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Innovation always lies in the mind of intellect. In every step of innovation, there is always something totally new along with a string connecting the old dots renovating the old inventions. With every innovation, comes new transformations and evolution of the technology. These technological advancements call for an inclusive growth within industries. The telecom industry has also undergone various changes in the recent decades. The businesses related to the telecom industry all around the world are going through an evolutionary phase from the Third Generation (3G), through Fourth Generation (4G) to Fifth Generation (5G) mobile networks, and at the same time, they are also experiencing one of the most difficult times in the history as the revenues are dwindling.
The current scenario apparently says that the industry is passing through a very tough phase due to stiff competition among the telecom operators and providers, and it is unable to meet the emerging challenges. As operators are struggling to compete and survive, the market is going through a phase of mergers and acquisitions, where the only big players can survive. Even in such turbulent times of the industry, INVAS Technologies Pvt. Ltd. is the organization which stands firm, and is known to contribute to the industry with innovative services and products for more than a decade. It was established in 2006 by the home-grown specialists from the Telecom Industry, who felt that Indian telecom industry needed a professionally managed and technically sound player to provide an interface with the world leaders to bridge the technological gap.
To any service providing company, the ultimate achievement lies in the satisfaction of their clients. World famous multinationals like Nokia, Siemens, Huawei, Ericsson, Vodafone, Sterlite, Singtel and many others feel proud to be a client of INVAS Technologies.  
Leading the Industry for more than a Decade
INVAS is the organization which has witnessed the transformation of Indian telecom market from an era when people had to wait for months to get a telephone connection to the present date when free Sim cards are distributed and activated in a few minutes with multiple types of services such as Voice, Video and Data. Clearly, the market is dynamically changing and the life span of a particular technology is getting reduced from many years to a few months and some lasts even lesser. The present situation suggests that the service providers offer pocket-friendly internet data packages which the consumers can use for both business and leisure. For INVAS, keeping a pace with the technological advancements and providing the right solutions to the market at the right time is the motto.
INVAS, which started their journey with the focus on the long distance Optical Fiber based backbone networks carrying high speed data traffic, is known to provide fiber characterization test solutions and automatic monitoring systems from EXFO, Canada, to ensure the uptime. By introducing various tools to evaluate the quality of services for different types of services, the telecom solution providing company has covered almost all sectors including Network Equipment Manufacturers, Telecom Operators, System Integrators, Installers, Cable TV Operators, Utility Sector, Ministry of Defense, etc. The company has invested heavily to setup Certified Service Center while keeping the main aim on providing an excellent after sales support.
Services which keep INVAS Ahead in the Competition
Going beyond the test tools, INVAS starts their job by understanding the needs of customers first, then provides technical training to their teams, configures the appropriate solution and concludes with another beginning, that is, post supply service support to meet the expectations of their customers. The team at INVAS is always updated with the latest technologies through their regular trainings sessions provided by the company. They are known to help end users by providing solutions to monitor the quality of services. INVAS promotes most reliable Japanese Splicing machines and related accessories manufactured by Sumitomo, Japan.
INVAS has an elaborate range to offer for the wireless networks also, starting with Survey, Design and Planning Tools from IBWAVE, Canada and Mobile Network Test Solutions manufactured by Rohde & Schwartz, Germany. The test tools offered for Wireless Networks ensure the reliable network design and services. Apart from telecom services, INVAS has made a name of good-will in the data security industry as well. To meet the data and network security needs of the customers, the company provides solution keeping their customers away from cyber-attacks. Being the distributor of IXIA the world leader in the field of testing, visibility and security solutions, INVAS helps their customers to strengthen applications and virtual networks.
About the Foundation of INVAS
INVAS was set-up by Neeraj Dhawan, the Chairman and Managing Director of the organization and Amit Bindroo, the CEO of the company. Neeraj has almost three decades of extraordinary working experience at the management level and Amit possesses a solid experience of about two decades in the telecom industry. They have worked together in the industry for more than 10 years before leading the company since its foundation days in 2006.
Under the management of Amit and Neeraj, INVAS has been transforming itself as per the industry requirements, as to them, the only way to thrive in the industry is to update themselves along with the updating technology. Their service does not end after the completion of providing their service to the customers, rather, it is the beginning of another service which focuses on after sales support which helps them to maintain a long-term relationship with their customers.

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