Pinnacle Teleservices: The Pioneer in Cellular IT Solutions

The telecommunications sector is one of the fastest growing sectors in India. It is expected that soon the telecom industry will have a big contribution to India’s GDP. With the ongoing expansion of the cellular ecosystem, the demand for high bandwidth applications is also rising, which is why the demand of mobile marketing is also rising. So, to provide hybrid solutions in mobile marketing Pinnacle Teleservices was incorporated back in 2008. Since then, the Nagpur-based company has emerged as a leading Digital Mobile solution house. The company offers online bulk text message along with value-added services, IVR dialers, outbound & inbound call solutions, text to speech & speech to text recognition, cellular events, OTT and Data analytics. Adding to all these, the company is also present in the field wireless technology which consists of RFID identification, Bluetooth and Beacons.
The Minds Behind Pinnacle Teleservices
Pinnacle Teleservices is flourishing under the brilliant mind of the co-founders Mr. Rajesh Banerjee, Mr.Ashish Srivastava, Mr.Amit Srivastava, Mr.Muktesh Narula and Mr.Anurag Srivastava. They incorporated the company back in 2008 with the objective of delivering communication services with data analysis and engagement tools in telecom, social media and Over the Air media platforms. Under this leadership, it is now India’s leading mobile messaging operator and marketing partners for digital communication. By virtue of the company’s strict work processes, Pinnacle is now an ISO 9001:2008 and ISO/IEC 27001:2005 quality certified company. Pinnacle had been awarded and acknowledged as among the most promising telecom Solution Providers for offering innovative solutions in the telecom sector.
Seamless and Integrated End to End Solutions
Pinnacle Teleservices provide seamless and integrated end-to-end solutions on different platforms. Its Hybrid solution in Mobile Marketing is a mix of services, that include SMS, Voice Solutions, USSD, Internet and Social Media platforms like Facebook, Tweeter, etc. that eventually help a brand to connect with its customers. The company always tries to create powerful interactions that empower its clients to connect with their customers in the best way possible. The services of Pinnacle are completely aimed and focused on driving for user friendly online applications. Till date it has delivered a variety of specially made applications for its clients.
Core Offerings
As Pinnacle mainly provide solutions in the B2B and B2C segment, it has a range of Voice services which include, Customized Intelligent IVRS Services, Toll Free Solutions, Missed Call Applications, DTMF ,, 10 Digit Solutions, Audio Call Conferencing, Tele-voting, In-bound call Solutions and Out-bound call solutions. All these together can help while forwarding a call, converting text to voice, online NDNC management, and build better back bone infrastructure. The company also offers Creative Engagement, Brand Activations, End to End Implementation, Real time Campaign Analysis and Database Profiling when it comes to Integrated Marketing Initiatives. It also provides Bulk SMS Push Services, Mobile Radio, USSD, 2-Way Messaging Solutions, Integrated Applications, SMS Chat, CTC and Subscription services.  
Adding to all these, Pinnacle also came up with a couple of unique products targeted at parents. One of them is the ‘Child Care Card’ that takes care of all the reminders related to immunization and vaccinations using cell phone as the communication medium. And the other product is named as R-Fi, where it will utilize the long-range radio frequency technology to scan the ID cards of students while passing through the main gate of their respective schools. The product automatically scans the cards and sends data related to entering and exiting school. The ‘Child Care Card’ won the ‘Aegis Graham Bell Award 2013’ due to the innovative thinking. Pinnacle also takes part in campaigns for several political parties and has a strong hold in various government entities.
The Experienced Player
The company offers multiple products and applications to its huge customer base. Now the company serves more than 6,000 active and satisfied customers, and Pinnacle believes that their massive domain experience is the main contributor behind this. When it comes to A2P SMS domain it has its own SMSC’s integrated and connected to all the telecom circles across the country. Due to the usage of a completely in-house product, that meets the global standards, the company gets the much-needed advantage in terms of services and while meeting delivery commitments. The technology is so capable that it can serve up to 150 million SMSs per day. Additionally, in voice domain, the teleservices company holds largest delivery capacity for the enterprise segment.
Edge Over its Rivals
As the company has its own SMS center, that is based on SS7 based platform which differs from traditional old generation SMS providers. This gives Pinnacle a capability of a mobile network service provider which helps to offer great speed and reliability than the standard SMS services. Additionally, it can provide delivery reports and provides great control and security of the messages directly to the user’s handsets.
Young and Agile Team
Pinnacle Teleservices consists of an agile team of 140 young employees with the average age of 30 years. Additionally, the key management of the company is led by 5 people. The team always works to ensure that the clients always get value for money services; it also helps customers to create engagement with their existing and prospective stakeholders to drive business growth. Adding to all these, every time when the company performs a task, it tries to leave a ‘WOW’ experience.
Critically Acknowledged IT & Marketing Team
Pinnacle Teleservices’s solutions arm is one of the most acknowledged and advanced in the sub-continent. A team of dynamic multi-talented young professionals with vast experience in Database migration, reverse engineering, database development and possessing sound performance records takes care of the telecom domain and makes sure that the clients always get top-notch service. Along with the IT arm, Pinnacle has its own network of the marketing team. The marketing team provides regular and quick back-end support apace with a brilliant network of its channel partners.
Aiming to be the Undisputed King of the Segment
With each passing day, more and more people are getting connected to the internet, which is making digital marketing more powerful, eventually allowing users to self-select their experiences. Adding to these, marketers are gaining the ability to bridge media, collect feedback, iterate their message, and collect relationships for an actionable and measurable objective, which is brilliant says Rajesh Banerjee, Director and co-founder of the company.
The Teleservices company is very much focused into creating its very own “marketplace” with some never seen before concepts and products to help brands and engage audiences they are desperate to reach.

Source :- The 10 Most Valuable Telecom Solution Providers

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