Digitoonz: The Pioneers in Animation Industry

Digitoonz is an interactive entertainment and animation production studio established in the year 2009 in Noida, a city in the National Capital Region of New Delhi, India. They also have a business office in Delaware, USA. Digitoonz is one among the rapidly flourishing Animation Studios from India.
Digitoonz stands for “Digital Cartoons”.They are a full-service Animation Production Company dedicated in the areas of producing TV Series in Flash, 2D and CGI Animation for TV – Broadcast and feature film. They have worked on various TV series and feature film including children, entertainment, and edutainment. Digitoonz has global presence in Animation, Media & Entertainment industry. The team Digitoonz’s works has been broadcasted on famous Kids channel of Europe, Middle East, USA, UK and Latin America.
Exclusive Services Propounded
Digitoonz aims at providing nonpareil services to their esteemed clients which make them the most sought after Animation Company. Experts say that animation is 70% art and 30% technique. Digitoonz combines art and technique in such a way that, their work steals everyone’s heart, irrespective of age, culture or race.
Digitoonz mainly offers services in 2D Animation, Flash Animation, Toon Boom Harmony Animation and CGI animation. Highly skilled professionals form the backbone of team Digitoonz.
They are dedicated in providing world class services to bear out the current organizational requirements by understanding the importance and secrecy of each business related information and giving it utmost prominence. The team adopts a fact based and structured approach in all the assignments they undertake and ensure quality work adhering to the deadline. Digitoonz manages a skilled talent resource pool completely devoted to meet the client’s expectation level and their diversified demands.
Challenges that Ignited the Will Power
Digitoonz since its establishment has faced a lot of challenges but they overcame everything with their will power and strong passion in the field. Every project they undertook are notable and eye catchy in terms of uniqueness, elegance and popularity. Whatever services they offer, they add a unique touch of natural essence to them.
Digitoonz considers The Little Raven, an animated feature film as the greatest Animation project till date. What made it most difficult was, the technology which team Digitoonz adopted specially to achieve this project. They are always ready to accept new challenges and achieve it with dignity, by developing new team and training them as per the required quality.
Master Brain behind Digitoonz
Vikas Kumar, CEO and Founder of Digitoonz, founded the company seven years back, along with his friend Syed NadimAkhtar as a small scale company. Vikas has started his career as a Graphic Designer and has worked with renowned companies in Delhi NCR before founding Digitoonz.
Vikas looks for perfection in everything his company does since he is much passionate about animation. He considers client’s business as his own and works hard to accomplish the task most efficiently. Vikas says, “It is a great journey to grow more and more and it feels like I am living my dream.”
Digitoonz’s Forte and Future
The greatest strength of Digitoonz is transparency, which helps them maintain long-term relationship with all their clients as they believe in Digitoonz. They believe that they will never back out and will deliver the project successfully.
Digitoonz has attended the Annecy International Animation Film Festival and its Market (Mifa), major international event for over 8,000 industry professionals, which was during 13-18 June, 2016, Kidscreen Summit during February 8-11, 2016 in Miami and several other congregations across the world. As of now, Digitoonz is a well-established as well as prominent Animation Studio which juxtaposes with any animation giants around the world. The future is full of opportunities, and with the right team giving life to images, Digitoonz will achieve more and more statures.
Success Saga
Digitoonz has a list full of success stories and achievements with never-ending series of satisfied clients. Works like Misha the Purple Cat Season I and Season II, Pasta Freaks, etc. make the company dearest to viewers. The animated characters are real treat to viewer’s eyes since they all seem to be alive.
Digitoonz is also working as a Co-Production Partner with Italian, Catalan, French, Polish, Canadian, German and other producers. Since 2009, Digitoonz has co-produced many TV Series as a Work for hire/Co-Producer/Co Financer. There are several other series which is under production and in the development process. The co-produced series have been broadcasted on the major kids channel like Disney XD, RAI, RaiYoYo, TV3 etc.

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