Virtualinfocom: Trendsetter in Indian Mythological Animation

Established in 1998, Virtualinfocom is known for many innovations in IT solution, Game Development & Animation. It all started with a dream to “Bring Art and Technology Together Successfully”, in a way that would allow the world to reap the benefits of creativity armed with Information Technology.
That dream shaped Virtualinfocom, an organization, after 17 years of its inception, offering knowledge solutions to 67000+ clients across 134 countries, with a network of over 14 centres and subsidiaries.
The eminent team at Virtual Information and Communications (Virtualinfocom) believes in the perfect mix of imaginative and innovative efficiency, coupled with ground breaking technology provides their customers with the state-of-the-art products and services. They are the makers of First Indian Real Actor Based Content in 2008.
The ability to think outside the proverbial box is one of their greatest fortes and it is not as easy as it is cut out to be. Research and development are the keys to success that they have achieved over the last few years and their R&D team works tirelessly to make the requirements of next generation animation and gaming possible.
Superior Services Proffered
At Virtualinfocom, they offer high quality professional classical animation services, Sand Animation for all kinds of Online, TV, Digital, and Advertising media. Their in-house animation and cartoonists have great design skills and experience of creating some of the best animations for internet, TV, advertising, and publishing industries. Unlike many other designing companies, they have their own state-of-the-art classical and digital studio that allows them to serve all kinds of media. Each of the animations is created with greatest care and quality assurance, which means clients get the most unique and original Animations. Shakuntala, Little Tuli, and Maa Durga are some of the Animation Projects they have created.
A Story to Tell
There are many, but when asked, the first two major projects that flash in Arijit’s mind is Ashwathama and Fight of The legends. Both the contents are made with real models/actors as motion capture technique in 3D. It’s about the making of Indian Superhero blended with the latest technology and a different storyline.
Story Outline: During the events of Fight of the Legends, both the forces of light and darkness have been annihilated, with only the thunder god Indra and the lord of the hell Narakasur remaining to represent them.
An epic fighting game set in an age of myth and legend. The souls of the most powerful gods have been summoned to brutal battle. Fight of the legends to restore peace in the most graphically amazing game. A pantheon of champions is yours to train to new heights and take to war as you enter an epic story, mystical prizes and hand to hand combat.
All of the characters do have their own story and they stay in various realms. They have released only Ashwathama & Katya as RPG game and are going to release the other games too as RPG where users will find all connected characters together.
Trailblazer of Virtualinfocom
Arijit Bhattacharyya, Founder & CEO of Virtualinfocom, is an entrepreneur for over 18 years and has made contributions in various fields of technology. Arijit earned an MCA along with Financial Management degrees & some of the global certificates like Brainbench, MCSD, MCSE & SCJP, etc. Over the last few years, Arijit has held key positions in several trade bodies and industry associations and has served as a Board Member/Advisor for several companies.
Prior to Vitualinfocom, he was the Secretary, Charter member, and EC member of TiE Kolkata. He is the Founder and Board of Trustee of The Bong Entrepreneurs, a non-profit Entrepreneurship Development Organisation, a sub-committee member of CII East, Executive Committee Member & VP of ELMA, Mentor and Guide of National Entrepreneurs Network since 2007. Arijit was also the Judge of International Game Development Competition- “Dare to Be Digital”, Advisor and Director of India’s largest animation event AnimGaming.
Arijit likes to introduce himself as a technologist, founder of a wonderful technology company, non-executive director of others, and a restless entrepreneur with a passion for creating feedback loops between innovation and teams and revenue streams, applying new and old business models to changing industries, and pushing people to do the very best they can do.
Able to work on his own initiative and as part of a team, Arijit has proven leadership skills involving managing, developing, and motivating teams to achieve company objectives. Arijit has first-class analytical, design, and problem-solving skills. He is globally networked and is dedicated in maintaining high quality, ethical and corporate governance standards.
The Bona fide Team
Arijit says, “Our team is our greatest strength.” The major aspect of Virtualinfocom is the work environment they have managed to establish and provide to the team. The team believes that the highest quality work is created in an environment where people enjoy working and where people are treated fairly, honestly, and with respect. They work as one unit towards a common goal, a common idea, and this is what sets them apart from rest of the companies.
Some of the Awards won by Virtualinfocom team are, Innovators and Leaders Award 2012 by BCC, EIILM in 2012, Star Enterprise Award 2011, Second Prize Young Interactive Enterprise 2010, India’s First Game Development Training Institute Since 1998 – in 2009, Leader and Innovator by CMO Council, Second Prize TATA Udyogparbo and NEN 2008, etc. to name a few.
Esteemed Clientele
Virtualinfocom has an unending client list. It is since 1998 and hence difficult to put pen to paper on the portfolio of companies associated with Virtualinfocom. Although few among the vast database of Virtualinfocom’s clients are Gujarat NRE, Schlumberger, Waste International, ION Consultants Pvt. Ltd., CII Kolkata, Metalogic Systems Pvt Ltd., Team India Pvt. Ltd, Sulekha Communications, etc.

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