RGBA Studios: The One-Stop for Visual Effects and Animation

RGBA Studios is a boutique production and post-production house. The post production arm offers Visual Effects and Animation that services the Television, Film, Advertising and allied Media, and Entertainment industries. The production house delivers 360 degree TVC production services having 3 Creative Directors on board.
RGBA Studios is renowned for their end-to-end solutions from concept and treatment notes to final renders. Unlike other companies, RGBA takes clients along with them throughout the project journey. The eminent team adds their own flavour to every project they undertake rather than simply executing a provided written script. Highly professional team members sit together for pre-production entailing extensive references and research before jumping into a project swiftly. RGBA aims at paramount creative as well as innovative art works reinforced with concept art, storyboards, 3D pre-visualisation, and style frames that beat any other trends in the industry.
Peerless Services Propounded
RGBA started as a post-production animation and VFX house, but as of the last 2 years, they are now a live action production house as well based on the huge success of the Seat Belt Crew. They work with a lot of different media. The secret behind success is their approach towards customers. Team RGBA first and foremost understands the client brief and product/service, and then devises a unique and interesting, mould-breaking visual treatment.
Project delivery is the stage where many businesses fail. But RGBA Studios stands out from the crowd by providing on-time delivery of the projects they undertake, upholding commitments. The team accepts and executes a reasonable amount of changes within the previously agreed terms, as hospitality and flexibility are hallmarks of service in this business. They offer the entire spectrum of services from concept art and treatment notes/ideas through to finished film using the latest 3D and 2D software.
Tactics that Cracked Challenges
Like any other studio, RGBA has also faced challenges in the industry. What made them overcome those tasks were strong team work and high ethics in work. As two Gems in their crown, they proclaim Cadbury Wowie, the animated film and Seatbelt, the live action production as two examples of such challenging tasks.
RGBA’s Turnkey CGI Production and Directorial debut was a 45 second CGI film for Cadbury’s new chocolate bar for kids, “Wowie”. The script called for a global appeal embodied in the style, characterization and look. In 8 weeks and across 3 countries, they worked with animators in Europe with support from their own studio in Mumbai. Tightly managed production pipelines across continents led to the timely delivery of this TVC and put a feather in RGBA’s cap where CG film production is concerned.
Coming off the back of a 4-year collaboration with Ogilvy Mumbai in a multitude of roles from in-house animatic to post production VFX and CG for several TVCs originating at the Ogilvy think-tank, RGBA studios was approached by the Ogilvy team to direct a social service initiative for Channel [V]. RGBA made it to Cannes 2014 as a finalist, 4,677,722 views on YouTube, and still counting. This kick started their live action film production business.
Eminent Partners of RGBA
RGBA comprises 4 outstanding partners, Aakash Shivdasani, Ashish Pradhan, Faramarz Wankadia, the Creative Directors and Sandesh Pai, the Producer. They bring to bear a combined total of 36 years in the field of visual effects and animation. Their unique approach to design and effects is twin pronged relying on technical and creative know how.
The solid team members who add values to the organization are, Amol Katkar – Generalist with a compositing specialisation, Arun Chauhan – Generalist with a modelling specialisation, Vikas Acharya – Compositor and motion graphics, Ninad Pethe – Lighting / render wrangler, Farhan Abbas – Lighting / render wrangler, Shivaji Jadhav – Modelling and Animation, Pramod – Generalist, Vivek Vashishth – Line producer, Shiva Kumar Dewan – Intern, Prateek Mankame – Intern, Fayaz Choudhary – IT and Tech.
RGBA’s Forte
With a team of 11 artists, RGBA has thus put out over 420 projects – from TV commercials, to VFX shots for feature films, channel IDs and promos, complete CG and live production of TVCs, 3D animatics for advertising agency research purposes, pre-visualization for feature VFX shoots and CGI for print. The team at RGBA is a combination of artists with an average of 5 years of experience.
Drawing on the relationships with other professionals in Mumbai and abroad, RGBA also has access to a corps of skilled freelancers and alliances with ancillary service providers that they can call upon to facilitate projects that are of larger magnitudes. They say, “The RGBA stamp is guaranteed as we are responsible for supervision and quality control of these partners.”
Unending Client List
RGBA focuses mainly on Advertisements; hence agencies like O&M, LeoBurnett, Contract Advertising, etc. are on top of Ad agency clients list. RGBA has associations with numerous giant Turnkey Clients like Cadbury India Ltd., HPCL, Nissan, Aditya Birla Group, Unilever, World Bank, Sony Pix, and Castrol to name a few. The famous Production Houses such as Red Ice Films, Storytellers, Lemon Yellow Sun Corcoise Films, etc. often collaborate with RGBA Studios.

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