Assemblage: You imagine it. We create it.

In India, people are gradually accepting animation as a viable, alternative form of entertainment. This has triggered growth in the quantum and nature of domestic consumption. As a hub for animation and production services, India is playing a dominant role in the global markets. Moreover, with the political fraternity extending a supportive hand to encourage the use of CGI and technology in various sectors, the huge size of the business opportunity in India is waiting to be explored.
Today it is believed that animation is a universal language that resonates across geographies and demographics. Assemblage Entertainment uses this language to tell their stories, to open up new worlds and to bring dreams to life! The dictionary defines Assemblage as ‘a collection or gathering of things or people.’ As you probe further, it also represents an artistic composition made by grouping together a multitude of objects using two or three-dimensional elements. That is who Assemblage Entertainment is – a motley crew of animation specialists that are crossing borders and boundaries.
Trailblazer of Assemblage
At the helm of Assemblage, AK Madhavan aka Madmax, Founder & CEO is the one who opened the doors of the animation services business to the Indian markets and holds a strong credibility in the industry. A visionary, a charismatic leader and a marketing guru, Madhavan boasts of a prolific career traversing over 30 years. The most recent feather in his hat is that of an entrepreneur. As a business leader, Madhavan has decades of experience in sales and marketing across the IT, financial services, banking and media & entertainment industry in addition to brand building and advertising. Voted as the most influential in the animation and VFX industry, a stalwart, Madmax and his crew are opening new avenues and revisiting the animation business with a renewed zest of creativity!
Assemblage’s Inception Story
On an otherwise uneventful day in December 2013, Madmax who opened up Indian shores for many animation industries first, decided to endeavor another so he set up an entrepreneurial animation studio co-producing two global full-length CGI feature films– Assemblage was born in the heart of Mumbai.
With a team of over 280 artists, technocrats, production managers, and a strong proven delivery model, Assemblage has very quickly put itself on the global map of CGI facilities ready to produce high-quality feature films of a global nature. Today, the types of clientele Assemblage have are Sony Pictures, Studio Canal, Flying Bark, Splash Entertainment, Lionsgate, Arc Productions, and some large major animation studios in Hollywood.
Technical Expertise Assemblage Proffers
Accomplishing the production work and delivering the movie to the clients on time, without compromising on the quality is one of the most important responsibilities of an animation company. The industry is also responsible for meeting quality thresholds and delivery timelines of an international clientele, financing, honing the right creative sensibilities and developing the required talent and skill sets. The team of Assemblage comprises of several award winning artists, technologists, and production pipeline managers etc. who have helped to deliver two full-length movies in some incredible circumstances. As a young studio, Assemblage has used various remote data centers and cloud rendering platforms to render its movies and has received much recognition from global technology majors including the likes of Google Cloud Platform and Amazon Web Services.
Milestones Achieved
Backed by the unstinting confidence of clients and employees, they did the unthinkable. Within 2 years since its inception, the entire 90 minutes of both these films, Norm of the North and Blinky Bill was produced in Assemblage’s studio. With little more than tremendous goodwill, reputation and a passionate team at their disposal, Max and the rest of them set out to achieve the impossible. The largest animation project completed by the company is a full-length movie Norm of the North for Lionsgate, which received a wide theatrical release in North America in Jan 2016 in 2400+ screens.
Strength of Assemblage
The greatest strengths of the company are its skilled workforce, its ability to generate internal cash flows to fund its business, its high reputation and credibility, and a fresh approach to the animation business. They are a team brought together by their passion for telling interesting stories using state-of-the-art technology.
Assemblage’s team of over 280 artists has a vast body of experience across regional and international studios and has won several global awards and accolades including BAFTAs, Emmys and Oscar nominations. Their creative and technical acumen combined with their strong experience in producing content for various platforms across the animation spectrum hold them in good stead.
Foreseeing Future
Assemblage’s endeavor is to constantly strive to identify new trends and patterns in the ever evolving animation ecosystem. This is evident in the new ethos that they are trying to introduce into the Indian animation industry – the best of multiple worlds that their people have inhabited until now, the culture Assemblage fosters, the talent they acquire, the technology they deploy, the co-production agreements they enjoy, the work that they bring to India and so on. As a creative studio, Assemblage invests in the creativity of its people and nurtures them to push their abilities to the next level.
Most importantly, Assemblage’s relationship across large studios, producers, distributors, technology partners etc. puts it in a very unique and lucrative position. With the relationships it hones today, the projects being delivered currently, a strong confirmed future order book, Assemblage is poised to scale to new heights.

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