recruitment Company. The company successfully planted its territory in the Telecommunication sector in the proud cities of India, namely Delhi, Mumbai, Bangalore, Hyderabad, Chennai, Panipat, Lucknow, Patna, Raipur, Pune, Visakhapatnam, Jaipur and much more. The company has resolutely benefited from more than 5000+ Engineers on their jobs in various companies.
TechnoBuddy is one of the best and trusted Engineering based Pre-Recruitment Company in India for Job-seekers, Students, and Professionals. They serve as one of the best Telecommunication Training, Networking, and Digital Marketing Training platform.
Evolution of TechnoBuddy
The company was formed with the name of the M/s Sepal Institution of Mobile Technology Pvt. Ltd. in 2009 and later it was formatted to the title TechnoBuddy. As it is said, the empty stomach is more efficacious than a chockfull one. TechnoBuddy resolutely launched its branches in Bangalore and Hyderabad in 2011. Coming straight to the hall of fame in no time, the company successfully wrapped the placements of around 2000+ students in 2014. As digital marketing plays a vital role in today’s generation, TechnoBuddy also launched a digital marketing program with jobs for aspiring techies.
TechnoBuddy have tied gleeful knots with their happy clients who are on a constant lookout for trained and experienced manpower. The company welcomes freshers and remodels them as per the respective industry requirements in the basic salary package. TechnoBuddy stands out among other consultancies by providing superlative services and thorough assistance to candidates without charging them even a single penny in the name of service fee.
Canny Services by TechnoBuddy
TechnoBuddy has flagged numerous counts of clients at an early time through their mega services, which are highly beneficial for their customers. A major service offered by TechnoBuddy is Pre-Recruitment Programs for Engineers. Methodically, their clients highly need trained manpower to complete the requirements of the clients. TechnoBuddy pursues interested candidates and then they deliver them with the industry’s best training and placements.
In the vast world of Telecommunication, TechnoBuddy stands as one of the leading companies in India in terms of Training. The company also delivers the Telecom networking and Digital Marketing Programs. The best part, which separates TechnoBuddy from others, is their 100% assurance for a Job.
TechnoBuddy provides BTS Installation & Commissioning Integration with Advanced Networking Technology of Telecommunication system, RF Engineering, Planning, cell planning, optimization, acceptance test, ETC, AMC for BTS, BSC & MSC.
It also provides Supply of Tower Mounts, Masts, Ladders & Tower Accessories, Electrical Services Security, Automation System, installation work and Electrical Installation for BTS sites and other communication Equipment for electrical installation in a building.
Telecommunication is changing at a high tempo. There is a huge disruption in the industry and a complete advancement of technology is taking place. 4G has already reached out on the peak and 5G is all set to hike in the market. Still, 5G R&D work is under process. There are possibilities that a large number of projects can evolve around these technologies.  To adapt to this evolution, TechnoBuddy has deployed a special R&D team, who keep a track on the changing technologies, equipping them in advance.
As cyber-attack cases are rampant in today’s time, the company owns/employs highly technical geeks of IT team, which encrypts the data and maintains regular backup of the system. To ensure safety from website hacking, they already had purchased the security application to keep them protected.
Directorship of TechnoBuddy
The Director of TechnoBuddy is Mr. Gaurav Kumar. He himself is a Telecom Engineer and has worked with renowned telecom companies in various leadership roles. Gaurav has observed so many unemployed candidates, who completed their engineering degree, but were still struggling for jobs. However, on the other side, multinational engineering companies wanted experienced and skilled manpower.  Hence, Gaurav came up with the idea of an Engineering Pre-Recruitment Program and started his own venture with zest.
Planning for Expansion to Spread All Over India
TechnoBuddy has the vision to launch all kinds of engineering programs, so that aspiring engineers are benefited across all segments.  Today, TechnoBuddy is in an expansion mode and it is consistently expanding the branches through a franchise model. By the end of 2018, TechnoBuddy sights the position to launch minimum 100 Branches all over India through this model. The company implements various Telecom based projects, but in the coming future, they are aiming to restrict themselves under one single project with a bigger geographical area of operation.

Source :- The 10 Most Valuable Telecom Solution Providers

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