ATOA Scientific Technologies: The One Stop for Engineering Simulation Solutions

Innovation starts from the atomic level. For ATOA Scientific Technologies, engineering is not just a job, but a passion. ATOA is a group of companies with a mission to make engineering for all. Atom to Application, that’s ATOA.
ATOA currently offers Multiphysics CAE services, Engineering Apps and 3D printing, through ATOA Scientific Technologies, ATOA Software Technologies and ATOA Smart Technologies, respectively. is the single point entry for all of their services and products.
First-rate Services Propounded
Engineering is a field of technology that is always being updated with inventions and innovations. ATOA loves to solve problems. The eminent team offers Multiphysics CAE services mainly in Engineering Services, Industrial Technology, and Research & Innovation.
Engineering Services: ATOA leverages state-of-the-art Engineering Simulation Software, Equation Based Solvers, Analytical Equations and Custom-built Tools, coupled with years of practical experience to provide Engineering Simulation Solution for customer problems. ATOA’s core competency is built on coupled Computational Structural Mechanics (CSM), Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) and Computational Electromagnetics (CEM). They provide Engineering Services for the first time right simulation solutions with their speciality on Multiphysics CAE, across Structural, Mechanical, Electrical, Electronics, Thermal, Flow, Optical, Acoustics and Chemical Domain.
Industrial Technology: ATOA’s Multiphysics Engineering Simulation Services are customized to enable, first time right and cost effective product development a reality to the clients. They collaborate with their clients to mimic the real world into a virtual computational world for cost effective and faster product development. The design simulation technology for a given industry is packaged into material, product, process and system level industry specific solutions.
Research & Innovation: ATOA Scientific Technologies invests 20% of the resources for Research and Innovation to anticipate and solve future problems of their customers. This upfront investment equips them to prepare in advance to solve their client problems in time. This strategy helps them to stay ahead of the technology curve to equip them in providing hi-tech simulation solution to the clients. Some of the key technology areas of focus for Research and Innovation at ATOA are Biomimetics, Engineering Simulations, Sustainable Technologies, Emerging Technologies, and Engineering Innovation.
Noteworthy Achievements
ATOA is the first Multiphysics COMSOL Certified Consultant from this part of the world. Achieving this recognition means that they are able to offer manufacturers and product developers certified engineering simulation expertise using world leading Multiphysics analysis system. ATOA is also the recipient of many Awards and Accolades, Testimony of their client-centric services and growth.
ATOA Scientific Technologies is a privileged NASSCOM member of Engineering Services Solution provider since 2014. ATOA Scientific Technologies was featured as Top 25 Project Management and Engineering Consultants for the year 2015 by Consultants Review magazine. ATOA made into the Top list of emerging 20 Engineering and Design Services Provider by the CIO Review Magazine. Also, ATOA Scientific Technologies was featured as the Entrepreneur of the year 2012 by Silicon India.
ATOA’s Einstein
Dr. Raj C Thiagarajan, Managing Director of ATOA Scientific Technologies, is an Alumnus of ACCET, IIT Bombay, and Cranfield University UK. With over 25 years of Industrial Experience from IITB, DRDO, Cranfield Computer Centre, TATA Advanced Materials, and GE Global Research, Dr. Thiagarajan continues his success voyage now with ATOA. His consultancy work success of pioneering product ranges from Composite Railway Sleeper, Smart Aircraft, Automobile Structures, Telecom Shelters, Missile Containers, Biomedical Devices, Renewable Energy Products, Nano Engineered Surfaces and Materials, Advanced Composites, Bullet Proof Vehicles, Meta Material and Devices, Green Residential and Industrial Buildings.
As an inventor of more than 90 patents for Product and Process Innovations, and author of more than 75 Technical Publications, Dr. Thiagarajan extends his list of masterworks.
New Technology Solutions
CAE is expanding into autopilot mode.  ATOA’s, is a portal powered by complex Multiphysics Models, Simulation Methodology and Cloud Computational Resources, At ‘’, users can do high-end CAE simulations directly via web-browser without the overheads of expert CAE analyst, costly software and hardware.  Engineering images are interesting category of art. Real world CAD, CAE design images are often proprietary, but can be downloaded from ATOA’s ‘’ image store.
Tools differentiated us from the primates.  ATOA’s Goal is to put supercomputer on the move that is your smart phone for productive use, with engineering design apps, for “Design on the GO.”  You can download Civil, Mechanical, Electrical, Computer, Aerospace, Biomedical, Chemical, Industrial, Acoustics, Thermal, Flow and Optical Engineering apps from
3D Printing can potentially influence almost every aspect of our daily life in some way., offers, one Stop Professional 3D Print Solutions, and they provide services to Design, Analyse and Make custom 3D products.  3D Printing, completes the engineering simulation solutions offering with end to end digital product development and prototyping solution.
Scintillating Future
 As Steven Roberts quoted, “Art without engineering is dreaming. Engineering without Art is calculating.” Integrating passion with technology to accomplish the dreams, make ATOA foresee a bright future. Focussing on the emergence of novel Technology gadgets, ATOA’s Engineering Apps will be centred around smartphone for enabling design on the GO! ATOA’s latest engineering innovation portal will propel future industrial innovation. The 3D printing offered by ATOA completes the engineering simulation solutions with end-to-end digital product development and prototyping. ATOA’s resolution, “We want to be a Good, Great and Growth Company.  Good: Do Good for our Employees, Client and Humanity. Great: Develop Great Technology and Growth: Grow into a Billion Dollar Company by 2020.”

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